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Started by Simonorged, January 23, 2013, 11:38:01 AM

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You know, on the earlier subject about that artist being bullied, I've since learned that the staff behind Steven Universe have spoken in support of that artist; saying the fandom needs to chill and that you can draw their characters however you want. This, obviously, has caused massive backlash; as SJWs declare the show to be more offensive than Family Guy, as the Crewniverse are a bunch of "shit lords" for "allowing the whitewashing of POCs".

As far as what fans think will happen to the show in the aftermath of this, there are two theories I've heard so far:

1: The writers do a very special episode on the subject of bullying
This one seems the most likely to me; given they've touched upon many other subjects over the course of the series, so an episode to address the issue would make sense, and it's a universal enough topic that would reach the kids in the audience that may face similar issues in their lives.

2: The writers end the show prematurely out of spite
This feels very unlikely; the show's far too popular and profitable for them to just end it due to the controversy. Besides, some other things have been through various controversies that one would think would get it cancelled for good, yet kept going; for example, Doctor Who has been through a lot in its 50+ year history, and yet, it's still running strong.


they've already been renewed for a third season, so i don't think they're ALLOWED to cancel. and regardless of that (though it's really fucking cool that the Crewniverse is behind this artist), THEY'RE FUCKING SHAPE-CHANGING SPACE ROCKS. they can take on basically ANY form they want (and have) and their skin tone is LITERALLY only defined by the colour of their gem. is Peridot a PoC to them? is Malachite??? skin tones mean little to aliens and that they're willing to twist the mythos to fit their own agenda is not just idiotic, it's disgusting. (the homeworld gems are RIGHT to wipe us out. we fucking suck. >>; )


Indeed. I'm reminded of the yaoi fangirls of Gundam Wing; whom felt they knew the Gundam pilots better than the actual writers of the series did :\

I remember seeing Zen reblog something on his Tumblr months back, on how many people on that site feel it's not good enough for them to simply like or dislike something, but they need to justify it by saying, for example, they like Mr Rodger's Neighbourhood because it supportive of the great cause of "take off your shoes when you enter the house", or they dislike Barney because it's about "doing drugs and seeing a purple dinosaur teach you the alphabet". After all, I personally didn't like Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, because I tried watching it once and it failed to appeal to me; I know some people absolutely adore the show, but in my case, it just wasn't my cup of tea.

It's sort of like the extreme moral guardians I had the misfortune of working with at the hospital for a few months; it wasn't enough for them to dislike a show, but they had to take the moral high road and make it out to be the most heinous thing on the planet and if you dare like it, you need to feel bad about it. Also, got to love how I got scalded and got a 30-minute lecture because oh, I like The Big Bang Theory, which lead them into a tangent on how everything is terrible and whatever happened to The Brady Bunch...but, just a few minutes before all of this, they were just talking about the most wholesome and family-friendly series of all: The Sopranos. I don't think I need to say more to emphasize how stupid the entire experience was :\


i wonder if the Tumblrites realize that, that they're just as bad as the uber-restrictive high-morals people that they're trying to fight against. that you need to have REASONS why you like something all the goddamn time is beyond exahusting. there's better things to do with your time. :\


Quote from: Chocofreak13 on October 31, 2015, 11:11:19 PM
i wonder if the Tumblrites realize that, that they're just as bad as the uber-restrictive high-morals people that they're trying to fight against. that you need to have REASONS why you like something all the goddamn time is beyond exahusting. there's better things to do with your time. :\

Welcome to horseshoe theory. Basically the more radical somebody's ideology is, the more likely it is to be similar to radicals on the opposite end of the spectrum.

I've seen it among various sects on tumblr all the time:
-Radfems (generally far left / marxist-leaning) and ultra-conservatives paint trans women as impostors and boogeymen attempting to infiltrate female spaces and harass/assault cis women.
-White supremacists and PoC supremacists have both spoken about the importance of racial purity. (Here's one lovely [extreme sarcasm] black supremacist who said they wanted to kill mixed-race children.) Both groups have advocated racial segregation (either forced or voluntary) and a return of people to their ancestral lands.
-Radicals on both sides have both spoken out against logic, rationalism and the scientific method, because those things are inherently racist, misogynist and classist OR anti-religion, anti-traditionalism and bias against their particular schools of thought. Both sides have spoken out against traditional education, again because of racism, misogyny and other kinds of oppression in the system, or because of progressivist bias.
-Certain schools of feminism and certain ultra-conservative societies teach that men are animalistic, hypersexual and dangerous to women and advocate systems to keep men and women segregated. A belief that women are mentally and emotionally fragile compared to men and require certain protections to keep safe.

There are more but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.


cool to know that there's a word for it, but blah that's disgusting and vile. it also brings to mind what would occur if you pointed this out to the people in question, their similarities. cue flamewar~~

on a separate note (since my brain is having a fart-fest over here and i can't think of anything good to respond with, i want to still talk about it though), have an article.

this is reeeeeeally making me reconsider my chosen career path. also it made me mentally vomit.


That was the first major instance, yeah. I saw the report on that months ago :\


Quote from: Penti-chan on November 04, 2015, 10:09:23 AM
That was the first major instance, yeah. I saw the report on that months ago :\
fuck i didn't read the report
saw it on fb so i assumed it was recent sorry


It's alright. TBH, I think that incident was a warning that there was a deep-rooted problem within the Tumblr side of the fandom


that was partially a cultural accident. he didn't realize what he did and didn't realize he was offending people, and apologized. but the people that got upset also need to realize that he's likely never even seen a black person in real life. :\

did everyone miss the article i posted...?


@Kari: I read that article when you posted it on FB, but couldn't really think of anything noteworthy to say at the time.

To draw upon my own past, one set of books my mom used for homeschool in my 1st grade year had a fetish for tests; like, I just barely begin to grasp the basics of math, and I'm expected to be able to do this test right out the gate, or for the spelling tests, I'm given a random word and have to somehow figure out how this word is spelled. What was even worse with those books was that one point where spelling and math overlapped into one giant "fuck you" (Like, I'm expected to do a math problem, but I'm expected to write out the actual words for the numbers; as a kid, I saw no point in writing out "seven" when I could just write "7", which means the same thing). Thankfully, mom never went back to those books for my 2nd grade year; what she opted for then was more developmentally appropriate (I only had a test at the end of the school year, so I had time to wrap my head around the subjects).

Testing, in moderation, is fine; it shouldn't be the primary focus of an education, like our education system seems to be obsessed with; even worse is how that article mentioned they're starting to do that to kids are being tested when they're still trying to grasp these concepts that are still new to them :\


if i ever become a teacher, i don't think i'll give a lot of tests, cause honestly, if your homework/worksheets are coming back okay, i know you're understanding the material. there is no NEED to test you every 2 days. the most test-heavy class i could see myself teaching is the sex-ed one, and that'd have a test at the end of each week that would read something like:

Explain, to the best of your ability, each sexuality listed. (*lists off sexualities i taught about, like het/homo, pan, bi, ace, etc*)

this article, and the way that NCLB and CC have gone, though, it disgusts me. i really need to do some research into this when i start looking at school again since i'ma need to know what path to choose. :\



Ok, I'll admit, the second link you posted had me laughing over some of the derpy fanart from that guy; that is one glorious troll right there
Garnet uses Hulk Hands xDD

As for the actual issue at hand, I suppose most fandoms have their dark side, even if SU seems to be the most prominent one at the moment. I admit, I hated the crossover with Uncle Grandpa, but that's just because I found the episode to be rather stupid, and not like how Tumblr made it out to be the most trans-misogynistic thing since the twist ending to Sleepaway Camp (Which, for those that never watched that movie or the Cinema Snob's review of it, the murderer turns out to be one of the girls attending camp...whom is revealed to be transgender).

It does suck, really; I suppose, it's why I'm involved with so few fandoms these days. For instance, I enjoy Doctor Who, but the fans for it that I often ran into were a bit too crazy for my tastes (Often baffled over how my favorite Doctor could be anyone but David Tennant or Tom Baker, or how I got sidetracked and never saw past the 3rd or 4th episode of last season). There are some fandoms I'm part of, but most basically start and stop at "I watch the show"