95-tan Combat Suit drawing

Started by Darknight_88, June 09, 2006, 04:41:29 PM

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I said I was doing a 95-tan drawing, and finally its finished:

As far as I know, its the first Combat suit that 95-tan wore in the age when she fought the [evil!!!] Mac's. As there isn't a lot of drawings about her wearing this and this design its sooo cool, I made this.
Second work in Photoshop (the first one isnt finished yet...I got lazy, so i moved on this one). The one above its the base version: basic shadows, no Background.
Reference Image: http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c212/Darknight_88/OSWars.jpg

I'm currently working on a version with background, but I can't come with new ideas, so if anyone has a sugerence/opinion/hint/critic, tell me. I'm trying to keep the BG simple. Here's the current background version:

I'll be uploading this to the Image gallery soon, and when the BG version is finished, I'll upload it also on Wakachan.

PD: I know, I know, JPEG artifacts. But the PNG its too heavy.
PD2: Special thanks to Ser, teh hchano and anonymous from 4chan's /ic/. They helped to correct some anatomy mistakes.

Edit: first pic already uploaded to gallery. Waiting for Pitkin to aprove it.

Edit2: Links to photobucket (easier to resize, and accessible even when logged out):


err u could put her on a floting plat form thing and teh a battle ground behind her, as she is wearing a battle suit thing. other then tht it all good do to to join the comic team ur a good artic ... just sign here lol life time contract.


I was thinking something like Unlimited Blade Works (a field with lots of katanas :D) (see picture)

But I have a lot of homework this weekend (they dont want me to watch the world cup, RIGHT??!!! T.T), and final exams start next week. So I wont be able to do anything in the next 2 weeks. That's why I thought the simple and black background. Maybe I'll try to finish that first and later try the UBW one.

I'd join the team, but I'm not constant, sometimes I get lazy =/. But unnoficially you can count with me (sometimes I can help, sometimes I wont be able to help)


tht from fate stay night a very good anime show i got to say, but i still think tht the should be some flot plat form thing and a better ground .... i guess it would be hard to think a good background but don't i know u can find 1 .... lol


Another idea. No background, just a shadow and a gradient to give the effect of perspective. And a Win95 logo that needs some extra work.
I think I'ts better to stick with a simple BG for now.


Nice artwork!  ;001

This ruled! :D


Your rendition of young 95-tan is very gorgeous and I'm glad you chose to draw her as she's quite rare.  (In fact, I only saw her depicted once before your drawing, and in black-and-white only no less!)  '0'

But what did you mean by "anatomy mistakes"?  Perhaps it' a revised draft, but she's seems quite fine to me.

Hope your tests went well, btw.  ^_-


May I try my hand at doing a background? ^^

I feel like playing around with photoshop. hah


yeah, sure, If you want. But I was thinking of leaving this without a background. I still havent finished this drawing yet =P. I was thinking about modify her hair, make it more fluid.
But It will take a while -_-'


lol I spent about....2, 3 hours on this?

I really wanted to do something other than anime characters.  I had an idea
with katanas, and then I figured it would take to long to draw, so I just played
around with a bunch of photoshop tools and the ideas already here....

Well then--

This is what happens when one combines Unlimited Blade Works with a
platform that becomes a summoning circle thingy:

haha there are so many ways to represent 9-5.  Twas fun. ^^

And before people start pointing out weird perspective, I was just having
fun, so I didn't give it any perfectionist attention.  I just needed a break
from the other things.  Jeff wanted to make glowy things. hehe


whoa. Awesome. I can't do that in photoshop -_-'

The white lines in the circle remind me of the "tracing" effect of Shirou in FSN (the "magic circuit").

Still working in an "upgrade" for the hair...still at a sketch stage


Yeah, I was going for an electic board-thingy look.  Then once I finished, the phrase "Trace, ON!" popped into my head. haha


very nice.   good use of glow on her gauntlet.  for some reason i could have sworn even in that combat suit she had her hair ribbon tho.. i shall have to look and refresh my memory.   I would search google for old win 95 screenshots or logos for the background personaly
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