sqlite-tan ideas?

Started by ettanb, February 02, 2013, 04:29:30 PM

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From what I see there is no sqlite-tan in the archive and I assume that if it is not in this site it does not exists. But, please correct me if I am wrong.

sqlite is a relational database, and it is probably the most widely deployed. Yet, many people never heard of it.

So what kind of tan can come out from a such peculiar situation? Maybe a chibi worker with pencil and paper? Ideas?


Hey, Ettan-san (mind if i call you that?) it's interesting that you've brought up database-tans, since I've been wanting to create some for awhile now. Granted, the majority of the ones I've considered making are historic database system-tans (for instance, the Multics Relational Data Store, an early database system which ran on Multics), so it's nice to see someone take up the mantle of personifying a modern one.

In my "headcanon", I envision the database-tans as the professional record- and information-keepers of the OS-tan community - think archivists, librarians and the such. I imagine them to be, as group, rather physically-large (tall and/or heavily-built) and with powers to derive sustenance from data,  but I haven't put much thought into individual designs. And of course, these are just my personal ideas - if you'd like to come up with your own concepts, you're completely free to disregard them. :)

I'm afraid I don't have any idea for Sqlite-tan, but if you'd like to propose some concepts of your own or talk about designs, I can try to help! :D


i'd imagine the databases would likely have big heads.

jk. tall or with large 'parts' (heads, boobs, male [censored], you get the idea). another good job for them would be government clerks, geneaolgists (sp?), historians, bookkeepers (in the case of those involved with finances somehow), etc etc. in terms of powers, though, they'd need something to keep them in check, as they'd likely have access to some of the largest codebanks available. maybe they have a sort of internal check amongst themselves, the way superheros have the watchmen. a council of sorts of all of them, so that one can never outrank the others.

as for appearance, i'd say that depends on the nature of the database involved (in addition to any existing logos, etc). what does sqlite deal with? just browsers/browsing?


sqlite is the replacement of fopen() for all cases where you need ACID properties and you can think to your file contents as database's tuples.

I used it for metadata in few programs, like to keep configurations or list of actions for the Undo function. It is nice because you can always read the file without worrying.


.......i know little about servers or anything involved. so i don't understand a word you just said. ;^;