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Started by Dr. Kraus, March 06, 2013, 06:40:22 pm

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Dr. Kraus

So everyone was talking about in the topic less thread that a bunch of us wanted to get together and learn to code together!
Great idea, coding together with friends and people on different levels is fun and you can learn a lot from each other!
Sad thing is that I haven't seen or heard anything about anyone starting to work together on anything, only contact info from skype being pushed around the circle without any follow through.

So here we are, the Community Programming Thread! Share anything and everything programming related here (yes I know there is/was a thread before for that) but this is also to encourage everyone to actually get on skype/Line/whatever you use to communicate more than just in here.

Post your code/builds/ext. here and then just have everyone build off of it.

It would probably be a good idea to arrange some community "get-togethers" on skype or whatever and just work together on something of interest.

Anyway, have at it and I hope we can really get this all rolling!


Sorry that I haven't posted about this yet. Honestly, at this point my work in programming is about 3/4th reading and 1/4th actual coding (most of which is based off the code examples in the guides I'm reading), so I haven't had anything interesting to share. Yet.


i've been distracted by other things going on (aka preparing for BoozeFest2013), but i want to try too. ;v;


this action script was used to create a launcher on Multimedia Builder:

**set parameters
param$='Cargando P2KTools3...|Cargando %d%%'
**display progress box
**start operation (set 0<pos<100 else hide progress )
For pos=0 To 101
  **set progress position
Next pos

Dr. Kraus

just the main bit of code, don't feel like typing out every last bit that is needed...

public void power(int num, int y){

      Scanner scan = new Scanner(;
      num = scan.nextInt();
      y = scan.nextInt();

      if(y > 0){
           return math.pow(num^y)


you do something like this, you can do it a couple of ways this is just one.