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Started by SleepyD, June 21, 2006, 05:52:57 PM

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You know, I think you're right! Maybe I should get so involved in otaku culture, I could write a bible about it! The Otaku Manifesto! Hehe...feels like someone probably did it before though...

I think it's that time again! Time to dust off an old peanut!

I got a fever, and the only cure is more cowbell!


Quote from: "NewYinzer"Was going to Megatokyo a good idea? It seems to be a good series. I'm beginning to think that being an otaku/planespotter/academic nerd/science geek/trainspotter/computer geek isn't so bad.

...I like megatokyo. Introduced me to the world of webcomics. ^^


Quote from: "CaptBrenden"Hey, Im a geek and proud of it.  Cus I may be a geek, but Im a geek and a US Marine.  Fit, showered, and a productive member of society.  Just cus I like to watch and draw cartoons in my free time is nothing to be ashamed of

Go marines!
<- Parents in navy!!

Was actually surprised that alot of people in the navy actually know about bad it's all the lame ones on cartoon network...

and what happened to you G4? You used to show Betterman and GateKeepers...

But atleast Cartoon Network DID play Read Or Die the movie...


Speaking of cowbell, I saw the funniest silent hill 2 flash the other day, and one of the caution tapes in the background said "caution: this flash needs more cowbell"
"YOU IDIOT!!" -Kasen Ibara

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lol i read the mahoromatic manga but the anime is hilarious!

Favorite anime(s):
Salior Moon (my first anime!!)
Naruto (it's like crack...i'm hooked on it  ;013 )
Mai-Hime (or My-hime in english)

and tons more


Mai-HiME rocks.

You rock for liking Mai-HiME.

That is all I have to say. haha

but to stay on topic, I ask you, how DID you first get into anime?

(ok, that wasn't ALL i had to say. quiet you)


By watching salior moon everyday from the age of 6 to about 9. then came dragonball z and the obsession grew from there


Sailor Moon, eh?
I wonder how many fansubs it would take for me to learn Japanese by osmosis?
More fansubs than exist in all the internet?
*runs off to investigate*


try youtube. i don't think anyone has salior moon up on there but there are lots of other shows to watch.


you would have to have a really big hard drive for a brain.

And even still, you'd only learn conversational japanese.  You'd need more time to figure out the kanji from the random signs and karaoke. So that restricts you to conversational japanese and poetic japanese (...Japanese IS poetic, I'm being redundant).

...Well, I guess in theory you could... you'd have to watch a large variety.  We don't want your vocabulary to be filled with non-words like kyaa~ aiee~ and stuff. lol


*pops in thread*

I know I don't hang out in the Anime section much, but this thread brings back memories.  ^__^

Probably watched a lot of Anime as a kid, but never really recognized it as such.  Like Kami-Tux, Captain Tsubasa (Spanish dub) was probably the only thing I vaguely recognized as being Japanese, and I loved it for the humor.  ^__^

So the OFFICIAL title of the first true Anime I watched should go to Macross Plus.
And since I've always been an admirer of exquisite artwork, watching those OVAs was like signing a two decade contract for Anime fandom.  ^.^

Other titles followed, but won't bore you with the details....  -v-

*trots off*


macross plus the ova was really good. Macross in general was pretty much the first popular mech anime.


Quote from: "C-Chan"
Other titles followed, but won't bore you with the details....  -v-

*trots off*

Hey, don't go away!
I demand that you bore us with details!


yes we want to be bored! BORE US DAMN YOU!  ;013  ;025