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Wot's Playing?

Started by Q4(V), June 14, 2006, 10:42:50 am

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Probably going to watch some more stuff before bed; maybe I'll finally start to catch back up on AT4W?


Someone playing Cat Girl Without Salad. (Amusing how it actually ended up as an actual game after being an April's Fools joke a few years ago.)
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been playing osu for the past two and a half hours



Last night, I decided to finally watch Disney's 0 Degrees Celsius Frozen. It is very much overhyped, but I thought it wasn't too bad...but compared to Rugrats: Three Jacks & A Beanstalk, it was fucking amazing xD


About to watch some Space Ghost, before work
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Quote from: Ye Olde Swagfag on June 04, 2016, 07:53:28 pmbeen playing osu for the past two and a half hours
I kind of regret this tbh

Been playing Final Fantasy XV for a little bit, but I ragequitted because my L2 button wouldn't work


So I finally got around to watching Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie, and here's a quick review of it:

Honestly, it's fucking ridiculous, but if you're in the mood for that sort of thing, you'll likely enjoy it. The film even concludes with a review of the actual ET game (Well, they use different graphics, but it conveys the point and looks close enough), as a nice bonus after a ridiculous adventure. Compared to the AVGN Adventures game, this one thankfully isn't as pandering; there's a few jokes here and there that make reference to things from the show, but it has its own jokes as well, instead of "oh, hey; remember that thing from episode 44? We're totally doing it!"

One of the pluses for this is how the story, for as nonsensical as it may seem, still manages to be more coherent than the Nostalgia Critic's To Boldly Flee. Also, the cinematography made this feel like an actual movie, in spite of some cheesy effect shots, compared to how, say, Atop the Fourth Wall: The Movie felt like I was just watching an extended episode of Linkara's show with slightly better special effects.

My only real complaint is some very anvilicious foreshadowing mid-way through; with details on the UFO crash landing in Roswell in the '40s as well something about a cyberdemon that has the power to destroy the multiverse, and the Nerd is all "that's just a bunch of bullshit"...and, of course, it plays a factor in the climax of the film. Like, it's so completely out there, that you know they have to do something with that at some point in the movie, as it otherwise had nothing to do with the story at that point.

As far as movies based on web series that I've seen so far, it's still hard to top Ashens & The Quest for the Game Child, which has grown on me over time, but the AVGN movie was a fun ride.


The last song I listened to was "Amazing" by Kanye West, which, at least the first two or three verses of it, greatly remind me of UNIX-sama.