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Started by Simonorged, January 23, 2013, 11:38:01 am

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And now I will affirm one of my favorite phrases:

Some people are only alive, because it's illegal to shoot them.
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amen to that, brother.

should we discuss another topic? i have one in mind. :\


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the one we've been avoiding till now...



I'm not for it.
You can all hate me for it but, it seems just a selfish a suicide.
It's like covering up a mistake you made.
And in the case of rape yeah it's a horrible thing that happened, shit happens.
but in my mind it's still not okay, one of my good friends was conceived from rape.
She is a valued contributor to society, that I wouldn't have if her mom had made that choice. It's a touchy subject that I was avoiding, because of all the trouble that would ensue, just remember to have a professional rebutle.
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eh, i disagree. for all the usual reasons, "it's the woman's choice", "the fetus isn't a person till birth", etc etc.  we have the right to do with our bodies what we want, tattoo, pierce, scar, shape, dye, augment, even let ourselves go. and abortion is just another facet of that. it's like saying having your tubes tied is wrong. :\
and i wouldn't call it "covering up a mistake", considering like you said, shit happens. and we deal with it however we can or want to.

being forced into it when you want to keep it is wrong. but just getting one? of course not, it's fine.


Not being a woman/catholic/conservative in any way I don't have much qualms about abortion anywhere. If they want one, they can have one, in most cases. Of course they'd be advised not to if the pregnancy is too far gone for their safety to be guaranteed, but like with everything else, circumstances are the alpha and omega of all choices.


Pro-choice here. If she does or does not want to go through with the pregnancy, then that should be enough; she shouldn't be forced to do something she doesn't want to do. After all, I wouldn't want someone forcing me to go through with anything if I didn't want to; especially something like a pregnancy.

In fact, it truly pisses me off how many times I hear about people attempting to pass laws to ban abortions.  Again, it should be her choice; not the choice of some creepy politician who doesn't seem to understand that women are people too and not "baby-making machines"


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So... what your saying is no one should have to deal with the consequences of their actions?
In the case of rape, kill the bastard that did it.
People will do what they want to do, if it wasn't legal it would still happen.
And yeah, the guy doesn't get to make that choice, but they also don't get the choice to keep the kid either. And maybe I'd rather bare the child.

I'm honestly waiting for a technology that is like abortion, but the baby lives.
In a cloning type chamber until the point where its suppost to be able to breath on its own.
Then, no more abortion, and more adoption.

Women aren't baby making machines, but babies aren't things either.
They're not a disease, not a tumor.

If a fetus isn't a person until birth? Then why is killing a pregnant woman a double murder.
I believe the exact opposite, that is just a way for people to justify it.

If you have to justify anything, you usually shouldn't do it.

After five more points, lets change the topic.
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Also, what if she decides to get an abortion because of her current situation being a very negative environment for a child? Like, she's barely making enough money to support herself, let alone a baby? Or, what if there's a high risk of medical complications that could result in her dying?


I can't justify it for any reason.
That is why I want that technology to exists.
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Everyone here already knows my stance on abortion, but in case you're exceptionally oblivious, I'll drop a clue: it rhymes with "Mro-Joice Yunder Pall Nurcumstances". Likewise, everyone here already knows my stance on anti-choice people (To avoid issuing threats of death or severe violence, all I will disclose is that it is not a kind one. In fact, it is about as far from kind as you can possibly imagine). That's all I have to say here. :D

Now then, I'll be taking my leave before this thread self-destructs or undergoes a controlled demolition by admins. ALLONS-Y!


bella why are you whipping that barbie into space


on topic: immigration in your particular country. go.


I'm all for immigration to the US, legal or not, as long as the immigrating people are here to better their lives and/or find job opportunities that they wouldn't otherwise have. Folks who come here for the specific purposes of crime (be it petty or major, like terrorism) should obviously be locked up or deported (depending on the offense), but I think it's wrong that anybody would be imprisoned simply for crossing a boarder, or kicked out because they don't have the proper documentation. Doubly so if they've already established themselves here.

Obviously, I think the US immigration policy is seriously screwed up - though I could say the same for many nations. It's a very idealistic and unrealistic stance, but I wish immigration was seen not as a luxury but a human right - everyone should be entitled to move and live their lives as they see fit.