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what time? we usually didn't start till the evening on saturdays.

if possible, i'd like to keep the day the same. in the event i go back next semester (fingers crossed), i could have class at any point during the week, any time between 9am and 9pm.



I kinda wanna join in again. I love RPing ;_; just haven't had the time
What's in your hand, back at me. I have it, it's an oyster with two figures of your favorite Touhou characters. Look again, the figures are now vials of the Hourai Elixir. Anything is possible when your waifu smells like Old World and not a man. I'm a frog.


Well, you haven't missed much; we got in maybe one or two sessions while you were busy, and then it died out :\

So, maybe with you here, we can finally get this game going again :3


@cockle: that warms my heart. ;v;
now it's just a matter of getting everyone together. tell me, would you be against troupe play (where one person plays more than one character)?

@pent: *crosses fingers*


Hikari Chiisai (小 光): *****************
a rumble awakens the player in a dark, damp tunnel.
per + alert (diff 6)

Axu: 4,9,7,8,10,6 (5 successes)
LadyJack: 3,9,1,7,5,9 *2 sucesses*
upaut34: 9,10,4 . So 2 suc
Mel: 10, 7, 4, 10, 9, 4, 4. (4 suc)
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): Gary can see that this is some sort of sewer. there's dampness running down the cobblestone walls and slime, too. it smells like mold and there's a small light up ahead. you also notice you're without your belongings. and your head hurts.
Medea notices what a dark, dank place this is. it smells funny and it's kind of cold. there's a light up ahead, though.
Jonah and Sarah can see that it's cold. and dark. and kind of damp. and there's something shiny up ahead.
(please note that everyone is in a seperate tunnel)
upaut34: I slowly make my way towards the source of light.
Cockle: Gary hoists himself up into a stooped position in the sewer. A dank, nasty, sickly smell assaults his nostrils. The only thing he has about his person are his clothes, tattered and stained with putrid sewer juices. He is barefoot, and he can feel the slippery stones of the sewer under his toes. Inching forward, trying not to slip back into the fetid mix, Gary hobbles forwards towards the faint light.
Mel: Medea coughs a bit when she first takes in the oh so lovely aroma of sewer. The darkness doesn't bother her as her eyes adjust. Holding the edge of her dress out of the mix of questionable substances she heads towards the faint light.
LadyJack: Sitting up she dusts herself off and realizes she has nothing on her, slowly standing and swearing under her breath. She starts making her way slowly towards the shiny thing, hoping it is light and wondering how the hell she got down here. The last thing she remembered was being in the library at school.
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): the players shuffle forward alone through the dank tunnel. their head throbs as if they were dropped onto the cobblestones. the light they were heading towards is revealed to be a torch in its holder, attached to the wall. looking themselves over, they see their clothing is a tad damp and tattered, and they are missing all their belongings.
another rumble rocks the tunnel, followed by a great, low-pitched screeching roar.
having no other way out, the player continue to follow the tunnel.
upaut34: I grab the tourch and continue down the tunnel.
Cockle: Gary shuffles along the passage until he comes to the light source, blinking his eyes quickly to adjust to the light, his eyes watering partly from the shine and partly from the retch-inducing stench of the sewer. He looks down, his lab coat and cotton under-clothing are  moist with sewage. He wrings out his cotton undershirt and hikes up the tail of his labcoat, wringing the nasty juices out of the fabric. Looking up, he grabs the torch out of its holder and is startled by a deep roar emanating from down the slimy passage. He almost drops the torch, catching it with his other hand in midair. A crawling fear settles over him, and he sees no other option but to continue hobbling down the passage towards the noise.
Mel: Medea stops when she hears the roar. After standing completely still she slowly takes the torch and holds it out in front of her for light and safety.
LadyJack: Sarah walks oer to the torch and looks herself over now in the light, trying to calm down with a deep breath before coughing at the stench of the tunnel. The rumble catches her off guard and she quickly grabs the torch before slowly heading further down the tunnel.
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): the players find a central room inhabited by a very large, very angry chimerical beast. its beak emits another roar as its tentacles slam down on the cobblestone floor, not too far from a cloaked figure. the figure lets out a harsh cry and runs towards the screaming giant, easily 50 feet tall, and with a quick whirling motion slices off the appendage that had just flown its way.
at the player's feet is a weapon.
(everyone pick a number 1-4)
LadyJack: 2
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): (only one person gets each number)
Cockle: 4
Mel: 1
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): and jonah is 3.
(rolling to determine something)
Jonah finds a gun at his feet.
gary finds a switchblade.
medea finds a hammer.
(a 5-lb sledgehammer.)
sarah finds a pack of matches.
rather damp.
upaut34: I check the clip
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): you find a full clip. 17+1.
upaut34: And then holster the gun best I can in my wistband.
Cockle: Gary quickly drops to his haunches, struggling to remain composed in the face of mortal danger. His fingers fumble on the rough, slimy ground, and grasp a metal blade. His fingers trace the blade slot and find that it's a bit rusty. Praying slightly, he flips it open and runs his hand quickly along the tarnished blade. Flipping the blade back into the sheath, he stows it in his left labcoat pocket and shuffles quickly along the wall to the right. His breathing picks up, his body shaking from the cold air hitting his moist clothing. Fear fills his being as the creature bellows its warning cry towards him. He stops momentarily to observe the darkened figure assaulting the creature, then he meets the right corner of the room. He crouches in the corner and tries not to be seen too much by the monster. His teeth chatter together.
Melissa Clark: Medea has some trouble lifting the hammer but figures its better then the torch at this point. Not being much of a fighter she decides its best to leave most of it to the cloaked figure.
Jacquline Roulet: Quickly grabs the matches and shoves them into a pocket, hoping they might still work. Watching the scene in front of her she holds the torch in front of her as if it can protect her. Slowly backing against the wall she feels behind her for another tunnel to back into and hide.
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): the beast bellows another roar as the figure lands. the players notice a thick, acrid smoke filling the air. looking up at the creature, the top of its head is glowing, and a thick, bright orange substance oozes from the top, along with plume after plume of smoke.
wits + alert, diff 4
[spoiler]Rona gets a 4
Cockle: 5,7,2,9,10 4 succ
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): (well, 4 successes)
upaut34: 10,4,8,5 - 4 suc
Jacquline Roulet: 5,5,9,6,8 *5 sucesses*
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): Krakentoa gets 2 successes
Rodney Grimes: 1 suc
Melissa Clark: 1, 5, 3, 4, 2, 7 (2 suc)
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): axu, russell, reroll
Rona gets 3 successes
upaut34: 1,7,9,6 - 3 suc
Cockle: 4,8,7,7,8 5 succ
upaut34: 1,4,7,5, 3 suc
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): medea, roll again please
Melissa Clark: 10, 9, 1, 2, 7, 8. 3suc[/spoiler]
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): -FIGHT-
sarah's turn
LadyJack: Sarah goes wide-eyed as she loosk around and then back at the monsterous creature, silently praying to every god and goddess she knows and she rushes forward. She attempts to shove the torch into its eye or somewhere close as she hopes to not be chomped in half.
(Make that a tenticle because I forgot how big this thing was)
4,10,7,8 *3 sucesses*
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): Sarah manages to jam a flaming torch into one of its tentacles.
rears its appendage upward and shakes off the thorn, appearantly having enjoyed the burn.
(Krakentoa gains 1 health level)
gary's turn
Cockle: Gary kneels down and inhales deeply. His bare feet curl into a crack in the stone floor, and he launches his body forwards. He takes a running start, jumping and bounding towards the slavering creature's lower tentacles. While he's running, he grabs the switchblade out of his coat and flicks it open, and then attempts to plunge it into the soft underbelly of the beast.
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): dex + melee, diff 6
Cockle: 2,3 botch
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): Gary trips on a crack in the floor and tumbles end over end. he narrowly misses being squished by a tentacle.
Rona begins running back toward the creature.
With a quick, silvery flash she slices off half a tentacle. it drops to the ground with a wet, resounding "thud" as the beast emits a great roar.
Krakentoa takes 4 damage.
upaut34: Grabbing the found gun, Jonah aims at the beast and fires, hoping this gun hasn't been in this sewer long enough to foul the pin.
1 suc. 2 suc on the damage following.
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): Krakentoa soaks the damage, though screeches from the impact.
Krakentoa's turn
Krakentoa rears up one of its tentacles and sweeps it across the floor, getting Rona first, then Gary, then Medea.
Dex + Dodge, diff 6
Rona jumps the tentacle with ease, as if it were a jumprope.
Gary rolls over and narrowly misses getting bludgeoned.
Mel: 9, 7, 6, 8. 3 suc
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): (feel free to describe how you dodge, if you like)
Mel: Medea makes a dive toward the wall to get away and lays flat as she can against the floor. She keeps a grip on the hammer just in case.
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): Medea, your turn.
Mel: 9, 6, 10, 8. 3 suc(?)
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): (what are you trying to do...?)
Mel: Seeing that the only way to get out of the sewer is to take down the creature. Medea gets to her feet and drags the hammer with her. Pulling it back all the way she can Medea charges the creature and swings the hammer making sure to put her full weight behind it.
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): dex + melee, diff 7
Mel: 8, 2, 4, 10. 2 suc
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): The hammer swings down on a grounded tentacle, hitting it and the floor with a resounding crack.
(roll str + 4, diff 6)
Mel: 3, 7, 5, 5, 4, 10. 2 suc
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): Krakentoa takes 1 damage.
LadyJack: Looks around and snaps her fingers before scooping up some of the sewer water and tossing it at him yelling "Water Whirlwind!" *insert effect here* as she casts Eldrich Prime to cover him in potenially harmful water.
5,7,4,2,7 *3 Successes*
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): a cyclone of sewage vaults upward at the creature, hitting it in the face. it bellows with a loud roar as it is blinded by the water and muck. steam shoots off from the area with a hiss that fills the room. the stinky steam wafts around the confined space.
Krakentoa soaks the damage (heheh, soaks), but is temporarily blinded by the action.
At this point in time Gary runs and hides in a tunnel.
Rona, seeing her advantage, begins running toward the creature.
She leaps when she gets to the base of the creature, launching her cloaked form toward the creature in a flying blur.
Whipping her Naginata around, she slashes it across the eye, grinning wildly as the beast's burning blood pours out in steaming globs.
The instant she lands she jumps again, backward to avoid the spray.
upaut34: Once again, I shoot at the bloody thing, trying to stay out of its range.
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): Krakentoa is still reeling from the major injury, but somehow manages to soak the bullet. Perhaps it is too focused on losing an eye, or perhaps the bullet just fell into the lava-soaked wound.
Krakentoa cannot see. however, in the midst of all the rage and confusion, it dips its head downward, revealing a volcanic cone on top.
it takes aim at Sarah.
A great wooshing sound is heard, and a column of volcanic ash, smoke, heat and magma is sent hurtling in her general direction.
LadyJack: Seeing the spew of magma she starts running away, frontflipping hand over feet to safety. She turns and stands looking at the beast as she moves into a defensive position; waiting for him to try again.
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): the general area of where she was standing now drips with magma, orange and steaming as chunks of pumice float in it.
medea's turn
Mel: Medea sees her chance to try to damage this monster once again. Using the steam she tries to whip up a whirlwind to keep the creature still.
4, 6, 9, 9. 3(?) suc
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): the steam begins to violently spin around the creature, funnelling off its smoke and heat to the vents above. it roars in confusion at the new sensation.
LadyJack: Sarah turns to the woman funneling steam at it and smiles, concentrating as she kneels down to dig her nails into whatever soil she can and wipes her hands with it. "Now we play!" she yells before throwing some more dirt at it and yelling "Earthen Rain!" *insert effect here*
9,1,6,3,8 *2 Successes*
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): The room rumbles again, loosening some rocks from the ceiling. Some plop into its head, other hit its face. It roars in pain.
Krakentoa takes 1 damage.
Rona takes a moment to think; jumping into the whirlwind wouldn't be an effective move right now.
Noticing a stray tentacle, she runs after it.
She slices clean through it with a twirl of the staff. Krakentoa takes an additional 2 damage.
upaut34: Looking at the gun, I sigh at it. Instead of shooting at the beast again I run to it, trying to deliver a kick to its midriff.
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): (2 successes)
(Jonah does 7 damage)
The beast emits a great roar, louder than before, and stops stark still for a moment--before dissolving into ash.
The powder is scattered throughout the room by the now-dissapating tornado.
-end game-


Hikari Chiisai (小 光): okay
to sound like a teacher
everyone open your books to chapter 2
LadyJack: lol kk
Mel: got it
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): alright
to give a basic skimming of the chapter (you can read it in detail later), the major thing this chapter talks about is bunks
considering we toss the word around a lot, i should explain what a bunk is
if glamour is clay, then a bunk is the tools to shape it
for example, you can make a pot with just your hands
but chances are it's gonna be lumpy and difficult to make
use a pottery wheel, and things go twice as fast and come out a lot more even
if i wanted to use wayfare to jump over a building, i could
but glamour isn't going to know what i want to do unless i tell it
so if i start singing the song from the Moon Shoes commercial and jumping around a whole bunch, chances are it'll be a lot easier to leap over that building
get it?
Mel: yep
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): the chapter brings up some important factors when thinking of a bunk
the art, the character casting the cantrip, and the situation
if you're using wayfare, you're not gonna bring out a pocket pendulum and start divining the future
if you're a sluagh, you're not gonna burst into song to cast a cantrip
and if you're in battle, you're not gonna draw an intricate chalk door on a wall to escape when there's a rabid black spiral dancer werewolf charging you.
(all good points)
LadyJack: and now i am picturing a sluagh singing
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): there are some optional rules detailed in the chapter, which i think we could benefit from as long as it's not abused
(that sounds painful for the sluagh)
(unless they have that one merit, the one where they have a normal voice)
the optional rules are for "banal bunks"
basically, it brings up the issue of using the same bunk over and over
for example, mel, when medea wanted to cast primal to bring up some fire, she'd typically light a match, right?
Mel: mhm
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): as quick and practical as that is, over time it loses the creativity behind it
and since glamour is basically made of creativity, and cantrips are all about manipulating glamour....
you see my point
the chapter says that part of the fun is coming up with bunks on the fly
maybe i'm just horrible at improv but i hate being put on the spot
Mel: yeah I just read that part and it does make sense but if you have a lot of spells it might be hard to keep track of which one has a useable bunk
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): but tbh, i think we'd all be better roleplayers for at least trying to come up with different bunks
that's true.
but i suppose that's part of the point of these practice sessions, to make yourself more familiar with this
Mel: mmmm
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): and if it helps, you could always look for a blank section on your sheet and start writing down what each level of an art does
if you make a note that Eldritch Prime is about calling one of the 4 elements, that'd make it easier to think something up
like digging up mud and spreading it on yourself to call up the earth
(messy but effective)
typically i only award 3 points and under for a bunk to make sure things aren't too easy, but the chapter has a point that if a bunk is particularly special, it deserves more
(there are some 5-point bunks in here)
Mel: mhm mhm
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): i'm not going to officially use the banal bunk system, as it sort of says that if you use a particular bunk multiple times in one day the points it awards go down depending on the number of times used
LadyJack: nice
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): so if you had a 3-point bunk and used it twice in one day, by the end of it it'd be a 1-point
and that bunk only recovers a point a day, so if you were to use it again tomorrow it'd only be a 2-point
Mel: for some reason I just pictured someone at a party, something is attack, so they take a candle, light a curtain on fire and have at it
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): FUCK YEAH
but yeah, that's a good bunk right there
destructive, menacing, probably get you kicked out, but good.
Mel: hey if its my char, she wouldn't be there on her own will anyway
perfect excuse to leave
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): -w-
now then
Mel: sorry, continue
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): (no, it's cool, i just want to start presenting examples)
Mel: ok
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): so i had suggested to rodney that the characters i was going to use for these practice sessions are a pair of NPCs i had for a game a couple years ago
a wilder Sluagh (Reye) and a childling pooka (Mideel)
(somehow they accidentally fit the trope of intro characters. go figure.)
(to give you a wee bit of description here so you can picture this, figure it might help) Reye is tall, slender, and kind-looking. like what a sluagh would look like if they were a babysitter or nanny or kindergarten teacher. she has LOOOOONG black hair and dresses in muted greys and neutrals. her dress has a small lace collar with a cameo pin, but is otherwise quite typical and loose and flowing, and goes over a black skirt. she has high cheekbones and low-set silver eyes.
(she's 20 btw, but probably looks a bit older)
Mideel is a scruffy little homeless calico pooka who runs around barefoot in cargo shorts and a raglan graphic tee. he has brown-orange hair and fleas, so he scratches a lot. his peridot yellow-green eyes typically stare at people with a piercing yet interested gaze, just like a young cat.
somehow Reye ended up with Chronos 5. considering this is a very rare, rather secret art almost exclusive to nobles, i'm kind of confused as to how this happened.
guess i wasn't paying attention.
Mideel has Primal 5, fitting given his stray-animal nature.
Mel: mmmm ok
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): i'll start off with the beginning levels of the art and work my way up.
Mideel wants to cast Willow Whisper (Primal 1) on a rock to see if the rock can tell him which way Reye went. to perform the bunk, Mideel could do a couple different things (off the top of my head).
Mideel could simply start talking to the rock (1-point bunk);
He could draw a face on the rock with dirt, chalk, a marker, etc (2-3 point bunk);
He could gather other items to make a group conversation of sorts (3-point?);
he could formally introduce himself and start bowing to the rock to gain its respect (3-4 point)
or he could do something else entirely. (?)
in this case, let's say he find a piece of chalk on the ground left over from a hopscotch game. he draws 2 eyes and a mouth on the rock, and starts talking to it.
in this case he'd also need the nature realm (which he doesn't have....i should fix that), one dot.
(since he doesn't have it, we'll just pretend right now.)
this gives him 2 dice to work with using the system i have. (i'm gonna have to work on a way to make it fairer by bumping up the dice pool, but until i do, it's 2 dice). he'd roll the 2 dice against a difficulty of 6 (this is the first time he's meeting this rock. luckily, there's other natural stuff around, and no other people), minus 2 for the bunk, for a total of 4.
he gets a 6 and a 7 (2 successes), and he starts a nice conversation with the rock, who informs him that Reye passed by there 20 minutes ago, heading east.
(considering how long that took, i'm just gonna start listing off bunks for the others)
according to the Eldritch Prime heading, if one is just calling up nature (making it rain), then just the Nature realm is needed. but if you have a particular target in mind (that haughty Sidhe girl could use a good soaking), you need the realm to affect the person too (Fae 2).
with this in mind, i believe bunks would differ depending on the desired result. if you were just trying to make it rain, you could do a dance (1-5 depending on difficulty and detail), you could shoot off a rocket (3-4), you could sprinkle water on the ground (1-2), etc etc.
for the other elements, other things would be needed (fire: light a match - 1-2; wave a fan as if you were oxygenating a fire - 1-3; sprinkle gas everywhere - 4 and very dangerous; start scratching your heel on the pavement to either call sparks or imitate a match, could also be used with rocks or a sword - 3-5)
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): (wind: blow outward or use a fan - 1; whistle like the wind - 2; spin around like a tornado, or pretend to be a plane - 3-4)
(earth: kick up some dust - 1; grab a rock and throw it - 2; smear mud all over your face - 3-4; paint yourself with natural stains such as ochre and do a tribal dance - 5)
to affect a person, a different approach is needed.
if you're trying to knock that Sidhe down a few pegs, you might spit in her direction (water; 1-2), wave off her actions (wind; 1-3), "accidentally" kick a rock or dirt clod her way (earth; 2), or maybe spray some hairspray on her (fire; 3-5 and very dangerous)
it's helpful to read up on what your particular arts can do. for example, one of the confusing things about Reye having Chronos is that she doesn't have too much use for it. it's a cool power, no doubt, but using it isn't much good to her except for avoiding fights.
however, if she wanted to cast Chronos 5, she might draw a large clock on a wall (1-2), pull out a pocket watch and begin spinning it (2-3), meditate (1-3), or maybe just spin (1-2).
i feel i should mention that performing multiple bunks is possible if you feel one isn't enough. in Reye's case, since Chronos 5 is basically never cast in battle, she could perform as many bunks as she wants, though some will go better together than others (such as drawing the clock and spinning the watch).
with that in mind, she'll perform those two together and roll her pool (5 dice + 1 in fae to affect herself), with a difficulty of 6 (- 4 for the two bunks), for a difficulty of 2.
she gets 6 successes, and thus is transported back in time 6 minutes.
don't abuse the privlige of using multiple bunks, and make sure to stay appropriate to the situation. if you're trying to cast Holly Strike (Primal 4) in battle, you're not gonna take time to do much more than toss some holly leaves in your foe's direction (1-2).
have you guys followed everything thus far?
LadyJack: yes, and there is another thing you could do for holy strike
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): suggestions are cool
Mel: uhm...sure? a lot to take in at once. maybe too much for one session
LadyJack: it is also mentioned that it is expanding on imperfections.
like making a crack larger or such
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): (dude don't write a book)
LadyJack: for a person, insults and other things to "crack" their confidence could work. or if you were going to use it on an object soemthing like shoving a blade or object into a small fissure and twisting it to make it crack.
sorry, went with an example on each side. lol
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): good suggestion
though tbh whenever i picture holly strike i always picture SHOOP DA WHOOP so doing anything close range seems either weird or not as effective
know what i'm sayin?
also, mel, is there anything you didn't quite follow
LadyJack: yup
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): (i realize i was a little detailed, sorry)
Mel: its just a lot to take in in one go. I probably won't remember any of it when the next game comes around. too much there for any to stick but I did follow it
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): kk
i'll give you a short version, maybe it'll stick more
bunks are fundamental to casting cantrips. basically, they're a way of telling the glamour what you want it to do.
Mel: I understood the whole bunk part and what they are
its when you brought in the chars that it became too much
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): kay, sorry
short version: weird, creative bunks are better than ones you use a lot or ones you'd expect.
if you wanted it to rain, you'd get more points for performing some odd african rain ritual than you would for singing "it's raining men".
LadyJack: what if you doned the dress
and danced?
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): it's good to read what your spells can do and how they work
(don a dress and dance? not specific enough, 2 at best)
(donning a blue dress and dancing to that song while sprinking water everywhere? 3-4.)
when it comes to understanding your spells though, you have to keep in mind what you want it to do. considering you primarily call the elements by themselves instead of looking for a particular target, you only need nature
but if you wanted to set someone on fire, you'd need either actor or fae, depending on whether or not it's that vampire that keeps bothering you.
now then, i'm gonna use a different practice character since Reye's kinda tricky to use come to think of it and Mideel only has Primal.
(i'm figuring out that i give A LOT of my characters Primal without realizing it....)
so, Hatter will be joining us!
Mel: ok


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Hikari Chiisai (小 光): alright, time to get to the actual rolls.
wht arts do your characters have?
(bring the sheets up if you haven't already)
LadyJack: primal
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): mel, i know medea has at least 2 dots in primal, but what was the other art you had?
Mel: uhm
hold on
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): kk
Mel: wayfare is says
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): okay
(lol, Hatter has Wayfare 5)
(why does everyone always have the same arts. xD)
so how about you guys start with primal 1
there's a tree here.
you need to talk to it to figure out which way the thief went with the baron's robes.
perform a bunk, and then roll against the difficulty you get.
(base diff is 7, i'll say)
Mel: can you send me th elink to the dice thing again?
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): sure, hang on
Mel: thank ya kindly
LadyJack: Sarah goes over to the tree and bows before taking a low branch and shaking its "hand" Hello Sir, I was wondering if you had seen which way that raggamuffin theif went per chance?
(Would that be nature or fae?)
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): (nature. you're talking to the tree, not you. 3 points, diff 4. roll.)
LadyJack: (kk)
7,2,10,3 *2 successes*
And momo wants my beef jerky.....
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): go cat go.
the tree is rather upset.
"Eh!? Fek off, yeh blimey fekkin' bugger! Eh was tekin' ah nep, eh was! Geh esk someone else, yeh soddy fekker!"
(tbh that's more worthy of a failure, but well, you woke it up.)
LadyJack: Sarah shakes her head "When you tell me which way the thief went, I will. Until then I will continue to shake your branches and ask for help."
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): "Eh just TELD yeh, eh was esleep! Der wez eh ruckus ehbout twehntehy mehnets ehgo, though. Tink eh saw dehm head teh meh lehft."
LadyJack: Sarah nods and smiles "Then that is where I will look. Good day to you." walking off
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): alright mel, your turn for a bunk. get the tree to tell you where the thief went.
Mel: same tree as before?
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): yeah. the personality will probably be different, though, i just made that all up.
Meli: ok
Medea walks up to the tree carring a few leaves anf branches from other various plants. She puts them in a circle so the tree is at the head of the circle and she stands in the middle. "Thank you all for allowing me a moment of your time," She says. "I was wondering if any of you happened to see a thief pass by. Maybe you had?" She turns to face the tree.
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): (4 points, diff 3)
Mel: (ok so what do I roll? and based on what?)
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): (points in art + points in realm against diff 3)
Mel: (which dice?)
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): (dude.....only dice used in this game is the d10)
(the olive-brownish one)
Mel: (ok so all the dots under arts and realm? not just certain ones?)
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): (no, just the dots needed for the level of the art you're using [in this case, 1], and the level of the realm you're using [1 again])
(i might amend it later)
(but just roll 2 dice for right now, diff 3)
Mel: 5,3 (so 1 suc?)
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): "A thief, a thief!!"
the leaves begin to pipe up in chorus.
"Yes, a Thief."
"What did he Steal?"
"The baron's robes."
"I saw him, I saw him!"
"Well, tell her when!"
"I don't know when...."
"I do, I do!"
"Well tell her then!"
"Moments ago!"
the tree creaks in movement and speaks with a low bellow befitting of the old ash.
"He stumbled over my roots, in that direction. It seems that he may have tripped over a few of my friends. I would speak to the rest of the forest if you need more clues." He shifts his branch to your right, in a northwest direction.
Mel: "Thank you very much everyone for all your help." Medea says with a curtsey. She steps out of the circle and continues in the direction the tree pointed her.
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): -w-
i'd like to do that again, but this time we'll do primal 2.
see that guy over there?
Mel: yep
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): he just got dumped by his childhood crush. he's devastated. he needs something to cheer him up, and fast, since he feels like sticking his head in a toilet.
see that girl over there?
call a wind and blow her skirt up. it should distract him for a sec.
LadyJack: Sarah smiles and puffs a few breaths in between her hands before flicking her wrists up in a two-fingered upwards hand gesture. "I call you wind to help me now, I call you forth and to you I bow." before bowing slightly at the waist and whispering to the air to blow the girls skirt up.
(Best I had honestly, I have never been good at wind)
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): (it's alright, but i'll tell you i find most poems cliche and annoying unless the situation REALLY calls for it or you honestly have NO other options. i'll give this one a 2. diff 5, use the actor realm if you have it; if not fae or nature.)
LadyJack: (Natures higher, so im using that)
8,9,4,4,9 *3 Sucesses*
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): (i'll let it slide but if you have actor you really should use it)
(you're affecting a mortal here, that's the intent, remember it. don't fudge because "this total is higher")
LadyJack: (I dont have actor)
(I have nature and fae)
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): (changeling doesn't forgive. if you split your dice pool between two actions you're supposed to use the smaller pool)
(then fae would have been better since you don't know if she's changeling or not. but tbh we could debate this all night, and you're not technically wrong by using nature.)
a gentle passing breeze suddenly picks up momentum and rips past the poor girl. her skirt flutters to life, right in front of the guy, revealing a pair of black string bikini panties with white lace trim.
the girl blushes a raging scarlet and runs off in tearful embarassment. but that guy is all smiles.
your turn mel.
Mel: oh boy here we go
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): (take your time. this isn't a battle. -w- )
Mel: Medea begins to move her hand from side to side in the direction of the girl to get the air moving.
(IDK D: )
(maybe I'm trying too hard to be creative >.>; )
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): (it's okay, tbh i think with EP you're not gonna be good at all the elements. 3 if you're lucky. it's just something to toy around with in your mind. maybe rewatch Avatar: The Last Airbender for reference. -w- )
(i'll call that a 2, so the diff is 5. roll your 2 dots in the art and the dots in the appropriate realm.)
(jackie rolled too many, for the record)
(fukkin' smilies, i just meant to lol )
Mel: (ok so primal and fae? or primal and nature?)
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): let's call this one fae since she did nature and it's the same number of dots anyway)
Mel: 7, 3, 10. 2 suc
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): a light breeze floats through the city trees that dot the sidewalk planters. in a sudden burst of energy (perhaps brought on by a passing car, perhaps something else...), a rush of wind flashes by the girl, whipping her skirt upward. before she can cover herself her pure-white panties are shown to a very shocked bench guy. quickly she covers herself, slowly blushes, and runs off crying. though he looks remorseful, he also looks very grateful.
would you guys like to practice with your other arts? or maybe we could move on to something else?
Mel: would moving on to something else be a little much?
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): nah, it's cool.
you mind if i give one last quick example?
Mel: sure
and I was asking is moving on would be too much for those learning...
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): i don't understand the statement .__.
does not compute .___.
Mel: I think that moving on to an entirely new topic after covering a lot would be cramming too much into one session
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): i was going to go to something simpler
just basic rolls
basically, training you to pick up on what needs to be rolled without me telling you specifically
for example, "you come across a dumpster that you saw the perp run past."
you could roll Per + Alert to search the dumpster, per + kenning to search for any glamourous items he may have dropped, etc
Mel: considering how much you've already given, that might be a bit much for me and none will stick. it's not that this isn't important, I'm just so slow at learning giving me too much  at once chokes me
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): hm, okay
Mel: not trying to be rude or anything....
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): no no
i'm just thinking that we still have time to kill.
lemme give you one more art example, at least
Melissa Clark: ok
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): Hatter and Alice were walking along when his cell phone went off. While she was waiting, Alice was grabbed and carried off by a pedobear. Hatter needs to follow him, fast!!
Taking his mark, he crouches, and starts off in a sprint, his arms trailing behind him in an aerodynamic fashion.
when he gets to a certain point, he jerks his arms forward so they extend out like plane wings.
(4 pt bunk, reduces diff from 7 to 3; 4 successes)
Hatter launches into the sky with the speedful ascent not seen since 002. he makes an aerial beeline for the predator, and, swift as a hawk, speeds down like a bullet, tackling the man from midair.
(just for the record, he was using Wayfare 4, Wind Runner)
Mel: (funny how it went from a pedobear to a predator)
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): (well, pedobear is a predator)
(though the pedobear comment was more descriptive than literal)
(creepy pervert runs off with teenage girl. eeww.)
Mel: (I took it as literal at first....)
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): (it's all good, the message was gotten, as was the eeww)
if i were you guys, i'd read over chapter 2 of the  book i gave you. it gives some useful examples on different bunks, but you're creative people. make some up. you can write them on your character sheet if that helps.
and remember to remember what your arts do. it'll help you make effective bunks.
after all, wayfare 4 is DEFINITELY not the same as wayfare 5.
not even similar.
Mel: okies
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): you guys want to run through a few more quick rolls to get a better hang of it, or do you want to break for now and practice arts again another night?
Mel: I say take a break for another night
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): okay.
Mel: I can't stay on much longer anyway. have an appointment tomorrow I have to be awake for
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): i'm gonna post the other night's game and this practice session to OSC, for the record. i'll make sure to edit out people's names.
alright dude. thanks for hanging in this far, i'm glad that we got through it
i hope that cleared some things up.
Mel: it did
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): most people forget about realms and assign them randomly, but if you don't have the right realm for something you can't use your arts sometimes
yaaay ^^
if this was effective i guess that paves the way for future sessions ^^
LadyJack: Yeah, apaprently Pierre needs to take me places so I have to be up early to.
Want to shower before I see him
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): okay guys~
glad this was informative. i'll host another session tomorrow night provided i can get enough people around. i think that these little workshop things might be better if i just work with the people available. eventually everyone will pick up the information. :3
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): and if you end up learning the same material over again, well, that's not nessecarily a bad thing.
Mel: okies
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): ^^
LadyJack: anyway, night all
Hikari Chiisai (小 光): well, i guess that ends it for the night. i'm gonna go back to chatting with rodney and i'll post this later
Mel: night
I'll be on aim


Looks promising. As soon as I'm out of exam hell, I'll see what I can do about getting back in.


do eet man. but we need to have a sit down about your character if you do.

also, did you mean the practice sessions or the game? :\


Eh, I was figuring I could likely skip out on practice sessions in favor of exam hell and moving preparations. ZA GAEMU is quite good enough.

And yes, I'm not entirely sure what to make with him either. I was thinking of something new.


cilvarge is a great character, but tbh he's too overpowered for these first games. in the event that us people can keep playing to a point of at least 3-5 years, then i think everyone else will have caught up enough to such powerful characters. i think a session is in order to retool a character for you, since some direction might help you.

as for the practice sessions, even if you don't attend, i reccomend reading them. the cantrip one seems to have helped people quite a bit, and i think the others will, too. :3


I assumed so. What I propose is keeping him in-universe, though - that enables the use of his assets, as well as PLOTTIDY things from his side. If we're around the same campaign-wise, I mean.

For my new character... I have a few blades in the forge, so to speak. :)


sounds like a plan. but remember that the storyteller is omniscient in this case, lol. just run the character by me in the early stages so you don't get too attached to something, only to find out that it's too overpowered for our little game.

though i will grant you one thing that's sure to make you happy. whenever cilvarge comes on screen, i'll be giving you the jist of what he has to get across, and then you get to roleplay it out. -w- (he's still an NPC, he's just an NPC that is now voiced by our one and only Nejin. -w- )




hence why i insist the role be played by you. it was made by for you, after all. -w-