OS-tan Visual Novel!

Started by Aurora Borealis, December 30, 2011, 10:55:38 PM

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Aurora Borealis

@Pentium: Thanks for the support. Not sure if there will be voice acting, but are you willing or able to help with the story, whether it's adding new ideas or filling in the gaps I overlooked?

@Bella: Okay. Don't you hate when that happens? :( I'm kinda suffering that myself, I have OS-tan stuff I really want to draw, but can't get myself to draw them. >_<


It's the worse. Though I've been trying to work through it with lots of semi-random doodling (which seems to be the only effective form of treatment for artist's block!)


I guess I could help go over the story; to see if I can come up with ideas to help fill in the gaps :3