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Started by Simonorged, January 23, 2013, 11:38:01 am

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Western Mass is definitely po-dunk white trashland. Granted, they're educated white trash, but they're still that type. Vermont, here I come~
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Vermont's full of hicks too tbh. There are lots in NH as well, but they're mostly h'up nawth. Central NH is chock full of hippies, liberals, fuck-tha-police-I-do-what-I-want-mountainfolk-libertarians and disgustingly rich conservatives (Lakes Region mostly), lower NH is pretty culturally-congruent with the neighboring areas of Mass.

For some reason, in my experience Vermonters are rude.... maybe it's because I've spent a lot of time in the Lake Champlain region, which neighbors NY, and NYers tend to be gruff and impersonal after dealing with New Englandahs. New Hampshirites are kind of neutral to me. At least most of the people in this area keep out of others' business and don't judge, even if they don't necessarily agree with your style or politics. The nicest people I've met in New England are by and far southern Massachusettsans and Rhode Islanders. Most of the Bostonians I've dealt with are cool too.

Incidentally a lot of the Marylanders and Washingtonians I've encountered have been nice. West Virginians too, even the ones from fuck middle of nowhere where you'd expect them to be inhospitable to outsiders. (When I mentioned this to my cousin he chalked it up to "southern hospitality", ehehe.)


Just, wow. I though that kind of stupid could only exist in Texas :\

I often hear people in these parts say "dem yanks b rood", and oddly enough, the nicest people I've met whom I could easily talk to were up in the NH region when traveling with Kari. Granted, most assume the entirety of the northeastern region of the US is New York, so...


One thing you can count on, universally, is that humans are and will be unexpectably stupid.


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Quote from: PentiumMMX on July 10, 2014, 12:22:24 am
Just, wow. I though that kind of stupid could only exist in Texas :\

Quote from: NejinOniwa on July 10, 2014, 12:49:29 am
One thing you can count on, universally, is that humans are and will be unexpectably stupid.

True enough. In Texas though they'd probably just lock him up and call it a day. Or he'd get the crap beaten out of him by angry parents. I'm probably biased here but it seems like Virginia, while being moderate politically-speaking, has a lot of weird hangups about sexuality. If memory serves correct they have a high age of consent (18 I think) and no exemptions for people slightly over the age of consent who are dating minors (for example, some states allow people over the age of consent to date minors if they're within, say, 5 years of each other, so a 16 year old could legally date a 20 year old) ... as for why I originally learned this, well, mostly out of curiosity over whether my and Stew's relationship was legal back when I was still 17 and he was 19 (even if we weren't actually dating at the time, lulz). As well it was also one of the last states to get rid of its "anti-sodomy" (read: any intimate act that isn't good ol' fashioned, heterosexual, baby-making sex) law and had a governor and attorney general who supported the law. Said attorney general (hilariously nicknamed "The Cooch" for reasons unrelated to his vaginophobia) later ran for governor on a platform that included re-instating the ban on "sodomy". Thankfully he was defeated.

Ironically, the same group of loons passed legislature that would make a very invasive, completely-unnecessary medical procedure required before abortion, because for some reason sodomy is a-ok if it's being performed by a doctor.

Also, I believe there are still laws on the books making sexual acts between unmarried people illegal. Likewise, cohabitation (couples living together out of wedlock) is illegal. Noticeably LEGAL is marital rape, though I have a hard time believing it would actually be enforced. (Considering the average non-sociopath typically frowns upon rape regardless of relationship status.)



Remind me to never go to Virginia for any reason. Well, unless all I do is meet up with Stew


Hey now, Virginia is nice. The (right wing of) the government is what you have to watch out for ...


Except they were voted out of said offices and also indicted for numerous graft related offenses.


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>Is browsing LE TUMBLR
>SJW blog
>About me section
>"im pansexual (except men) and im from the US"

Back in my dad pansexual meant attracted to all genders/sexes or simply not caring about gender/sex...

Tumblr's grasp on basic concepts like the definitions of words continues to slip quite badly.


Indeed. Kinda reminds me of someone a friend of mine dated last summer; who claimed to be bisexual, but only seemed interested in guys for a one-night stand (Going the route of faking a relationship to get in their pants), while being so obsessed over attractive women that it makes Quagmire from Family Guy look subtle by comparison :\


That's complicated situation, tbh. I know a few bisexual/pansexual/panromantic people (myself included) who've dated only opposite-sex people and I suspect it's simply a matter of opportunity. For example if you're a bi/pan woman seeking a man, you have over 90% of the male population to hypothetically choose from (since >90% of men are heterosexual, and there are also bisexual men seeking women as well). Versus finding a female mate -- since less than 10% of women are lesbian or bisexual. Throw in other limiting factors (age range, appearance, compatible personality, whether or not your family will approve of you having a same-sex partner, whether or not you live in a place where you can seek out a same-sex partner, etc.) and the chance of finding (or staying with) a same-sex partner goes down even further. You really can't be sure about a person's sexuality just by judging their behavior.

That said, her treatment of women does sound a little overcompensating-ish. Maybe she acted that way to titillate (ew, that word) her partner? Some guys are obsessed with the idea of woman-on-woman action, even if they don't support LGBTA+ rights or give a shit about actual lesbian and bisexual women.


To be perfectly honest, I thought Pansexual meant that one was attracted to the personality of the indevidual, regardless of how they look.
At the same time I've called myself Hetro-pan for a while now. Am I wrong to think this or am I just straight.

At this point I think that the overly ingrained desire to catagorize things has deminished the actual point..
Simon was here :P<br />


Pansexuality is sometimes described as an attraction to personality regardless of gender or sex. But not caring about gender or sex is a major component of it.  If you only like girls but don't care about looks that's more akin to being straight with no physical preferences, I suppose.


Quote from: Bella on July 20, 2014, 04:04:52 pm
Back in my dad pansexual meant attracted to all genders/sexes or simply not caring about gender/sex...

might wanna choose your words carefully there, bells....

@regions: southern nh tends to mimic parts of canada in that (depending slightly on town size) people tend to be rather religious but otherwise very nice and polite and non-judgemental.
maine is........backwoods. like, marry your cousin and have your hunting dog as a lover type backwoods. (well, not THAT extreme, but it IS a bit banjo-solo in some parts. :0 )
mass varies depending on which side you go to (east or west) and from town to town, but the east tends to be quite normal (if a bit cold sometimes) and west tends to be rather hickish (though less aloof).
rhode island is very nice. as are the people.

@sexting: isn't HE technically a minor, too.....?
unless it's non-consensual,  minor-on-minor sex crimes tend not to be ACTUAL crimes in this country......(i mean, are we going to prosecute a 6 year old boy for touching a 6 year old girl's chest during a game of doctor in the name of groping or molestation??)

please excuse me while i proceed to vomit.


I ..... I had to stare at that for a solid minute before seeing what was wrong ... >_____>

Lulz, you and my dad share a similar opinion of Maine. He's always making hillbilly jokes about them, which is kind of annoying because he's only been to the coastal regions and the NH/ME border areas. <<

On a similar-yet-unrelated note, I get annoyed when Massachusettsans talk shit about NH. The way some of them talk about it, you'd think it's the most backwoods, backward, redneck place on earth -- pampered little shits wouldn't know backward if it bit them in the ass, though. >:/

Also, about that sexting case, the last I heard they weren't going to photograph his body, but the case was still in the court system. It's absolutely ridiculous if you ask me -- minors (or those slightly over) who engage in consensual sexual activity shouldn't get saddled with sex offender status for the rest of their lives just because somebody's parents object to their teen engaging in that kind of behavior. That's a parenting issue, not a reason to ruin a young person's life. ><