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Started by Q4(V), April 29, 2006, 06:44:28 PM

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Hey does any1 watch bleach i just want to know wht happening with it, i've watch up 62 and i just want to know wht epic it up to now and if there a name change or something.

oh in this topic once my questions is answered, u can ask abt any other show u want info on


somewhat old topic... i'm curious as well. I stopped around the same place...

Are they still showing filler? I considered those eps after about 65 or so filler....


More info can be found here:

Thank you, Wikipe-tan!


i think it may have been licenced so they stop producing subs. at least the groups that respect the fansub and copyright laws.
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Yeah, its airing here in the U.S. and from what I hear, the dubbs are awkward and dont fit the characters as well (big surprise? not really). And now its at ep 118ish? And if you are still not past about ep 50-60 yet, the bountou arc is coming up for you and its about like 40 eps long. Its also a filler arc >.> and theres lots of excessive talking and flashbacks. I would suggest reading up on it to see if you want to skip it or not since its not really relevant to the story. Thats my two cents.

Cant wait till vol 2 and 3 hit the U.S.