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Started by Chocofreak13, November 04, 2012, 03:01:54 PM

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you were a bit hasty with locking that one, hm? (perhaps it should be a sticky.)

i've recently run across a good stock of 1.0-tan pics, and i was wondering if the possibility of a 1.0-tan gallery would be viable. i realize she's already part of the vintage section, but given that she has at least 20+ pics already and more coming, i think it's time she gets some distinction from the vintage group as a whole.


hey, i just noticed i can't move/upload pics to the NT-kun section. now that there actually is one, i'd like to put it there. :\




i have a new flash for the gallery. why do the flash files get shrunk down, anyway? is there a way to view them fullsize?


The gallery engine is crap, old and obsolete. Should burn everything and put a new engine. I already know the reactions however, so i won't.
Sorry for the late answer. :)

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