"Classic" games (board games, pen'n'paper RPG, Ring a Ring o' Roses...)

Started by ettanb, February 07, 2013, 04:19:51 PM

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Choco summed the Monopoly quite nicely. I fail to see the interest of doing nothing but throwing dice for X hours to start, proceed and finish with luck at a random landing on a hotel. ^^;

Risk I used to like with heavily modified house rules some over a decade ago, but that too lost its flavour quite quite quickly. I believe the board games dominated by dice rolling that at the same time "fake" being strategic are not for me. To each their own, of course.

But this Apples to Apples, I've never heard of it. What's its principle, could someone enlighten me?

edit: Choco, the confusion over Ghost Stories figures. The name indeed does imply the kind of "Who's Afraid of the Dark?" idea. They could've chosen a more unique name.


I kind of like Monopoly, although I haven't played in a long time; I could rarely get people to play because it always took forever (It's really one of those games you need a lot of time to play. Also, add in some house rules to speed it up a bit). I do have a vintage, circa early '60s set somewhere :3

As for card games I'd like to try out, Munchkin. That game sounds fun, and I nearly bought a deck when I was last in Tyler

@Bella: That game sounds amusing xD

@Kari: I've never known anyone personally who played any trading card game on a competitive level. I wouldn't mind playing with you, even if I don't really know how to play Yu-Gi-Oh properly (I did build a deck a while back, though. Never got a chance to try it out before my younger cousin lost interest).

As for the Pokemon card game, it's really easy to learn, and they offer rules for "half deck" play; where you play with a 30-card deck instead of the traditional 60-card deck, allowing for a faster game (I'm more fond of full deck play, but half deck is fun if you want to play a quick round with a friend)

@Pit: Apples to Apples is a card game involving words; one player will place out a card with a description on it, and everyone else plays a card with a word on it that they feel best fits the description. If you get the right group of people together, hilarity ensues


Thanks, Pentium. From your explanation it turned out I've played the game at the end, just that its name in Finnish was something I couldn't connect. It's really a fun game with a group of friends, and I still fondly remember the "Sex symbol - the Pope" combination. ^^


okay, with a combo like that we need to play sometime. xDDD

@pent: you're welcome to build a deck for when you come back. playing with Dan IS fun, it's just annoying to get your ass kicked every time. but it doesn't mean I can't put up a good fight.


I still have the deck I built floating around. Never got a chance to try it out, but it's still assembled


Alex S

@TCGs: ...I am like the exact opposite of most of you all in about this.  I am an avid player of Magic, still have a slight interest in Yugioh, and have gotten into a newer card game called Cardfight! Vanguard that unfortunately doesn't have any printing facilities outside of Asia so the cards are kind of expensive.  Most of my friends play Magic, and my sister and I got into Yugioh when the dubbed anime first began broadcast.

Other non-computer games I'm into... I'm part of a D&D 4e group with my friends, I know the rules if not the strategy for chess, and I like a few 'starnard' card games, like poker, war, BS, etc.

My sister knows how to play Go, but I wasn't really ever interested.


my sister used to play magic, and my friend mel was brought into it by her friends at college, she's really, really into it now. as for yugioh, i still like to play, i just can't find anyone to play with. >>;

i've heard of Cardfight! Vanguard on the wire recently. anime shops have begun stocking the cards and i've heard it reviewed or advertised in my anime mags. what's it about?

Alex S

It's really hard to describe, even using analogies based on other TCGs.  It's kind of like Magic mixed with Yugioh and is also not like either of those at all. Wiki page would probably do a better job of explaining it.  The game has a lot of worldbuilding and flavor, similar to how Magic is.  The basic premise is that both players are 'spirits' on a distant planet called Cary, and have to power to both command the creatures living there and to possess one as their 'Vanguard'.

One of the biggest problems with the game is that the company, Bushiroad, has no US-based offices yet, and also has no US-based printing facilities.  All of the English cards are printed in Singapore, so that makes them expensive. The US distribution is also kind of lacking; I'm lucky to live near Colorado Springs, with has one of the two officially recognized sellers in Colorado (there's at least on other card store that sells Vanguard here, but they're not listed on the company's website).  Therefore, I'm pretty much the only person that I know who actually owns cards, other than my sister.



at least your sister has them. that's something. but tbh if they don't have US distro, are you sure that they were intended to make it here? :\

sounds more adept for a video game, though. x3;

Alex S

They have US distribution, just only in specialty card shops and not chain retail stores like Walmart.  I honestly think it'd become more popular if places like Walmart were licensed distributors, but who knows when or if that'd happen.  There's an 'official' Youtube channel for the Singapore English dub of the anime, and subbed episodes can be found through Google, of course.

There actually is a 3DS game based loosely on the anime coming out in a few months... in Japan.  There has been no word as to whether it'll get localized outside Japan, but I hope it does.


mmm. so the shops are in person, and not online? cause sometimes stuff that isn't meant to leave asia finds its way over here via the use of online shops. :0

Alex S


That's the official website's list of stores that are 'officially' recognized by Bushiroad for selling Vanguard stateside.

They're trying to market the game over here, but unless they get the anime on TV or the game into less specialized stores, I don't think they're going to do too well.  They need to learn some marketing tricks from Konami and Wizards of the Coast in order to get more popular and less obscure.


I think I've seen them at the local Wal-Mart. I know I saw something called "Vanguard" over in the trading card area :\