Any OS-tan comic ideas you want me to draw?

Started by Aurora Borealis, September 24, 2012, 12:45:30 AM

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Quote from: Aurora Borealis on November 04, 2012, 02:26:16 PM
Better yet, the scenario could be set up so that System 5-tan was with another Mac-tan, who tries to stop System 5-tan from pushing 2K into the water, but was too late and because 2K couldn't see System 5-tan, the other Mac-tan gets blamed for it. Akwardness ensues.

I like this idea. System 5 seems like the perfect prankster for something like this


This looks fabulous! And Cray's expression when Multics-tan calls her a frost giant is PRICELESS, as is Cray's general treatment of Multics here.... ^.^;;

A bit of a cross-post from the Wiki thread, but next time I'm editing I'll probably add the links to these comics in Multics and Cray-1-tan's articles.

Aurora Borealis

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@Pentium: Sounds good. I'll elaborate on what I have in mind next time I post here.

@Bella: Thanks! Cray-1 is the type who can shift from cordial to rude and back suddenly without changing the tone of her voice. At the same time, I can almost imagine her being the Large Ham type. A rather stoic one, but I can still imagine it!


Part 3 storyboard:


Good to see you back Aurora, I was wondering where you'd gone. (Probably busy with holiday preparations?) ^^'

Heh, I can see Cray 1-tan as a stoic Large Ham type too. ^^; Part 3 is looking good already, Cray's speech continues to amuse me and Multics' outraged face in the final panel is amazing! This goes without saying, but I look forward to seeing the completed page. :)

Aurora Borealis

@Pentium: Expanding on that idea, one of the Mac-tans sees that System 5-tan is about to push 2K-tan into the water and tries to stop her. Question is, which Mac-tan should it be? I was thinking either System 6-tan or 7-tan for different reasons. System 6-tan has super strength and super speed, so she's fast enough to stop System 5-tan, but could accidentally push 2K all the way across the pond, and ends up getting accused of causing conflict when she tried to avert it. If System 7-tan is the one stopping System 5-tan instead, she was too late to stop her, and because of System 7-tan's role in the OS Wars, she might get accused of trying to start it again. Either way, tremendous awkwardness ensues!

@Bella: Glad you like it! Sorry I haven't worked on this in weeks. I had some tough assignments due before finals, and there was finals week itself.


That sounds good; especially the idea of System 7-tan trying to stop System 5-tan

Aurora Borealis

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Part 4 storyboard:

(note: in panel 1, Multics is saying " clashes with every architecture style..." I realize the font makes c's and l's run together.)


I just have one "complain" on the story board...
upon reading it, and comparing it with the proposed script 4-3 is wrong... in the SB, it seems that Cray-1 is talking first, when she's only answering Multics... otherwise I can't also wait to see the pages, but take your time...

BTW I've been thinking in an idea I'd like to try, but I'll wait until you are not as busy as now...


Drats! I thought I already commented on the latest storyboard! Anyway, this continues to look really good and I look forward to seeing the finished strip. :D


Quote from: Bella on January 20, 2013, 05:04:39 PM
Drats! I thought I already commented on the latest storyboard! Anyway, this continues to look really good and I look forward to seeing the finished strip. :D

you commented on the script, not on the board... and I found out that error due of my own comic geekdom----

Aurora Borealis

I'm still willing to continue this, but unfortunately I forgot how this series of strips was supposed to end :(

I have this script for part 6:

Panel 1: [a shot of them drawing their designs on paper]
   narration: To avoid fighting further over fashion, Multics and Cray-1 turned to designing uniforms to wear during their collaboration...
   Multics: Whatever you design, make sure it's something I won't freeze to death in
   Cray-1: I'll try to keep that in mind

Panel 2:
   Cray-1: *looking at Multics' sketch, pen in hand*
   Those frills aren't necessary
   Multics: (angry) Hey!

Panel 3:
   Multics *scribbles over Cray-1's sketch*
   Multics: Well, are those crystal panels necessary?

Panel 4: *Cray-1 crumples Multics' sketches*

And this for part 7:


Panel 1: *Multics throws crumpled sketches at Cray-1*

Panel 2: *Cray-1 throws her own crumpled sketches*

Panel 3: *SCOPE walks back in, seeing Multics and Cray-1 throwing crumpled paper at each other*
   SCOPE: Umm... Isn't there a collaboration you're supposed to be doing? ^_^;

Panel 4:
   Cray-1: We're collaborating on--
   Multics: Insulting each others' fashion sense! You don't care about fashion, so you wouldn't understand!

But I can't remember if I had anything after that. If there was originally a punchline, I don't want to forget it. I feel bad neglecting this place for so long. :(


I remember now that I was supposed to make a script for one idea I had. Maybe I'll try to get that out now; over a year later ^^;
(Well, it's on time if we calculate on a scale of Valve Time : P)


Aw man, I'd have liked to see the conclusion of it (because Cray, Multics and SCOPE-tan are all <3), it's too bad you lost/forgot the ending. ;^;

Maybe we can brainstorm ideas together, if you still want to complete it!

Aurora Borealis

Okay. I'd like help brainstorming ideas for an end to that storyline.


Alright! :)

Here's an idea using what you have so far. I'm pretty sure SCOPE's supposed to be the Voice Of Reason of the CDC family, so it might be funny if she discovered Multics and Cray-tan fighting and went into stern teacher/mother mode and, I dunno, separated them and sentenced them to time-out or something. I could probably come up with something better, but there's one idea to get the ball rolling. -w-