Trouble Shooting 101

Started by Simonorged, August 06, 2013, 12:37:32 PM

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The idea for this one is too state a problem you had and say how you fixed it.
Or to get advice for what you could do.

If this is un-welcomed I can just delete if. But I kinda think this would be helpful for a reference.
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This is a good idea, imo. The old Linux / FOSS thread used to be like a troubleshooting thread, but it hasn't been active in MANY years. :(


Dell Optiplex 360
WD plug-in External HD
USB keyboard and mouse.

Power surge on hub port?

What causes it and how do you fix it.

Seems to be a common problem with Toshiba and Dell

Things that could have caused it:
Circuitry issues, some times they're are straight up just made wrong so just consult the warranty
Or it could be that the device connected is drawing too much energy.

USB 2.0 ports output 5 volts DC at 500 ma (1/2 AMP),.

USB 3.0 ports also output 5 volts DC however are rated for 750 ma (3/4 AMP).

Many devices such as iPads or fast charging modes require 1000 ma (1 Amp) or more to charge properly and won't charge from a USB port on a computer, You need a high output USB charger that plugs into AC power or a 12 volt auto power jack.

Things you could try include:

Refreshing the USB stack or check and update the driver.

Isolate the device in question to a particular USB port. If your computer has 3 USB ports, one of those is likely on its own USB controller and also power circuit.

Get a powered USB hub with a power supply capable of delivering more than 500 ma, preferably 1000 ma.

Connect your pen drive prior to powering on your computer. This prevents a surge at the time of connection.

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Sorry for the double post.

Okay so here is the deal.
I've got a computer here with a windows 7 distro.
it doesn't have sound drivers.
nor does it have right click.
I have service pack three on my flash drive, but I'm not the admin.
i want to install it so it wound have the drivers.
1.) would it work
2.) how could I do it without admin access.

The problem could also be hardware...
nothing like connectors, I checked.
the chip set was from back in 2003.
The IT manager said it doesn't have a windows 7 driver for sound.
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I'm afraid that in order to install drivers on Windows, one simply needs to be admin. I'm not aware of any workaround.


The only other way I'd know of is to re-enable that security prompt thing that bugs you about every last detail. Basically everyone should have disabled it by now, although I know I couldn't install Firefox without turning it back on