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Started by Simonorged, January 23, 2013, 11:38:01 am

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That is the greatest blog since Pokeswaps *w*


@Choco: A lot of time people won't think about things like that. ^^;

As for myself, I would never get a tattoo except from a certified prison with well-tested tools. *nods*


let me see it if that ever happens. xD

@sleepy: this is my favourite thus far. -w-

not that i don't enjoy this, but we should be arguing, as is one of the points of this thread. so guys, cloud computing: yay or nay?


Re: Cloud computing: It depends. I don't mind cloud computing as a BACKUP option, as long as you have localized backups (i.e., an external HDD) as well. Also, I have stored some of my (text) documents online as a way of synching files between all of my computers - it's annoying to be working on a story on my iMac and need to access it from my phone / laptop, so I've been experimenting with online cloud storage as a way of synching files on all three.

I'd never save any work online without a backup on my computer(s) however.

Quote from: Chocofreak13 on February 06, 2013, 06:13:37 pm
if you're getting a tattoo done and you live in the area, i'm dragging you to tattoo fever. the guy not only knows my uncle (i think they grew up together or something), but he also has celebrity clientele who fly into boston to meet him (he drives down) to get work done. the waitlist is a bit long (gotta make an appointment a few months in advance), but given his prowess and notoriety, it's totally worth it.

Thanks for the tip, I'll keep that in mind. ^^

Quote from: SleepyD on February 07, 2013, 04:21:26 pm
I present this website:

Think engrish, but reversed with Chinese Hanzi/Japanese Kanji characters. And tattooed on people.

That's one of my favorite humor(?) blogs, hahaha.


It has some good uses, but it's not really for me. It's very useful for large businesses (Like how the hospital is starting to keep their medical records on a server located in the basement; with terminals setup in each patient room for doctors to bring everything up when it's needed), but I've yet to find a good reason for me to use it; especially when I don't really have that great of an internet connection. Plus, there are some things I'd rather keep somewhere that I know it's safe; like on the hard drive of a member of the fleet or a flash drive, versus on a cloud server in Carmen SanDiego's basement (Where in the world is the cloud server my files are on?)

As for the ability to transfer files between the members of the fleet, I can do it via LAN (The most common way; especially when I'm working with several files) or with DVD-Rs, flash drives, or floppy disks; depending on the capabilities of the member of the fleet in question (If I finally get my IBM PS/2, it'll be able to use the Yeti as a bridge to the newer members of the fleet)


IM gonna stay here in this thread until I learn how to type and convey proper emotions through text. I AM a hot button topic...
Official -tans are my bat signal.


personally I have accounts on several cloud sites, Why...? because is cool... besides My MUGEN Proyects, my Translating Maquetting Comics works and even my Softwares are aviable on the netenet


I like cloud working to some degree, but I never found it to be as customizable and generally useful as I'd like it to be. I seldom use it nowadays.


@alfonse: while it's your decision, using something on the basis of "it's cool" is never a good idea. accessing your files remotely, however, can have its benefits.

@pent: 2 carmen sandiego references in one post?? well played sir, well played. -w-

@cumulus: for me, cloud computing sounds like either a passing fad that will be dispelled in about 5 years when a giant server gets hacked and everyone loses their data, thus returning to the ground where Icarus proved humans belong, or the eventual shift in all computing that i dread the way changelings dread winter. if i end up as a relic because i refuse to join the trend, then so be it, since i find it extremely concerning just how public data is becoming these days. am i the only one who finds it distressing that the ads on sites and reccomended videos on youtube contain stuff i've searched for or watched before? i know, it's just a marketing ploy, but it creeps me out that one search for cloth pads leaves me with ads and videos about them for 4 days. >>;
i don't really have anything to hide. yes, there's porn and torrents on my computer. but i don't want them in the public eye because they're not FOR the public eye, they're my personal documents that i don't want on a publicly-accessed server. and i know, i know, i can put a password on it or make it "private", but is it REALLY private when it's in the same space as millions of other people? it's like the difference between putting stuff in a storage locker or keeping it on your own property. as far as i'm concerned, there's space in the garage, so i'll just put it in there. and when the garage is full, i'll build a shed.


Well, I use adblocker, so I have never even experienced any of the whole "personalized ads" shit...

Because I don't get any ads at all.

Adblockers, good or bad?


is that really even a question? of course they're a good thing. i'm just too lazy to install one. (and sometimes the ads are cool stuff, i've found new online shops that way.)


It's a double-edged sword. While it saves me from the annoying Flash-based ads on GameFAQs, at the same time part of me feels bad for the fact I'm effectively cheating Linkara, Nostalgia Critic, etc. out of money by not seeing the ads (If the ads don't play, they don't get money for it)

If I had a better connection, I might temporarily disable it when watching one of their shows, out of respect, but otherwise, adblockers for life


i'm sort of on the fence about advertising; i don't really notice banner ads much, but when it comes to ads on the sides that play videos or particularly annoying images (annoying gifs, flashing motifs, etc), that's when i get pissed. popups, however, popups need to die. doesn't help that most of them are for porn, which i don't care for unless it's anime. >>;

i can't completely hate it, even if i wanted to. when my comic goes up (fingers crossed for it to get up before AB!!!), i'm going to look into getting banner ads for the sides to obtain some revenue, in addition to opening a cafepress account. :\


Mmm. It's often a necessary evil :\

Which, I'd disable adblock on the site for your comic out of respect as well :3