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Microsoft Midori

Started by Chocofreak13, November 04, 2012, 02:55:54 am

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i have seen the future, and it is GREEN. but it's an ugly shade of cloud-computing-baby-puke-green that i don't like. any thoughts on Ms. Green?


I don't think we'll see anything of this for several more years, but it is an interesting concept


Here comes the ruling age of computers... *hides in bunker*
Simon was here :P<br />


Skynet is upon us!!!

would be nice... but I'd have some quails on it...


i'm not looking forward to it. it reminds me of the time an old friend of mine (his name was Ali) tried to get me to download this browser called Rockmelt. the only thing with Rockmelt was that you had to basically sign up for it, and it synchronized your facebook, twitter, email, etc. i don't like things to be connected like that automatically. if i wanted them connected, i'd have done it myself. >>;
and that's what i don't like about cloud computing. when you jumble all the paint colours together, they end up an ugly bronze-yellow. and then you can't get your red, green, blue, and violet back from that. it's a major security hazard to have things connected and to have all your data floating somewhere in the internet. i'll stick to the quasi-physical files i have now instead of getting a further step removed from real. >>;


Agreed. I hate this whole "cloud" thing; like how several sites try to get me to link my account to my Facebook and/or Twitter accounts >_>


it's a security risk, and some people don't want their stuff connected. i don't want some people who know me on facebook/skype/gaia/aim/twitter to find me on facebook/skype/gaia/aim/twitter. >>;;