Extra Life on November 23, 2013

Started by Dr. Kraus, November 18, 2013, 11:02:19 PM

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Dr. Kraus

Hey guys my younger brother and I have formed a team together to do a 24 hour stream for the UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh on November 23, 2013 (this Saturday).

We hope to reach a goal of $150 for the team overall and hopefully both of us can reach $150 individually if possible!

Our team is called ChandlerBrothersPGH

If you guys could take some time to jump in our streams when we start at 12:00AM EST November 23 we would greatly appreciate it and maybe even donate a couple of dollars for the cause! I don't want to sound like an advert or anything but we are really going to try our hardest to get to that $150 mark for the hospital and hopefully we can reach it and have some fun on stream as well!

The team page: http://www.extra-life.org/team/CBPGH
team twitter: @techkraus
My stream:

Brother's stream:


I'm going to update the team pages and twitter tomorrow but I just wanted to get some of the info out there for now!

If anyone would like to be a special guest on the stream at any point just ask me and I can get some stuff sorted out for you!

Also, if anyone would be willing to add to the stream such as a drawing that could be put up for donation or anything you think could help raise some money that would be much appreciated! I know we have many talented people around here and any help would be amazing and I would love you 5ever (thats even longer than 4ever) and you could get some hugs and stuff and yes that would be great!


That's very nice of you and your brother, Dr. Kraus. :) I hope it's a big success!