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Started by Aurora Borealis, December 30, 2011, 11:55:38 pm

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Aurora Borealis

Those will all be choices, each having their trade-offs.

Peace and diplomacy are the goal, but going the diplomatic route all the time won't be the fastest...


I'm coding what we have of the XP scenario so far to test if all the story options work, and test if each time and condition-specific event is obtainable.


wow, we're this far already? cool! good luck aurora. ^^

Aurora Borealis

I'm still doing the programming, but feel free to make more suggestions for either scenario being discussed so far.


tbh i think it's good so far. do you think there's anything more to discuss? (neither scenario is complete yet, technically.)

if you want me to do the art at any point, just ask. :3


aurora, where are we on this? i was wondering if there was any more we could work on, and if it'd be okay with you to present this project to my class at some point. (i'd get extra credit for it. ^^)

Aurora Borealis

So far I have just part of the framework programmed. Those are the in-game choices, variables remembering user choices, and events that happen under different conditions and choices. There are no graphics or music yet, and the only dialogue I have is for the beginning.

I haven't been able to make much progress in the past 2 weeks because I've been sick, but I have about this much of the XP scenario programmed:

Introduction: 2k and NT wake up XP to tell her about the meeting, and how she's been trusted with leading the arrangements. After they leave, there is, or might (if I include this) a short internal monologue from XP.

Afterwards, she decides to wake someone up with the hopes they can help her:

Homeko: Now, I don't see Homeko as being a morning person, so she's startled when woken up, and panics about an approaching deadline with her latest manga chapter, and she's running low on art supplies!
   -still not yet decided what she does immediately afterwards. Maybe she'll raid the house looking for supplies and cause a mess?
   -if not woken up at this time, she'll get up at noon.

Vistan: She is antagonistic of XP when she finds out about XP leading the arrangements, when she wants to be the one leading them! Her attempts to discourage XP might backfire and instead motivate her. If this happens, there is the option to recruit her as an ally.
   -if not woken up at this time, she'll get up at 10:00
   -if woken up at 8, she'll play videogames against the 98-tans between after breakfast (what ever that time is) and 11:30

Nanami: She is generally cheerful and helpful, but may end up distracting XP too much.
   -if she's awake, there's the option to visit with her in her room; she's good at cheering people up, but might accidentally distract XP with internet or video games.
   -if not woken up at this time, she'll get up at 9:00

After briefly talking with 3.1 while she's watching TV, there is an option of whether to watch TV or not.
   a. yes: 30 minutes pass, XP's and 3.1's mood increase by 1 point
   b. no: XP goes directly to the next scene.
   The time is 8:15 if she didn't watch TV, 8:45 if she did.

After this choice, XP picks a place to visit first:
   a. the kitchen:
      -if time = 8:15, 95 has gotten started cooking breakfast.
       -if time = 8:45, 95 is mostly done cooking breakfast.
   In either, ME is helping 95 cook. XP and 95 talk, with 95 being very determined to be the leader and do things her way, and XP fears that will result in hostility because of 95's vendetta against the Macs, and they're about to get into an argument...

      a1. there will be dialogue choices that end the argument quickly and civilly. For now they can agree to disagree.(15 minutes pass)
      a2. some dialogue choices cause the argument to escalate and take longer, with ME intervening. If they listen to ME, the argument will end, but neither 95 or XP are too happy about it. 95 isn't in a good enough mood to have  breakfast, and goes to the dojo to meditate. (30 minutes pass)
      a3. some dialogue choices cause a full-blown flamewar, 95 lashes out and XP ends up incapacitated. (1 hour passes, go to the "XP gets incapacitated" mini-scenario!)
   From the first 2 choices, breakfast will be served, and everyone who is there will eat.
      a1. 25 minutes pass, the family is calmer and happier.
      a2. 15 minutes pass, XP rushes through breakfast, the atmosphere is tense, and XP feels guilty.
      a3. Someone will deliver food to XP's room.

   b. the dojo: As XP is about to walk into the dojo, DOS warns her that ME is trying to cook without supervision.
      b1. "Will you please watch her?": DOS will supervise ME.
      b2. "Don't worry about it.": DOS walks back to the living room since she's usually too shy to speak up.
      b3. "But won't you miss your favorite show?": DOS does speak up, asking XP if she's sure about that.

      After one of those choices, XP goes to the dojo and sees 95 training by herself. They chat for a bit, then two dialogue choices:
      b4. "Wow! Nice moves!"
      b5. "Will you be able to help me prepare the house for the meeting?"
      **In both of these choices, the meeting is brought up, but 95 didn't know about it until XP told her. Similar pitfalls as the kitchen option apply.

      **In both choices, if the argument ends civilly, 95 and XP will go to the kitchen. If ME wasn't supervised, she makes a mess that takes an hour to clean up, and needs to start over. Otherwise, 95 will help her, and breakfast will be served.

   While having breakfast, 2K and NT are there to tell XP about her progress and her goals. Afterwards, ME asks if she can tag along with XP.


   c. Nanami's room (if she's awake): I described this earlier but don't have a lot for it yet.
      **I have in mind this choice being available after visiting the kitchen or dojo, but I'm not sure if I will include this as one of the first options.

After visiting one of those, XP also has the option to go to the living room, the front yard or back yard.

   d. In the living room, 98 and 98 SE are there. 98 asks XP if there's an errand she needs her to run at the moment.
      d1. buy groceries
      d2. buy art supplies for Homeko
      d3. don't do an errand right now.
      **98 will run another errand at noon.

   e. Vistan will be outside, starting to clean up litter around the front yard, scolding XP for contributing to some of it.
   -if XP responds in a competitive way, Vistan will be more antagonistic of XP, but the chore will be done faster (5 minutes pass instead of 10)
   -if XP didn't go to the front yard, Vistan will have picked up all the trash and guilt-trip XP about it.



damn, man, you've gotten alot done! @___@; as i've said, if there's anything i can help with just let me know! and if you get to a point where you want to put in art, just let me know too!

also, since you didn't answer my question, i figure i'd ask again: is it okay if i present this to my class towards the final (late april, early may)? don't care if it's anywhere near finished, but if there's some sort of demo or whatever that'd knock my class's socks off. xD since it was your idea, and i'm just your assistant here, i wanted your permission before i bring it to the school. :\


This will be. Fucking. Awesome.


Quote from: NejinOniwa on January 30, 2012, 04:07:49 am
This will be. Fucking. Awesome.

Quoted for truth. I have a feeling this will be awesome :3


Looks good so far, Aurora - if you need any help with arts and the like, I can try to lend a hand. ^^'


I still say, if at some point we want to include voice acting, I'm up for it :3


i'm not doin' art no more? ;^;

well, at least i can help with script and voice ;v;


Me offering to help with art does not mean you won't be able to. It takes a village to develop a game...

(Unless you're ZUN, then you do it ALL. BY. YOURSELF.)


true. but we lack the godlike powers of the one called ZUN.

wonder where aurora went? her thread went viral and she's not here to enjoy it. :\


She's busy with college, I reckon.