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Started by Aurora Borealis, December 30, 2011, 11:55:38 pm

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she said she was fighting a nasty bug in her last post, so maybe she's still dealing with that. she also said she was working on the coding process, so maybe we'll see a prototype soon.

i hope so, since while i don't want to ask for one, if i could present a demo of the game to my class (on top of the final i'm already going to be making) in may, it'd blow everything out of the water. shoo-in for an a. >w>;

Aurora Borealis

I'm back, and feeling better! I've been busy during the week, but am now free to do some more coding and discussion.

@Choco: I'm ambivalent at the thought of you presenting a demo of this to your class, I'm not sure if that's allowed by your class' rules.


no, the teacher said it was fine, and even encouraged it. considering he's allowing people to team up for the final project, he's fine with me presenting something that's a team effort. as for it being not complete by that time, he said that people are allowed to present sketches and concept if that's all they have and it's strong enough. if i can get screencaps, even if it's just of the coding process, that'll be golden and likely net me plenty of extra credit. >w<

so we left off with xp going to either the living room or front/back yard. where should we go from here?

Aurora Borealis

All I have for the front yard option is the time frame where Vistan will be cleaning up litter. I'm improvising here, and been a lot, but maybe this option is also an opportunity for other OS-tans to show up, possibly as guests?

Like I'd imagine Linspire-tan and Linux XP-tan being available in another time frame, and fangirling over XP-tan if she's outside at that time. And Linux XP could also offer her services as the professional XP-tan impersonator and do some chores for her... but at the cost of Linux XP getting caught by one of the other Windows-tans because her disguise isn't perfect, and XP-tan getting scolded for hiring a double, which is a sign of unreliability or something like that. :P

For the backyard, I don't have anything until 3.1 and DOS going there at 1 PM. :-/


well, going to the backyard at the wrong time is still a way to kill time.

as for the LinuXP idea, i like it, though i'm wondering if scolding is the right route for if they get caught. i imagine plenty of confusion if both are seen by one person! @__@

also, if the option to hire LinuXP as a double isn't chosen, and the character gets knocked out, perhaps LinuXP (disguised as XP) could be the stand-in for the incapacitated XP? i imagine it might make things go a tad smoother as XP not attending the talks might be seen as rude. ^^;

Aurora Borealis

Good idea! Not sure if Linux XP and XP would show up in the house at the exact same time. Maybe if XP invites her over, there'd be the option for XP to tell Linux XP to not show up in disguise to prevent confusion and potential chaos. As a guest in the Windows house, Linux XP could be helpful, but if she gets overenthusiastic, she risks annoying everyone and overstaying her welcome.

Maybe if XP is incapacitated, she'll get a phone call from Linux XP-tan. Normally, XP-tan is annoyed getting calls from her, but asks her a favor and promises to pay her for it. Linux XP would eagerly accept! If that happens near the end of the game, the player would get an okay ending because although the meeting went smoothly, XP wasn't there for it.

There would be some time-wasting pitfalls. If XP goes to the front or back yard when nothing is there, it would be only a few minutes wasted though. When programming, I did add in the option to go to the dojo when no one is there. Those time-wasters might add up!


i imagine they would. it's like in FF7 when the reactor's about to blow, and you decide this is a great time to train. ><;

so after either assigning 98 to go to the store or not, what options should XP have?

Aurora Borealis

If XP assigns 98 an errand, 98 SE asks if she can go with.

a. If XP lets her, 98 SE will be happy, but XP will have one less potential helper around the house.
b. If XP doesn't let her, 98 SE will be sad, and while she could help around the house, she will antagonize Homeo, and become an antagonist if not supervised.

Either way, XP will also think about who should tidy up the living room, since she'll let 98 (and also 98 SE if she goes with) get ready for her errand(s). When going back to the living room in the afternoon, she may request that whoever is there tidy it up.

At any time between 11 am and 1 pm, XP can take a lunch break, with different options (note: these options aren't finalized):
a. order pizza
b. cook ramen (this ends up being a time-consuming option because XP gets carried away and puts a bunch of ingredients in it because plain ramen isn't enough for her!)
c. raid the fridge for comfort food (only if XP is in a bad mood- she may end up eating the ingredients needed for dinner!)
d. eat ice cream

To me, XP-tan doesn't seem like the type who would eat healthy unless nagged by 2k-tan. :P

Also in the afternoon, XP (and ME if she's tagging along) goes into the bedrooms and picks up clothes that are on the floor and takes them to the laundry room, where she'll request for someone to do the laundry. Adding to the challenge of assigning tasks is that many of these tasks will happen in the afternoon, some at the same time. The laundry will also need to be put away before guests arrive. Of course, if ME is tagging along, XP can ask her to do the laundry, but would you trust her to operate the washing machine or dryer?

XP doesn't need to worry about assigning making tea, the snacks, or dinner until later in the afternoon. But it may be better to assign those earlier in case something goes wrong on the first try (i.e: XP can't control herself and eats the snacks)


giving XP the option to assign the tea earlier and then later sounds like a good idea, since multiple options gives the player more challenge as to what to assign first.

i think letting SE go along would be the better option, since XP has a wide range of people who would be willing to help. plus, the last thing XP needs is SE bothering Homeo. >>;

speaking of Homeo, when XP goes back inside the house, what if Homeo was in the living room with whoever was in there before? She could ask him to tidy up the living room, since he's used to tidying up after his sister Homeko anyway, and unlike most of the helpers available to XP, Homeo is a reliable, hard worker who's not crazy. :3

Aurora Borealis

Sounds good, and don't you think that if XP asks Homeo to tidy up the living room, she'd be more polite about it than Homeko? From what I've seen, Homeko sounds like the pushy type, but Homeo is all too used to that (akin to Puma putting up with OSX's and Cheetah's pushiness). Maybe there could also be the option for Homeo to tag along like with ME?

What I have for this so far is:

-Homeo gets up at noon to eat lunch. Afterwards, he is in the living room with ME-kun. Homeko is there too pestering them about ideas for her next yaoi doujin, and wants Homeo and ME-kun to model for her -- this is if Homeko got up at noon. While she'd like to get more art supplies, she isn't freaking out because she realizes she has just enough to finish her current comic.

-If Homeko was woken up at 8, she's still pestering them, but also freaking out about the approaching deadline and fearing her art supplies won't last her much longer.

-XP-tan and ME-tan can, and should intervene. It would be better for them to ask Homeo and ME-kun to tidy up the living room since Homeko would be too distracted at the time (however, she could do another task later).

**If XP assigned 98 to buy art supplies for Homeko, 98 will return to deliver supplies to her, and Homeko will be busy for hours working on her latest manga.

Any suggestions? I quickly thought this up.


i like the options laid out. no offense to Homeko, but she seems like more of a liability than an asset, so methinks distracting her with fresh art supplies would be the best option in this case.
as for asking Homeo and ME-kun to tidy up, that seems like the best option here, since both are polite, reliable, hardworking, and neat. :3
i was going to suggest Homeo tagging along, but was worried that having 2 helpers might be too much. but since you like the idea too, remember that i'm thrilled with it. ^^

if 98-tan wasn't assigned to get art supplies for Homeko, the player should find another thing to distract her with. maybe putting up decorations would be a good idea for her? or making/ordering lunch for everyone. :3

Aurora Borealis

Yeah, Homeko would be a liability. ^^

I'm stuck at the moment, I can't seem to come up with much between 10 am to noon in the XP scenario. Sucks that I could come up with stuff for the morning, and stuff for the afternoon, but not in between (and because of that, when testing out the game programmed so far, I can't get very far). >_<

Need to think of some events, tasks and distractions.


by now, she's probably seen 98, SE, and Vista already. if she has both Homeo and ME in tow, she can begin her search for people to help with the tasks. if she hasn't seen 95 yet, she could go searching for 95. she could also assign someone to clean up from breakfast, if it was made, and to start on lunch once they're done.

she could check the rooms upstairs to see if anyone's still asleep. she could go outside or maybe look for Inu-T (letting Inu-T run around alone likely isn't a good thing, since if Inu-T's bored or lonely she's more likely to get into trouble).

if all else fails (and you feel like writing up an extra place), XP could go out and run an errand herself. :\

Aurora Borealis

When planning out the events, and how long they take, I can't seem to get further than 10:30-11:00 under the quickest scenario (i.e: ME doesn't make a mess in the kitchen, the argument between 95 and XP in the kitchen or dojo ends quickly and civilly). Most of the events so far don't take that long, and I don't know if I can stretch them out. :-/

Good idea suggesting that Inu-T needs to be supervised, and if possible, XP may try and find a task for her, or find someone to play with her (this can include guests). If XP meets Vista in the front yard while she's picking up the litter, I envisioned having Inu-T with her playing fetch. But Inu-T would wander around- some characters she wouldn't do well around, such as DOS because she's so shy and hardly talks, and 3.1 because she's kinda distant and hard to approach, and she'd fear disrupting Homeko while she's working on her manga! (imagine the consequences!!)

I had in mind the kitchen being mostly clean after breakfast except for all the dishes piled up in the sink- the dishwasher would need to be unloaded, and the dirty dishes put in, which can be done right after breakfast, or later. I also thought of XP having a lunch break on her own instead of a family lunch being planned, but maybe both can be done, since XP has the appetite for both!


XP's like a hobbit. second breakfast and all. :3

well, maybe it would help to list who would be left to talk to at this point? 2k-tan and NT-tan are busy, 98-tan (and potentially SE-tan) is at the store, Homeko's asleep, 2k-kun's at work, and Homeo and ME-tan are following XP around. who is left, where are they at this point (let's say 11am), and what is left to be done?