You Quit You Lose - /OSC/ Weekly Youtube Challenge

Started by NejinOniwa, January 09, 2013, 08:03:04 PM

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Okay, folks! This is a bit of a new attempt at a game with some manner of regularity here. Sensitive readers be advised, you may incur a slight case of mad by partaking in the challenges in this thread.

This challenge plays out like so:
1: We find and select a Youtube video that is at least 15 minutes in length.
2: We write a small (about the size of this challenge instruction text) pitch on why it is rage-inducing, horrible, stupid or otherwise impossible to stand watching in its full length. Be advised not to be too big a meanie-pants here, to avoid this thread becoming a festering flamewar. We also specify how long it is.
3: We finish this off with, "IS YOUR BODY READY?", just to make sure we're still in the right thread and our heads are functioning.
4: We watch it. Or try, at least.
5: We post results (how far we got, and optionally how many pauses for venting hot air were made throughout, along with any playthrough details you feel relevant - in a condensed manner, of course) and a sentence or two of what we thought of the video. We also give it a difficulty rating, such as "Easy Mode", "Being Charged By A Herd Of Rampant Bulls", "Hamster Skull Cleaving With A Toothpick" or "STARBOW BREAK".
6: We nominate a video for next week's challenge.
7: Everyone waits patiently for /OSC/'s favorite dictator (that is, Julius Cae- I mean, me) to pick a video and post for the next week's challenge.
8: Rinse and repeat!

For this week's initial challenge we have 100 Reasons Why Evolution is Stupid, a fascinatingly annoying lecturesermon by Dr. Kent Hovind, who evidently knows that a very fast and silvery tongue, bad jokes and ruthless manipulation of source material is the only way to survive in the world of politics. I mean Mexico. I mean Alexander Skarsgård ACTUALLY I mean, honestly this time, Propaganda.

Even if it is, of course, religious nutjob propaganda.

WEEK 1, 10/1 - 17/1 (or so):

The difficulty rating of this video is Conan the Barbarian's Sterile Grandmother, and it is just under 2 hours long. I lasted about 30 minutes in before I decided I had better things to do with my night.
I must admit, however, that the man is quite funny at times, despite all his flaws. Like he said himself - the worst of us can at least serve as bad examples. Yes, yes indeed you can, and we can laugh heartily at you while you are doing so.

/OSC/, I ask you:

Let the CHALLENGE begin!


i'm willing to participate, but since you just told me this video is longer than 30 minutes, i'm not sure how long i'll last. tbh i'm not even sure why i'm having a go, since i seem to be the only one at OSC that gets antsy if a song is longer than 3-4 minutes, but hey, i love forum games, especially weird ones like this. plus i'd love to dig up some RAAAGE videos.

will edit with results. might take breaks since, y'know, long video is long.
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Sorry about that, thought I had included the video length. Check above, but it's just under 2hrs.


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The only things online I'll willingly watch that are longer than about 5+ minutes are internet series (AT4W, Spoony Experiment, Game Grumps, Continue Show, etc.), so this game is a no-go for me. My connection sucks too much to waste my time finding something stupidly long to complain about :\