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Fedora-Tan Ignore list

Started by Fedora-Tan, November 04, 2012, 03:09:56 PM

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For information, starting now I am ignoring some members of these forums (just using the forum ignore feature), which means that I won't see the posts of those members by default. And don't plan to see them anyway. This is a decision made to save me the trouble to see too much  idiocies - i have already my quota at work.

I feel it's the least of respect that I warn you about this, since it may lead that i don't answer  to you in some posts. You will not be warned about being ignored and my list won't be disclosed.

It's like that. There is no discussion to have about it, so i don't feel necessary to leave that thread open for -typically- having to chitchat this furthermore with people i don't want to talk with.

Don't take it personnally - i just feel like i'll concentrate my time on interesting people.

Important remark : If I get complains about the same people that are in my ignore list, it may seriously lead to permanent ban. We'll study those cases case-by-case with Pitkin, and she'll take the final decision (for me it would already have been the case for a while, to be frankly honnest). She's the admin so i leave her the final decision, but myself as just hosting i'll stick up to hiding the cretins.

Have a good day. ;)