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Started by Simonorged, January 23, 2013, 11:38:01 am

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The choice in body type is odd, since she doesn't have curves like that in the movie, but her being drawn like that was thankfully more respectful than the hideous abomination that was a "skinny" Minnie Mouse; which likely had Walt Disney himself rolling in his grave (The article on that, for the curious). At least with Merida, it feels more close to the original.

I can definitely see the arguments one might have on how this could have a negative impact on some people; although people come in all shapes and sizes, society pushes "thin = best" onto everyone, which often leads to people feeling bad about their image. This is why I like seeing variety in body types in artwork and other mediums; it feels more realistic that way.


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They turned the epic tomboy, into a pretty prissy doll.
Dagnabit Disney, why can't you just leave the good things alone!?
Merida did not need a make over and if you even gave a damn about the personality YOU GAVE HER you'd know she didn't WANT one.

It wont do to have those sparkles when she is climbing that rock face!

I signed the petition to revert it by the way
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pent, that was the most eloquent response i have ever heard from you.

(i mean that seriously, good show, man. -w-
and that minnie/daisy pic made me scream. o__o )

@simon: makeup isn't going to help you kick a bear's ass :3


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I want to see her in Kingdom Hearts, NOT all sparkled up.

I've got an Idea for a topic now. Swearing.

Should it be free gain, should it be limited, Does it provide a level of unintellegence when it is over used?
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didn't we already cover swearing as a topic?

i judge people by the way they string together words, not the words themselves. i've been told i'm quite intelligent and i swear almost constantly. :\


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I'm not sure.

Maybe it's just me, but the use of too many swears in political articles or debates is somewhat unnecessary. I mean sure, they're good to prove a point or to express a momentary burst of anger, but to have it repeat over and over makes the piece seem like it was writen by an over entusiastic middle schooler who doesn't know where to place the swears or that too many diminishes the piece. As my chemistry teacher put it a few years ago, swears are used when vocabulary knowledge is low, 0f course limiting swears has a detrimental effects as well. And then there are those to think about who have such words as detrimental triggers to negative past events and the like.
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Quote from: Simonorged on May 16, 2013, 03:15:19 pm
political articles...writen by an over entusiastic middle schooler who doesn't know where to place the swears

you're assuming political articles are written by anyone else? :3

saying that people who use them don't have a wide vocabulary, however, that's just (fucking) rude. i happen to have a delicious library of words at my disposal, but calling someone a blundering effeminate clod is a LOT less effective than saying "you son of a bitch". gotta remember to cater to your crowd. -w-;


@Kari: Thanks for that. Amazing what I could come up with when writing a post at 1AM ^^;

Although we have gone over swearing before, I'll share my thoughts again. While I don't use them that much, I don't give a fuck if they like to swear or not :3
(Which, I do get a laugh at the sign hanging at the house of one of my dad's friends; which says "No damn profanity allowed" xD)


i don't consider "damn" profanity anymore. -w-


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@choco: But don't you find it hilarious when they don't understand what you said?
Besides I find it more amusing to insult someone with out swears or direct insults. I like to hide them, to make them think, and maybe it's just me, but too many swears just sound immature.

Example of what I'd like to say.(Not to you)
Go back to your previous activity you incessant blundering rube.
edit: Bad example I suppose.
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to me that just sounds pretentious. but then, i understand what that means.

if your daily speech involves the words "incessant", "blundering", and "rube", then go for it, but if they don't normally come up in conversation then it just sounds like you're trying too hard. in effect, by using fancier speech, it actually backfires on the speaker, making them sound stupid. >>;


To me, using constant swears does not make one look as stupid as insisting that "dragged" is grammatically incorrect yet "that ain't no [item]" is -___-;


Although I think of curses as "seasoning" - that is to say, something that can add a bit of "spice" to ones' language if used correctly, but become overwhelming and distasteful if overdone - I think it's ultimately ALL about context and the language skill of the person involved. A good speaker or writer can work a lot of profanity into their language and have it still sound compelling and knowledgeable, while a poor writer/speaker may come off as "low-brow" or overwhelming if they attempt to use the same amount of profanity. Likewise, avoiding swear-words doesn't necessarily make a speaker or writer sound more intelligent - more polite, usually, but not more intelligent.

I don't believe that using / avoiding profanity makes a person sound dumber / smarter. Generally it's a matter of sounding less or more "cultured" or polite (respectively), and of course there are as many unintelligent people who are polite and well-mannered as there are rude idiots.


Hey if you guys don't mind I have a topic for the thread:

People using others misfortune to gain likes on Facebook i.e someone using a cancer/AIDS/9-11 victim and saying like if you sympathize with their family etc etc etc


If they're genuinely trying to raise awareness or donations for a cause, that's okay.

If they *aren't* trying to raise awareness or money for a cause and are just posting about it to get views and likes, that's gross and wrong.