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Started by Simonorged, January 23, 2013, 11:38:01 am

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I don't even think we need to have this debate here again, do we?

I mean, all in favor and such.


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Quote from: NejinOniwa on August 26, 2013, 09:23:06 am
I don't even think we need to have this debate here again, do we?

Well I mean I wasn't really asking for a debate or anything...


as if i didn't have enough aggravations in my life right now. next time i try to set up a VPN (if i need one) i'm getting outside help. ><;


Maybe I should go even further north when I move. Like, to Canada


We're moving to Toronto?
We're moving to Toronto. -w-


Simon was here :P<br />


if i'm using a VPN i'm using one in a different country. the one i was using before was based in panama. but i kinda pissed them off when i left so i can't use them again. -w-;


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Isn't running like, a way to getting less fat though? So that's a bit of a contradiction.

Also honestly, I'm not surprised (but still think it's pretty shameful) that some people say these things.
The best thing to do, is to just ignore, and keep doing your thing.


I think it's stupid and childish, really; as a picture Bella reblogged on Tumblr once said, "If you find the sight of a large person to be absolutely disgusting, it's more that there's something wrong with you" (Rough quote)


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Quote from: LeaflameSD on August 26, 2013, 07:21:52 am
Looks like the US government are gonna bring back SOPA, any thoughts on this?

It's Not SOPA though. I mean, yeah, it's a copyright protection law, but it isn't SOPA. It isn't related to SOPA. Does it suck? Yes. Does it suck as much as SOPA? Not nearly.

Sorry for sounding aggravated, but the entire internet has been whining about SOPA being brought back when that's not the case.

Quote from: Chocofreak13 on August 27, 2013, 12:18:12 pm

sizeism (size discrimination): go!

Sizeism, like lookism, racism, sexism or any other -ism is complete bullshit and needs to be collectively thrown off a cliff by society pronto.

Fat people are just like "average"-sized people, thin people, curvy people, muscular people, morbidly obese people, dangerously underweight people, etc. Regardless of what you think of their bodies or what opinions you have about how they got to be that size, they're still people and need to be treated with respect and dignity. People should be judged on their personalities and deeds rather than what their bodies look like, because that's a shit way of figuring out what a person is like.


bells, i read the first sentence as "society potato".

i think we're all in favour here. the only thing i'm against is when a 300+ lb person wears a size 3 piece of clothing, but that's more because they're trying to be something they're not, and wearing proper size clothing is important both on the inside and the outside. tbh though it's none of my business and have been told not to wear certain pieces of clothing before, and damn did it hurt. (that was more because i was so tall, though.)


Indeed. Always frustrated me as a kid when I'd be told "you're a boy; you can't wear dresses", and nobody would give a straight answer as to why girls could wear whatever the fuck they want beyond the usual (and grammatically incorrect) "because I said so" clause :\


listen to the song "Man! I Feel Like a Woman" and come back to me. xD