Quest: Fixing up the Place (Vault 9)

Started by stewartsage, May 06, 2012, 07:28:28 PM

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Good morning Vault Dweller!  Today is May 6th 2280, 203 years, 6 months, and 13 days since the Vault was sealed.  At the tone the time will be 7 : 45.

There are no notices from Vault Security this morning!  There is one notice from the Overseer this morning!  Copies of the Vault 9 Messenger will be available at noon; today's feature article is Elvis: The Devil in Disguise?, a point/counterpoint argument between Dr. Pamela Green, Ph.D and Miss Cecelia Irvine, ed.

>Notice from the Overseer:

Good morning Vault 9ians!  Just a reminder that I will be out of my office from ten until one to speak at the Level 2 School, all appointments have been rescheduled so make sure to check your terminals.


[spoiler]Quest: Down Here[/spoiler]

There is ONE message for the Chief of Security
> Cohee's memo

Hey Nov, I was wondering if you could send a team down here for some spring cleaning.  My girls've just about won't go into Reactor Two because the damn thing's full of radroaches!  If you can send down a coupla officers to clear it out, my people'll figure out where the hell they're coming from.  See you soonest,

[spoiler]Quest: Stompin' at the Savoy[/spoiler]

There are TWO messages for Adeleine Freeman:
>Dr. Mccowen's note


Don't bother coming into the clinic today, I've got a special assignment for you; report to Chief Cohee in Maintenance at nine.  When she's finished with you take the rest of the day off. 

Good luck sweetie,

Dr. D
[spoiler]Quest: See the woman at...[/spoiler]

>Cohee's request

Hey Doc,

Look forward to seein' you tomorrow morning!  Make sure to bring your waders!

Chief Cohee
[spoiler]Quest: All's well in the well[/spoiler]

Thread Start!


Upon hearing the alarm clock on her Pip-Boy going off, Adeleine woke up to the familiar surroundings of her bedroom; a well-worn twin-sized bed which she was lying on, a bookshelf on the northern wall of the room filled with medical books and some old comic books, and a desk against the eastern wall, next to the door; with some assorted notes set atop it.

Still feeling tired, she turned off the alarm clock and decided to go to the cafeteria to get a cup of coffee


Umeko finishes putting on her shoes as she hears her mother calling her. "UME-CHAAAN! WE'RE GOING TO BE LATE!" She rolls her eyes as she thinks to herself, "YOU'RE the one who got up 15 minutes ago, Okasan." She grumbles as she leaves her section of the room, through the curtain put up. She and her mother shuffle off to Cafeteria 1. En route, her mother looks at her and asks, "Did you rememeber your textbook?"
Umeko turns a slight pink at her rushed embarrasment. She shakes her head and runs back towards the living quarters. As she is dashing through the halls, she bumps into someone.


A small alarm sounds, marking the beginning of Nova Fuller's day. Throwing aside the covers, she groggily lifts herself out of bed, puts on her glasses and shuffles over to a pile of clothes setting on a nearby chair. Finding a relatively clean jumpsuit and her favorite pair of boots amid the mess, she slips them on; giving a glance in the mirror, she combs her short hair with her fingers a few times, returning some semblance of order to the disheveled bed-head.

Leaving her quarters, Nova pauses for a moment. She briefly considers skipping breakfast, but decides against it - she was never fond of having a meal so early in the day, but she knew she'd feel like hell come lunchtime if she didn't get some food now. As she turns to head to Cafeteria #1, a youngish-looking girl suddenly bumps into her, taking her by surprise.


Officer Simcoe is typing away at the Security Office's main terminal, recording the night shift's activities for Chief Fuller to read when she got in.  Nothing much; a public intoxication charge for Engineer Hartford and a use of force report from Officer Giannecchini.  The girl had smashed a rat with her baton while checking out the concert hall.  Officer Rudisill is sitting rigidly at her desk, waiting to begin her shift.

Overseer Heckert is reviewing the divisional status reports as they come into her office before going to speak to the children.  Or maybe there's a camel asleep on the couch.  It can be kind of hard to tell sometimes.


Ume looks up to the young woman with the brown hair. A look of panic streaks over her face, which she follows up by backing away in one quick motion and bowing repeatedly, saying over and over, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"


"It's okay," Nova replies, blushing at the girl's profuse apology. Getting a better look at her face, she realizes that she's somewhat familiar; but she can't put a name or place to her face. "Well, I have to get going - my shift starts soon and I still need to get breakfast. Have a good morning." With a nod, Nova turns and continues on her way to Cafeteria 1.


Adeleine continues down the hall, arriving at the cafeteria, as she stood in line behind a young, brown-haired woman. "I really need to adjust my sleep schedule" she said to herself, while waiting to reach the coffee maker


Ume blushes in shame, lingering a moment before running back to her quarters to get her book.

book in tow, Umeko starts off again towards Alice's Kitchen, attempting to run, but winded from the trip before. Checking her watch, she sees that it is already 8am. Doing her best not to faint, she picks up speed, hoping not to miss breakfast.


Cat is sleeping. Sleeping tight, and making motions much like her namesake. Upon the alarm going off, she promptly vaults off the bed, startled, and lands on the cold floor on all fours.

After a few seconds of holding that pose and trying to remember what the hell is going on she curses her wild imagination once again, doubly curses whoever thought it was a wise idea to give her the job of toting the guns this time of year, when she has so much proper work to do. She holsters the clunky gun and leaves her room.
She taps a few buttons on her Pip-Boy to access the radio transmitter, and sends a message to her recently acquired chief officer - just in case the security department suffers from lack of things to do today (fat chance, but who knows) so she can spend some time down in her labcoat.

>Good morning chief.
>Kindly provide today's schedule.
>In case we're off duty I'd like to take some time for myself in the lab sector.
>If not, see you at mess hall.

With that done, she starts trotting down the hallway toward the fooditorium.


Having scarfed down her breakfast and a large cup of black coffee, Nova jogged out of the cafeteria and made her way to the Security Office. Entering, she greets her coworkers. "Good morning Officer Simcoe, Rudisill," she says, before taking a seat behind her desk, "have you got those night shift reports for me?"


Upon finally getting everything, Adeleine sat down to breakfast; the coffee helping to wake her up, before moving onto the cheese omelet and glass of orange juice


Simcoe nods, pointing at the terminal in front of her, "Just finished ma'am."

Rudisill nearly breaks her back trying to straighten up more, "Good morning Chief!"


Umeko speeds into the cafeteria just as the Pip-Boy reads 8:10. Her mother calls out to her in front of everyone, causing Umeko to slow her pace and lower her head, blushing slightly. Looking at the table, it seems that her mother had already gotten her breakfast: a grapefruit half, a cup of tea, and the bland sticky rice porridge that they had every morning. At least she had remembered to grab a few packets of honey this time; Ume's mother always ate her jook plain, and was confused by the idea that her daughter didn't do the same. Umeko squeezed every last drop out of the packets as she stirred the jook, gulping it down in as few bites as possible. Halfway through the grapefruit, she glanced at the Pip-Boy, only to find it was already 8:25; even leaving now she was going to be late. She drank her tea in one gulp, painful as it was, and shouted back to her mother as she ran, "Mata Ne!!"


Having consumed her daily morning intake of ORGASM (Organically Re-Generating Adequate Substitute for Meat) and PotatoFlvrd(tm) shards with a full pitcher of tea, she checks her PipBoy's message box.

  >Today is May 6th 2280, and the time is 8:15.
  >You have no new messages.

"So much for that," she mutters, and starts wandering in the direction of the Security Office. "Does she not have a tone on that thing or something?"