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Started by Simonorged, January 23, 2013, 11:38:01 AM

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yeah. it's like why i don't get involved with the Lolita community. (example heeeere~)


Indeed. Basically, avoid /cgl/; there's sometimes some good content there, but the toxicity* makes it not worth my time :\
*I had to resist the urge to link to the SOAD song, Toxicity ^^;


feel free, lol, i just can't watch it atm since i'm at work.

new topic based of a conversation i just had with my coworker: do you think poor people should 'settle' for a lower-quality education they can afford with loans/scholarships to be 'realistic'?

(fuck her, do what you want otherwise you'll get nowhere bitch)


I'd say no; if a person is set out on something they want to do, they should be able to do it.

I remember, when I still worked at the hospital, I dealt with a similar issue; except, it wasn't that "University of Texas is too expensive; you need to settle for DeVry", it was that "you need to quit your job right this instant and go to college now or you'll never amount of anything in life", and kept pulling stuff out of their ass to make it seem like it's impossible for anyone to do anything at all with their life without a degree (Like, I need to get my masters in theoretical pediatrics, or else I will not be allowed to get an apartment, own a car, or even flip burgers at McDonald's). No matter how much evidence I could provide to the contrary, and how I had a much greater interest in getting out of my parents' house for a myriad of reasons, they always talked down to me because I'm just a "stupid kid" and they know what's best for me, even if they barely know anything about who I am (Hell, it felt like a majority of the things I said were in-one-ear-out-the-other; they decided "he's not a Christian", and no matter how many times I tried to tell them I was, as I did still identify as such back then, they kept trying to convert me because clearly my depressed nature was not because I was working a soul-sucking, thankless job, but because I'm clearly not of the same religion as them...and if I was as happy as they felt I should be, they'd likely decide "he's gay" and continue to try and convert me >>; ).

I even remember a faceless contract worker harassing me about it; he heard I didn't want to go to college, and he had to harass me about it every single goddamned time he passed me in the halls that day; he would not be satisfied until I dropped what I was doing and decided what I want to do with my life right this instant. Thankfully, he had been a source of many problems with my dad's department (Maintenance; the department that hired this contract worker to assist with some A\C repair), so they just added my complaints about that guy to a laundry list of issues they had out of him, that were presented back to the company he was under once the job was completed -w-

Now, I didn't have that level of harassment at Walmart, but I still had some issues with people trying to run my life for me; I know I've mentioned that one former coworker (That left months before I did), that loved to make fun of me for enjoying nerdy things, having a flip phone, driving an old van, having a cat (To her, nobody should be allowed to have a cat because she's allergic), and how I needed to throw those all away and, most important of all, cut my ties with those "loser friends" of mine, as being nerdy and having like-minded friends are, to her, the sole reason I don't have a girlfriend. I was thankful when she left :\


she sounds like a real prize herself.

at the end of the day, coworkers know NOTHING about your life beyond when they see you. so for someone to pass that level of judgement is ludicrous. she knows nothing about me, my life, etc, and just because she's older than me, has kids, and a master's, doesn't mean she can feasibly know what my life is like. if i wasn't doing art, i'd be doing social work, and i'm depressed enough as it is. (besides, if i manage to get a teaching degree, i'll have my loans paid off anyway. and i'll have no regrets about my education bitches~)


Indeed. Even the ones I actually talk with about major stuff from my life don't know everything about me :\


i don't really want to get too close to my coworkers anyway. you never know when someone will leave or be fired, or what might come about from telling something in confidence. >>;

i'm gonna let the comment from the coworker slide. if the specific topic comes up again, however, i'll talk to her about it and likely recommend that we don't talk about that (mark that one off as another non-work topic, along with religion and politics >>; ).


sorry to double-post, but with the situation in France the way it is, i figured i'd ask, Pitkin, Fedora, are you guys alright?


We're safe. I've been very shaken and crying despite not being close to Paris. Thanks for caring, Kari.


I didn't think the two of you lived anywhere near Paris, but I was still worried for you and Fedora-Tan. I hope your friends and family are all staying safe at this time.

The people of France are very much on my mind right now.


I'll be honest, when I first saw a post about this, I was confused, as the only news I had heard out of Paris that day was about an airline suffering from an outage, as their Windows 3.1 system went down.

Once I heard what was actually going on, I was concerned; even if Pit had once mentioned to me that she was living in a small village in the middle of nowhere, there was still the possibility of friends and relatives being close to there. Hopefully, they're safe as well

Dr. Kraus

After hearing what was happening last night when it all started I cracked open my last two French beers, played the French National Anthem on loop for a while, got in contact with some French friends who live in Calais just check-in with them, and then had a short prayer before going to bed early.


thankfully no one you know really lives in the area, right?

and at least they caught/killed the folks now...


Well, I officially lost any respect I once had for my former boss from Gamestop; he holds the same belief as Trump that the attack on Paris only happened because "they ain't let citizens have guns". Just, wow; I'm officially done with him now, considering how close to home this hits, in addition to various other things in the past year. My only regret was leaving Gamestop because of him; if I had known what he was really like, I would have stayed in spite of everything, considering the store did recover from the huge dip in sales when he was fired...and I also wouldn't have worked for Walmart.

It's always disappointing when someone you used to look up to turns out to be a douchebag.


could you reapply now? :\

and, sadly, it's better that you found out now, rather than later. the longer it goes, the worse it is. :\