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Started by Simonorged, January 23, 2013, 11:38:01 am

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All emotions start in your head as various neural impulses combined with various hormone emissions. A neural network is essentially the aim of any conversion, and a hormone emission system can easily be added to the code once you he the network itself - as long as we know the effects of every particular hormone on every particular neuron, we can simulate all these effects perfectly.

It's all in your head. The rest is biological side-effects of your brain being connected to your body, which obviously would not be there if you were a computer.


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On a thing from before,(We don't have to go back to it!)
QuoteWhen it comes to what we're taught about men, sex, and self-control, most of us learn one maxim early on: "a hard dick has no conscience." The wording may vary, but the claim is always the same: guys, especially young dudes who are still in or just emerging from the testosterone tsunami of puberty, are powerless in the face of their own libidos. Women must protect themselves from men (and men from themselves) by being careful not to provide the sort of visual distractions that can lead to erections and the disasters that might follow.

there is more to it then that. But that's kinda what I think, kinda why anime uses ecchi for comedy. The article i think explains a different method.[/spoiler]
Maybe there should be an HBT(+18)
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Frankly, that article sucked. Not because of the point it was making, but because I had no clue whatsoever as to what the point was until well past halfway through it. Then it was all "oh, that's what you meant" and nothing else came from it.

It's a valid point, but that's not how to make it.


i might be a tease, but if a horny teenage boy comes anywhere near me choco's gonna have to slap a bitch. SOMEONE'S gotta keep those dogs in line. >>;


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I'm not a dog...
But I'm also not an uncontrollable teenage boy.
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did i point at you? no, i didn't point at you. i didn't think you were a teenager, if i offended, i'm sorry.


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eh, i group together "teenage boys" as those males of the teenage age who act that way and deserve the title. if you don't act like a complete skeeze, then i wouldn't label you that, because i wouldn't be thinking of age and gender specifically.
by contrast, the term "teenage boy" conjures up images which fit exactly what i label. thus, the term.


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I felt as though I was some how is not vaguely grouped into that because I am in fact male, we do have urges, and they can be painful. I'm not saying that all guys do, but if your going to tease some one you might in fact get the corresponding attention.

Think about it this way, if you hold out a treat in front of a dog, whats the first thing they'll think to do? Grab it, along with your hand. Now not all do, but some do, a well trained dog will wait for it, though and if you tease long enough eventually they lose interest. In a way guys are like dogs, it's painful to resist but if we were raised right we wait anyway, after all if the something(or someone) were after isn't ours to take, what right do we have to? And the great thing about people is they have the right to choose what happens to their own body.
within reason

Also, most teenage boys aren't like that, a least not the ones I hung out with.
If you're grouping teenage boys together and using "teenage boy" to mean skeeze, then isn't that the same as calling someone gay and meaning stupid?.

I'm actually 19. not sure if that's relevant.
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technically "gay" means "happy", but i get offended when people use that word to mean stupid. just like i get offended when people use the word "dyke" in general. >>;

cool for you for hanging out with nice people. i did too. but my school was full of pervy dropout-bound losers who were worthy of the title. when you find a guy who fits the image of a teenage boy you see in a movie, THOSE are the ones i label. not ones who don't strike me as being "teenage"; if they have the maturity to rise above things like urges, peer pressure, and juvenile stupidity the likes of which you see mostly in 8th grade, then i don't label them, because i think of them as just people, not a category of human.

and you DO realize you just compared your gender to dogs...?


Yes, I realize.
I was being contradictory towards myself
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Quote from: Simonorged on March 20, 2013, 11:20:38 am
I felt as though I was some how is not vaguely grouped into that because I am in fact a human, we do have urges, and they can be painful. I'm not saying that all people do, but if your going to tease some one you might in fact get the corresponding attention.

Fixed for accuracy. ^^;

I dislike the idea that men are somehow, as a group, more physically / hormonally / sexually driven than other genders / sexes. I mean yeah, guys are certainly socialized to be more at-ease with displaying their libidos for all to see (as evidenced by the great abundance of boys / men who will openly hit on women in the creepiest ways imaginable), whereas girls are generally socialized to be ~*delicate pure flowers*~ who wouldn't even THINK of talking about sexual matters (let alone admit to having sexual urges). But that's just it - it's a matter of socialization. Because our society condones, if not REQUIRES, men to be sexual beings, while women are strongly encouraged to be as pure and sexless as is humanly possibly, and generally face character assassination if they choose to be as sexually free and empowered as dudes. (This is why you hear so many women called sluts and whores while those words are rarely used for guys.)

And since I'm asexual and hate asexuality being left out of conversations on gender and sexuality - this is a very unfair thing for asexual and libido-less people as well. In general, women are more comfortable with identifying as asexual than men because there's just so damn much pressure for guys to be super-sexed-up - libido is intrinsically tied to masculinity in our society, while there's no such libido-gender connection for women. Though it ALSO unfairly effects women, since society assumes that "sexless" is the default female state. So many women who come out as asexual are told that "that's just how women are!" or are accused by their more sexually-inclined peers of being repressed or buying into old-fashioned gender roles.

-If you're a hetero/bi/homo/pansexual dude, you're accused of being a hormonally-driven sexbeast. But you better act sexual, goddammit, or else people will constantly question your masculinity.
-If you're a hetero/bi/homo/pansexual woman, you better go ahead and stay quiet about your sexuality unless you want to be accused of being a slut or whore. Though you may be accused of selling out to the patriarchy or being old-fashioned if you aren't sexual enough.
-If you're an asexual man, good-fucking-luck with that, have fun having your masculinity and sexuality questioned for the rest of your existence.
-If you're an asexual woman, society will probably condone your orientation for the most part, although you will probably be harassed by relatives wondering why you won't "find a man" or "if there's something wrong with your hormones". Also, have a nice time trying to convince your non-asexual friends that you're simply acting out of biological impulse and not horribly sexually-repressed, damaged, mentally- or physiologically-ill, or covering up your sexuality to fit into the socially-sanctioned mold of Pure And Virtuous Woman.

TL;DR Part II: Society does, and will, suck for all of us until we start recognizing sexuality as something that operates independently of sex or gender.


Wow... I really hate how people keep saying "What's wrong with society?". What's wrong with society is that we are not making it any better :3


@Bella: Indeed on that :\

After all, many people seem to frown upon me for being male, not being interested in sex, and having a nonexistent track record with relationships, and will try to "help" by butting into my life and start telling me how I need to live it (Always strongly implying I'm a "total loser" who needs help to become "a real man" (read: a sex-obsessed frat boy). It honestly pisses me off so much; why these people feel the need to do that, I'll never know >_<;;