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Started by SleepyD, June 21, 2006, 05:52:57 PM

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Wow this place is empty.

Well, since I'm sure a lot of you are into anime...

My question to all of you is...
How did you guys get introduced into this world of animated Japanese goodness?

I ask, cuz I discovered old Pokémon stuff on an old hard drive of mine. haha

My story? I was a little kid, and I had watched eps on TV of DBZ, Sailor Moon, Mega Man, and... oh what was that... ah, Samurai Pizza Cats. lol good stuff.
Pokemon really started it tho. I was in 5th grade when I discovered that...
I won't go into an entire story of my unheatlhy obsession, but after a year or two, I discovered anime, then I discovered fansubs... and it explodes from there.


I feel old. XD

Actually.. I had always watched Sailor Moon at 6AM on TV. (this shows my age right there, haha) After that ended though, I really didn't do much..

until I saw an episode of Gundam Wing on Cartoon Network. I was intrigued! So I kept watching, joined a mailing list community, said community found this one show to completely oggle (Weiss Kreuz (Knight Hunters here)), and big old snowball from there.

I found out about fansub distros at that time of Weiss Kreuz, and actually my collection of VHS fansubs far exceeds most of my other media. o.o

It's always a snowball/explosion reaction, it's never something quiet, is it? XD
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I first bumped into anime during a trip abroad with my parents somewhere in the latter half of the 1990s. There was an episode of Magic Knight Rayearth running in Spanish in telly, and even though I didn't understand a word, Fuu made a deep impact on me. ^_^

(Super Ego: That was the official story, and now, let me tell another one.

This person supposedly posting even these lines was looking for old computer games in the internet somewhere in the latter half of 2001, and bumped into a masterpiece called Princess Maker 2. He was too embarrassed to download it rightaway, though, because of its 'girly' theme, like he put it back then. Instead, he learnt the term 'anime' and after doing some more searching, he found Three Sisters' Story instead. An outrageous, perverted game with so much nudity one's eyes begin achin--)

Oi! That's totally wrong! Princess Maker 2 WAS the first anime game I played!

(Super Ego: Rubbish. It can't have been. It's not perverted enough.)

Three Sisters' Story wasn't _that_ 'outrageous' anyway, and I didn't play the games for sex scenes. -_-

(Super Ego: So we proceed. After completing Three Sisters' Story he finally got the guts to download and play Princess Maker 2 and--)

I can tell this myself, thank you. It caused the most serious addiction a game has done to me... I spent practically my whole winter holidays that year in front of the computer, not sleeping, not eating, not doing anything but planning 'my daughter's' schedule for the next month over and over again. I loved the game so much that AFTER being completely hooked on PM2 I began searching for other anime games, during which I then encountered the genre Dating Simulation. After a few more or less pervy samples (Season of Sakura is a lovely game, by the way; so many familiar characters) of those, I finally decided it was time for me to see what the actual phenomenom 'anime' was.

The first anime series I downloaded was Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu, which I consider one of the funniest series ever made. I loved it very much, but the next few series weren't as enjoyable. Love Hina, Martian Successor Nadesico and Hanaukyo Maid Tai (during my first rewatch) managed to permanently convince me of the joys of anime, and after first seeing Love Hina I've not been downloading any licensed anime shows anymore, but instead bought them for myself. The biggest event was naturally finally seeing Magic Knight Rayearth as a whole, many years after my first contact with the series. Goodness, I loved it.

edit: Lupin III!! Deserves a mention for being one of the coolest series / movie series ever. *nods*


rdhdtwns: sailor moon at 6AM?  So that's why I remember it being so dark. XD

Pitkin: Introduction by eroge? Interesting. ^^

....why do I have the feeling I'm younger than the both of youse?

lol, anyhoo, I never had cable, and had to rely on the antennae on my TV for anything, so it took me a while to get any clue that other anime thingers were being aired by CN.  (I still don't have cable, btw.  Of course, the internetz has taken over anywayz.)  

Wonder if I shall go more in depth about my beginnings.... ah, ok. I will.

First anime: DBZ or Sailor Moon.  Jeff can't remember that far back!
First anime I realized was anime: Pokémon
First anime I watched on CN: Outlaw Star
First anime that intrigued me with its music: .hack//SIGN  (Yuki Kajiura is a great composer!)
First fansub watched: Full Moon wo Sagashite (my sister dl'd it! FMwS scares me.)
First fansub that I dl'd: Gunslinger Girl

...aaand I'll stop there. ^^


First anime I watched was Sailor moon (yes sailor moon, i enjoyed how it was different from other cartoons when i was young but it started more out with pokemon and then the internet came and I became the anime fan I am today


I remember being introduced to Pokemon at a summer camp before the turn of the century. I would be hooked for several years, until I became bored with it. About a year later I was hooked on Zoids, then it became boring. One day some years later, I was surfing around Wikipedia, during which I became aware of the OS-Tan phenomenon. Soon after I joined this forum, and here I am.


Oh dear Gawd... I think Pokemon was my first anime, then there was good old DragonBall, and... Well i've been watching anime ever since. My favorites are FLCL and Evangelion. As for the OS-Tans thing, well... I like 'em for three resons.
1- I thing they look swiggidy sweet
2- It freaks out meh parents
3- I'm a hentai Addict... *cries a little*


I watched Captain Tsubasa when I was too young to read in morning television.

Kial Harry Potter ĉiam faras danĝerajn aferojn?

Pro lia vol\' de mort\'!

Alex Stankevitch

Probably DragonBall Z and Sailor Moon. But from there I went to Love Hina and beyond. Now im here...


Zoids at 6AM on Cartoon many memories.


Believe it or not, My mother got me interested into anime. When I was a wee toddler, she would take me to anime conventions (She was an anime fan).  So I pretty much grew up with it until around 1-2nd grade when I had a withdrawl of seening any (Since I had no anime movies and didn't go to conventions). And I was re-introduced by the Slayers series (Well I think it was Slayers...) and some other one.

So everyone but my dad are anime fans...he says that all the people look like girls...


QuoteSo everyone but my dad are anime fans...he says that all the people look like girls...

So funny, but so true. They do kinda look like girls...
...the upside is the girls look like girls. Ah well, back to what I was doing. Ping commands me!


Well in many they guys look like girls, at least the pretty boys do.   It occures to me reading this that most of you got your start on anime through the poor excuses for anime they tend to put on cartoon network. damn you cartoon network, damn you! *shakes fist*  at least with adult swim they have started putting better series on, like FMA
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Was going to Megatokyo a good idea? It seems to be a good series. I'm beginning to think that being an otaku/planespotter/academic nerd/science geek/trainspotter/computer geek isn't so bad.


Hey, Im a geek and proud of it.  Cus I may be a geek, but Im a geek and a US Marine.  Fit, showered, and a productive member of society.  Just cus I like to watch and draw cartoons in my free time is nothing to be ashamed of
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