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Started by Simonorged, January 23, 2013, 11:38:01 am

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discipline your daughter, don't go after her boyfriend. after all, he started it.



Can I join? There's no way I can think of that kind of shit on my own, and it's deeply disturbing when I realize that those people exist?


Sorry about missing that. I read about it last week on KYM and I still feel angry about it so I probably blocked it from my mind. >_>

Is it wrong to feel all warm and fuzzy inside whenever 4chan teams up to destroy the lives of some assholes? Because I really hope they fuck up shit for them. I mean, it's already a felony offense so shit's pretty effed up to begin with, but I hope they become even more ostracized over this.

Reminds me of the case of those people who drowned the puppies in the river a few years back. I believe 4chan managed to find out their identities, but I forget. Honestly, I'd look it up but I really don't want to be reminded of that story. I still feel sick and angry thinking about it.


Quote from: Bella on July 23, 2014, 03:29:32 pm
Is it wrong to feel all warm and fuzzy inside whenever 4chan teams up to destroy the lives of some assholes? Because I really hope they fuck up shit for them. I mean, it's already a felony offense so shit's pretty effed up to begin with, but I hope they become even more ostracized over this.

I don't think it's wrong at all. I feel the exact same way.


oh, i love anon's ability to deal out some REAL social justice. i'd like to join them in Project Shell Shocked.


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Quote from: Simonorged on April 30, 2013, 01:59:38 pm
@Nej: So church is tantamount to drug use is it, Christianity is if anything else one good way to live your life, if you cut out all the attachments and just live by the good principles, you can lead a rather successful life, and for those who have actually felt a response, well all we should do is encourage and let live and occasionally drop a few friendly invitations. Yes it helps when you're feeling down but its also an encouragement to do the right thing. As with anything there are rules that we are encouraged to follow, most of which everyone already follows. [spoiler]My god has been good to me, that's all I can say.[/spoiler]

@pot: considering the Evils of some of the other options and what some of them can do, IE prescription meds as well as illegal substances and legal ones like alcohol and cigarettes sold by e cigarettes wholesaler, weed has fewer if not any of the medical repercussions, at the same time I don't really want anything to do with it as it causes lethargy and drains money, I'm not really interested. Do I care what other people do? Nope.

Even if we dont care of others still bad things must no persist in the society.. We need a good society to live..


so, bells and i were having a facebook debate (would have been a skype debate, but well, linux mint) about ones' personal beliefs on medication/taking drugs/surgery.

so, OSCers, what are your thoughts on Medication?


To give the discussion a little more context, we were talking about personal pain tolerances and when we choose to employ medication to ease pain.

I might be an anomaly in that discomfort bothers me more than actual pain. When I had my wisdom teeth taken out I never touched the percocet I'd been prescribed because the idea of nausea, vomiting and other intestinal/stomach issues bothered me more than the actual discomfort at the surgery sites. Not to mention the possibility of being mentally out-of-it, there's a reason I've never indulged in (recreational) drugs or gotten drunk, and that's because the idea of not being myself is absolutely horrifying to me.

Then again, if I was ever in enough pain that I couldn't function without strong medication, I'd take it.

Until then I'll find other pain management techniques.


Ok, now I understand what's going on.

As for me, it depends on what it is. For allergies, I take meds when I have a feeling I'll need them, but for other things, it's usually a last resort (I only take an ibuprofen if my headache is bad enough).


the way i see it, is that if you're in pain, fix it. we invented pills for a reason (and early stuff, such as asprin, is based off naturally-occurring compounds that have been used for centuries to relieve pain/fever/etc), so why not use what modern science and technology has given us? most of the time, i will wait for pain to subside, but if it doesn't, i'm gonna pop some pills. this also applies to if my stomach is upset, if i have a cold, etc etc (i'd say allergies but apparently i don't have any....? ....huh). i'm respectful of holistic remedies....when they work. and when there's a time for them, such as using honey for a sore throat. but ignoring pain in the name of being "natural" or trying "alternative" cures (such as that one doctor who prescribed rubbing peanut oil into my scalp 3 times a day for a skin condition) bothers the shit out of me. i don't want any fucking lemon water, i don't want to talk about my fucking feelings, I WANT SOME FUCKING PILLS.


I'm beyond grateful that we have modern medicine and respect everyone's right to take advantage of it in a responsible and informed manner. I also support peoples' right to decline it if they so wish and it doesn't put others at harm.

Along with the reasons I listed before, I may be a little warier than most since there seems to be a family history of substance abuse (including prescription painkillers), I don't believe I'm prone to addiction but it's a road I'd rather stay far away from if I can avoid it.


addiction is actually the reason i don't drink.

also, i agree with you on the flipside of things, it is VERY nice to be able to refuse medical treatment if we so wish.


In my case, I just avoid taking pills unless I really need it, in fear that my body becomes immune to the effects of said pills if I take it too regularly :\


Many of my family members - all except my dad, actually - have in recent years gone long periods on heavy painkillers. My mom and brother both got serrated disks, and went many months - my brother almost two years - on morphine-derived substances. I can't remember what my sister took for her migraines before they started giving her botox injections (which seem to help somehow), but it was probably something on the same level.

All they seem to have gotten out of it is a running joke about being the family medicine locker. I greatly suspect that this is the norm for cases like this, or the heaviest painkillers just wouldn't be allowed.


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Addiction in the case of alcholhol takes effect when there is an emotional pain or a need to mask emotion.
As someone who likes to drink, I can say that that is the case.
However I do not find myself addicted. I can easily go for long periods of time without a drink with not negative side effects though I know there are cases where there have been. fatigue, hangovers and in some cases, death from cold turkey.

As far as medicine goes, I do not like the idea of pills or medicine of any kind. More for personal reasons then anything else. I know some people need meds but growing up I was on them whether I needed them or not. The only thing they did was make me feel sadated and zombie like, so I believe (FOR MYSELF) that pills are a waste of time. That I'd rather go through the pain then not feel like me.
Simon was here :P<br />