"Classic" games (board games, pen'n'paper RPG, Ring a Ring o' Roses...)

Started by ettanb, February 07, 2013, 03:19:51 PM

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Do you play something different than computer games?

I kinda like board games, in particular the cooperative ones.
I like playing Pandemic, Ghost Stories for example. About more common competitive games I like 7-Wonders or Dominion.


if you poke around the forum games and role playing section, you'll find a lot of us are interested in Tabletop RPGs. only thing is we eliminate the tabletop since we do it all over skype.
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We do in fact have a love of tabletop games. If you're on Skype, we're trying to get our Changeling: The Dreaming game up and going again, if you're interested

I also have rulebooks for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition, Dungeons: The Dragoning (A parody RPG that mashes everything together), and Maid RPG; which I'd love to play any one of them eventually if I could get enough interest


I'm a big fan of board games and have or have had the four games you mentioned. ^.^

Back when I still lived in Finland my friends and I used to carry Pandemic around and play during the lunch breaks at university. It's a very nice cooperative game, just like Ghost Stories. Dominion Fedora-Tan and I bought and tried a couple of times, but it didn't turn out a great success and we re-sold it very shortly after. 7 Wonders we have as well, but we've only played it once as a group of six: I remember mostly being dominated by my two neighbours, but it was fun anyway.

I'm a big fan of many Vlaada Chvatil games: Space Alert is one of my favourites, as is Dungeon Lords (like a board game made of Dungeon Keeper). Through the Ages has big potential too, though I've never played it with more than two players. Galaxy Trucker has also been a game liked by everyone I've shown it to, it's got excellent social ambience when all the players are picking through the same pile of junk to find just the fitting part for their spaceships. x)

From the "American style games", my favourite is Arkham Horror and its half a dozen expansions. Its spinoff, the Mansions of Madness, is so-so: have played one excellent game of it and a totally miserable one. Its problem, like with nearly all games where one player is the "dungeon master", is that the DM should play more to make the game exciting for others and not to win, as in the latter case they end up using some extremely boring methods and it becomes mind-numbing.

Recently I've been playing a lot of a couple of very light games such as Dixit and Timeline, and also the Pillars of Earth and Archipelago. These last two are really excellent and I'm totally in love with them at the moment.

Finally, I'd also like to mention Lord of the Rings, which was the first cooperative game I ever played years ago (which with the Sauron expansion easily falls into the dilemma I described above with MoM), and which is the only game I've played in three different languages. ^^


well,Personally I ike to play some games... monopoly, snakes and stairs, the loteria game is cool, but I lose so much is costly

I have my yu-Gi_Oh deck laying around here too


@pitkin: i think we had a game similar to Ghost Stories when i was young, it was Goosebumps card game where several people would tell a story, each person laying down a card and using the cue given to continue the narrative. we lost all the cards but one, the Big Sister card. too bad, that game was fun. xD

board games i've enjoyed over the years have included the Buffy the Vampire Slayer board game, Mouse Trap (which, since i got it in Canada, came with instructions both in english and french 8) ), 1313 Dead End Drive, and 221B Baker Street (got at a swap meet, one of the best games/purchases we've ever gotten/made).

the Buffy game basically entailed entering the persona of one of the main 4 fighters of the show (Buffy, Xander, Willow, or Oz) to fight off vampires. i think you may have been able to assume the role of a villian, but i'm not 100% on that. the basic goal was to kill off the main villian of that game (it varied from game to game).

Mouse Trap (for those unaware) is a kid's game filled with bright, colourful plastic pieces that you're supposed to assemble to form the Mouse Trap the game implies. the mouse who is caught at the end loses. most of the time, though, we just set it up and played around with it. xD

1313 Dead End drive was sort of like a mashup of the other 3 games i mentioned. once you got the bitch set up, the goal was to kill off the other members (i think; it's been a long time since we've played) while avoiding being killed yourself.

221B Baker Street might sound familiar to some people, and it should. that was the residence of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. as such, the entire game is you taking on the role of Holmes to solve a mystery given to you on a card. you could order additional cases and other parts for the game, but given that it came out in 76' i doubt they exist now. too bad, i'd love the expanded cases sets (each one had 20 cases, and there were 8 of them, so yeah....).

Another game we had and i enjoyed (but forgot to write in) was Clue. i think my sister still has it, but like 1313 Dead End Drive and 221B Baker Street, the mystery and challenge involved always made it fun, since each time was different. :3

hasn't been mentioned yet, but card games have always been popular in my family, and not just among me and my sister. when i was young, i was taught to play Kings in the Corner by my grandmother, in a game with several members of the family. luck was with me and i ended up winning the game on my first turn. -w-

when i went to sweden, my father/uncle felix taught me and my sister to play chow sept. my cousins couldn't speak english at that point, so we communicated by playing the card game. it was really fun, but there's something pout-worthy of being beaten by someone who can't even gloat in a way you'd understand. not that it mattered. but lisa kicked our asses a couple times at it. she was fierce and cunning to boot. xD

when i was about 8, my sister got a book of card games at a book fair. someone told me it wasn't good for kids to gamble, but i learned Rummy anyway and it became my game for a couple years. i loved that game, and though i forget how to play, it still has a soft spot in my heart since we had such a passion for it. -w-

though i've never had the patience for it, i do love playing solitare on the computer. it makes you feel kinda smart when you can crack the puzzle they've laid out for you. -w-

the last card game i'll mention would be Koi Koi, aka Hanafuda. it's played with Hanafuda cards, originating in Japan, and i only got into it last year after seeing the movie Summer Wars. since then, i've become basically obsessed with it, frequently kicking the computer's ass at it on my iphone (a welcome break from the flash version i learned on; i probably lost twice as often as i won on that thing >>; ). i plan on getting a set of the cards before my birthday, so i can play with people in person. ^^
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In terms of board games, one I enjoyed (That I have in storage somewhere) was Harry Potter: Mystery At Hogwarts. It was just a clone of Clue, but with Harry Potter characters, but it was such fun; getting a game going with my sister and grandma on Sunday afternoons :3

When I was little, one I enjoyed that's on the obscure side is The Uncle Wiggly Game. It's kind of like Candy Land, in that you're trying to help your character reach the end of the board, but it's more complex in that it required basic reading skills from what I remember (Since the cards would tell you what to do next; whither it be "move forward 2 spaces" or "you got lost in the woods. Lose a turn"). A shame this game is so obscure; my sister and I loved it more than the much more well-known Candy Land

It's more of a dice game than anything, but I do enjoy Yatzee from time to time. I'd love to modify the rules to work with a d20 >w>;;

As far as card games, I used to be big into the Pokemon Trading Card Game back in the day. My sister and I used to spend days planning out a new deck, and then battle each other Saturday afternoon while we were stuck at the museum with mom (Who was working). That unfortunately died out when my sister started losing interest in Pokemon (Around the time Pokemon Gold\Silver came out). I also used to play Magic: The Gathering with some of my sister's friends; I haven't played since about '07 or so, but still have all my decks in case I ever decide to play again.

During my trip last summer, Kari introduced me to Apples To Apples. I've considered eventually picking that game up; it was fun playing that over dinner one night :3

I also enjoy Uno. I have a Nintendo-themed set, and often managed to get epic games of it going over the years. My sister and I used to play a modified ruleset that allowed for 1-on-1 play (Typically you require at least 3 people to play it), which while fun, was also often frustrating due to the fact there wasn't any regulation on how many skips and\or reverse cards you can play in a row, allowing you to lock out your opponent from doing anything while you effortlessly clear your hand. I had considered revising that ruleset a bit to make it more balanced, but since I typically manage to get 3 or more players when I get a game going, I never got around to it.

Another one we enjoyed, which I have floating around somewhere, is the Harry Potter Quidditch card game. It was a variant on the old card game, War, but with changes to accommodate to the rules of Quidditch as established in the novels. Each round started with a ball card going out, and then you and your opponent would play the appropriate player card to try and score the ball; whomever played a card with a bigger number would get the point. The game ends once you manage to catch the Golden Snitch, but often times we'd keep going until the pile of ball cards was empty and then total our scores up. My sister and I spent many hours playing this game, and one time had a day-long battle going to see who was the best. We actually enjoyed this one much more than the fancier Quidditch board game, since it was easier to pick up and play.


Ah, card games. The clan has fiercely adopted a sort of variant on 5-card poker known as Fifteen, or Chicago (we say Fifteen), and we play it very often whenever we're out traveling together.

Also continuing on the issue of number-named games, there's 500, which we play considerably less because dad is a strategic jackass who beats the crap out of anyone who ever plays against him. If he's not around, though, we take a spin on that sometimes.

I was never one for MTG, and while I did collect Pokémon cards for some time I never actually played a proper game of it. However, I own several Munchkin decks, and my clone and others of the clan have a tendency to play it when I can get enough nerds together.


if you ever come back here you are bringing munchkin. no arguements.

@pokemon: i have several cards but never played. never learned. i just collected them cause they were pretty. >>;
@uno: one of the games my grandparents had; i used to play with my sister and whoever else we could find. :3
@harry potter: we had/have a harry potter trivia game that was pretty fun. it only covered up through the 4th book, but that was just fine since we all stopped around there anyway. xD
i also have an HP card game around somewhere but i've never played with anyone. :[
@war: classic game i usd to play when i was very young.
@candyland: has been a favourite among everyone i know since i was small. nowadays whenever we play it's just for the hipster appeal of playing a kid's game. xD
@apples to apples: i think my sister or one of her friends introduced me to it. loved it ever since. it's great for breaking the ice, though lugging around my copy is a wee bit difficult. :\
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I think the name of Ghost Stories is misleading you, Choco, or there are two games with the same name. The Ghost Stories I meant has nine tiles in the centre representing a town, which gets attacked by ghosts and demons from four different directions - forest, swamp, lake and mountains, I think. The players move in the town, asking for assistance from the nine citizens and then exorcising the ghosts to the best of their abilities. The big bad guy is called Wu Feng, who can reincarnate in some ten different forms, including the infamous Chuck no-Rice. x)

"Picture of Ghost Stories": ShowHide

Speaking of card games, I'm not an enormous fan of them. Games with a traditional deck of cards I don't really like at all, whether it's poker, baccarat or blackjack. Uno is okay though, in limited amounts.

Collectible card games are an even bigger no-no to me, though Fedora-Tan used to play MTG when he was younger. Generally I prefer games with a board of sorts, though Monopoly makes me pick the locks to flee. Overdose of that as a child, and I'm a bit bitter that it's "the board game" people think about when one mentions liking board games.


I kinda like card games, but I hate the idea of collectible. Fortunately there are great solutions like Dominion Intrigue. The desk is somewhat randomized (so all games are different), and there are expansions, but the game starts with exactly the same cards for both players. No "I am richer, so I am stronger" nonsense of collectible games.


Indeed. That's why I never got into tournament play with TCGs; only casual play with friends

@Kari: If you ever want to learn the Pokémon card game, I can teach you :3


Monopoly's been a life long obsession of mine, starting with Junior Monopoly, except no one else in my family likes to play with me.

Other favorites that my brother and I play all the time are Stratego and Risk, though we modified the rules to allow for games that lasted for days with different reinforcement plans, etc.

Bells can also tell you I'm a huge fan of old Avalon Hill board games; B-17 Queen of the Skies usually overrides whatever else I'm doing if I decide to play a mission.


Quote from: stewartsage on February 08, 2013, 12:18:37 PM
Monopoly's been a life long obsession of mine, starting with Junior Monopoly, except no one else in my family likes to play with me.

WE MUST PLAY MONOPOLY NEXT TIME WE HANG OUT!! I love that game but I haven't played in aaaaaages. ;^;

Quote from: PentiumMMX on February 08, 2013, 01:21:56 AMDuring my trip last summer, Kari introduced me to Apples To Apples. I've considered eventually picking that game up; it was fun playing that over dinner one night :3

Aaah! Same here! I had so much fun playing Apples to Apples with you guys last summer! ^^

I'd also like to try out Cards Against Humanity, which is basically Apples to Apples' foul-mouthed, politically-incorrect sociopath cousin. >>


the last one sounds cool. as for the others, my sister has a 50th anniversary edition copy of Risk (old-style format where the Soviet Union was one of the powers), but i've never played stratego and i can't stand Monopoly anymore. 4 hours of gameplay per game and we never even finished. maybe that's part of where my need for rapid-turnover music and games comes from. ><;;

@leafchan: i had operation as a kid, but the only person i played with was my mum. i was a meek child (still kind of am), so the buzzer freaked me out.

@TCGs: this is the reason i don't particularly like playing Yugioh with my friend dan. i like it, but he kicks my ass every time because he competes in tournaments and such, while i'm just a hobbyst. he usually goes easy on me, but it's still kind of annoying. :\

@pitkin: heh, yeah, i got that totally wrong. my bad. ^^;;;

@bella: never heard of that one, got a link to a wiki article or something?
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