XP-tan and ME-tan cosplay

Started by rdhdtwns, May 30, 2006, 04:05:22 pm

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Ah.. ha..hahahaha >.>

I come back from Anime Boston bearing pictures of myself as XP-tan, and my twin sis Cori as ME-tan. I apologize for any blindness they might cause. I also apologize for my general sloppy appearance, it was 11:30PM and I'd been up since 6AM. Sooo I look pretty bad.

However! People did recognize us and we spread the OS-tan love ^o^ Some people were really excited to see OS-tan cosplay and were freaked out that someone else knew who they were. So we spread the good word!

If everyone is not blinded by them.. I'll promise better pictures at a later date. There are some major issues with certain articles of clothing that need to be re-done, so it'll be a bit before I don XP-tan again.


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So cute it\'s deadly!


Woooo! ^o^

Awesome pictures of OS-tan! This so deserves a standing ovation!

*stands up clapping his hands*

Way to go, Codi-san and Cori-san! ^_^ ^_^ ^_^



*climbs table and claps*
*starts whistling and howling*

i always have to out do everything


whoops, finally I got time to reply.

Awww, thats cute rdhdtwns. The clothing its perfectly fine, I dont think I find any mistakes in it O.O

*claps hands*


Those two are looking great!...no wonder many people sign up :P


c i knew i was right .... i'm always right


very great outfits, must have worked hard on them ;019


Kial Harry Potter ĉiam faras danĝerajn aferojn?

Pro lia vol\' de mort\'!