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Meme Hills Injoke Graveyard

Started by Chocofreak13, March 04, 2013, 11:45:31 pm

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the purpose of this thread is nostalgia. "remember when i had a mauu value?" "remember when i was the riddle master?" "remember when i used to rhyme everything?"

so many injokes have come and gone, let us mourn (or celebrate) their loss here.

i still want my Mauu Value established, btw. i want to know how many lolies to put in my album. >>;


March 11, 2013, 01:00:37 am #1 Last Edit: March 11, 2013, 01:02:52 am by Bella
Various nostalgic things, these might not necessarily be memes or in-jokes but they still stand out for me:

-Everyone being Gay For Bella, which was both flattering and a little scary. And the resulting love triangle/quadrangle/pentagon/n-gon ...  >//<
-Creation of Mertvaya Ruka-tan (OSC group effort in making an OS-tan at its finest, imo) AND the subsequent uptick in transmission from UVB-76 (or whatever the name of the radio station [supposedly] associated with the Dead Hand system is called) which was an eerily well-timed coincidence.
-When Stew showed up and my internal monolog was something like WHO IS THIS NEWBIE WHO KNOWS EVERYTHING ABOUT MY / AURORA / C-CHAN'S CHARACTERS, HE SEEMS COOL BUT I DON'T TRUST HIM TO STICK AROUND and then I gave him the proverbial side-eye for like the next week but I realized he really was an awesome guy and would be around for awhile. uwu
-The departure of C-chan and my not-too-long-thereafter break from the site. :(
-Back when Nej was the totally random Troll Lord Extraordinaire, basically like the Pinkie Pie of OSC but with more insanity. <3

There are others I can't think of atm. x.x Will post when I think of more....


everyone is still gay for bella. :3

i had some in mind, but i can't remember. :\


March 11, 2013, 01:51:02 am #3 Last Edit: March 11, 2013, 01:53:07 am by PentiumMMX
Indeed. I admit, I'd want her if she was interested in me >w>;;

Some I can remember, ranging from personal in-jokes with a few users to moments of history:
- Swiss Cheese Collections. I have a folder of some pictures I took of the site during that April Fool's joke, and I still often find myself mentioning Swiss cheese whenever possible as a nod back to that.

- Everyone is bi for Penti. This one stems from Kari pointing out that she's compatible with 3 of the 4 fetishes I named off in the old Fetishes topic, as well as a few awkward moments with Stew, Zen seemingly flirting with me, and Pit being very supportive of this meme when I mentioned it to her a few years back. Apparently it even cropped back up in my dreams and mixed itself with the "everyone is gay for Bella" meme in a fever dream I had months ago; in which Bella and I got married...and I was the bride ^^;;

- One that I primarily circulated on Skype was that sometime in the future, Nej's science experiments will result in me being sent back to the past and becoming Fedora-tan (Our admin; not the character). Given how he and I seem to have similar interests, as well as Pit being supportive of the aforementioned "Everyone is bi for Penti" meme, it seems plausible LOL


March 11, 2013, 11:04:13 am #4 Last Edit: March 11, 2013, 11:06:50 am by Simonorged
My friends and I used to use "Nigial Thornberry is your best friend"
Simon was here :P<br />


interesting, but we've never heard of that here.

not that it's not interesting, but the point of this thread was to recount old jokes born here. :\


I'm too new, I wouldn't know any.
Simon was here :P<br />


March 11, 2013, 03:23:40 pm #7 Last Edit: March 12, 2013, 01:33:15 am by PentiumMMX
Give it time and you'll experience some :3

EDIT: Here's one I thought of, that I'm not 100% sure if it counts; since it's an in-joke between me and Kari instead of something something everyone on the site knows of

- JUNGRE. This one stems from the amazingly cheesy and fanservice filled '90s OVA, Jungle De Ikou; which I watched during my trip last summer. When we sat down to watch the first episode of it, we got a good laugh over how the show's title in the intro was misspelled as "Jungre De Ikou". Since then, we simply refer to it as "JUNGRE" (Yes, always in all caps) -w-



trololololol, haven't thought of that in awhile. xD

hm, this thread is going to require some excavating.

let's see, not sure if they count as memes, but there's the

-Warp Zone. Frustrated by the prospect of there being OS-tan pictures out there on sites we couldn't access (or at least not without huge amounts of proxy), Nej created the NCORP Warp Zone, a convenient portal to access image boards on this site. sadly, about a year after it was created, the site (Kasumi Uploader) either went down completely or took down their OS-tan boards, either way for restructuring, taking all of the OS-tan images with it. it didn't help that the pics i had gotten were stored on an external drive, which subsequently failed, meaning we have basically no record of all the old/rare pics that were there, noteably the OS-kun ones (including some UBER-rare pics of a young 3.1-kun).

and the

-Slashfic Writing Contest. Nej got the idea that for valentine's day 2011, we should all write some OS-tan Slashfics. there was quite a bit of talk, but in the end i was the only one that delivered, creating Poke Her, a fic involving 2k-tan and one of my OCs, Myeko. in the end, since no one else posted, i won by default, and also discovered my gift for writing porn.


I wasn't around for the Slashfic Writing Contest, but I do remember the IS YOUR BODY READY challenge; of which I've written 2 stories for (Probably my proudest is Director Who: The Lost Episode; which centers on 2k-tan waking up the morning after, as she slowly pieces together what, exactly, she and Rodney McIntosh (My OC) did last night)

Also, mentioning Poke Her reminds me of how I often crack jokes about the one-and-a-half foot member xD



Another one I remember was Bella's short-lived habit of, for emphasis, quoting something someone said 3 times over, with increasing text size each time. I actually did that once as a joke; since she said "doctor" in a post she made in RPT a few years back, and I wanted to use that as a segway into assorted Doctor Who pics


nej did that a lot too, if i recall. it's still a great way for emphasis. -w-

a really

speaking of which, does anyone remember the CSI Glasses Meme? interesting as it was, it got kind of....



What I meant was not the person saying something with increasing text like that, I meant they quoted someone 3 times over and increased the text size each time on the part they wanted to emphasize the most

Also, I wouldn't count CSI as an OSC meme; given how I've seen it on GameFAQs a lot, and Know Your Meme has a page on it. Seems like a more general internet meme :\


i know what you meant, but i had nothing relevant to quote. so i made do. :\

as for the CSI thing, fair enough, but it got really popular here which is why i mentioned it. :\