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Started by Aurora Borealis, December 30, 2011, 10:55:38 PM

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it could be a software issue, i grant you that. sure sounds like it in your case. have you tried compatibility mode or troubleshooting?

on-topic: is there anything that needs attending, aurora-san? :3
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Aurora Borealis

To put it simply, OSX Leopard and later just don't work with my scanner since the scanner's drivers aren't compatible. There isn't a compatibility mode in OSX. I did install a third-party program that allows unsupported scanners to work in Leopard, but it doesn't work very well, like only a small part of the image actually gets scanned even when I scanned the whole thing.

To get back on-topic, I decided to add a few more starting character templates before posting up the first svg file, and there's the dialogue to work on!

====XP Scenario, Beginning====
The scene begins with an outside shot of the Windows House, which is a traditional Japanese villa. It is 8:00 AM.
Dissolve to a shot of XP-tan's room. 2K-tan talks with XP, but isn't yet visible in the shot, neither is XP.

w2k "XP-chan..."
xpp "Huh?..."
w2k "It's the day of the meeting, and we need your help--" (2K fades into view)
xpp "Aaaah! I forgot about that! Can't we reschedule it?!" (XP fades into view)

"Their mother, NT-tan enters the room."

w2k "No, this evening is the best time for the Macs and us to get together."
wnt "It was hard for all of us to agree on this, and it will be harder to reschedule."
w2k "There isn't another good time slot for this for another 2 months."
w2k "We wanted to prepare the house in advance like always, but we were just too busy this time."
w2k  (cranky) "Last night when the three of us fixed the microwave after ME-tan blew it up, well, that took up a lot of the time NT and I could have spent working on this."
xpp "What did she do?! I wasn't there for that!"
wnt "She heated up soda in the microwave."
w2k (facepalms) "Again."
xpp "Oh geez..."
w2k (remorseful)"Sorry we have to dump all of these responsibilities on you at the last moment, but NT and I have entrusted you with them."
xpp "Wait! You're usually the one who leads the arrangements, 2k-chan! I've see the notes you've written, planning everything down to the last detail!"
w2k "Sorry, I can't do that this time. I need to help NT rehearse for the meeting."
w2k "I thought you'd be thrilled to do this, this time."
xpp "I'm not sure if I can. "
wnt (cheerfully)"After the meeting, we'll make it up to you somehow!"
wnt "Maybe we could treat you to a sundae at that fancy ice cream parlor?"
xpp "..."
xpp "Okay! What do I need to do?"

**I'm most unsure of this part of the script below. I can't decide whether 2K gives XP the list of tasks to be done or not -- supposing that 2K was too busy to write those things down this time. If she doesn't get the list, 2K-tan will mention what needs to be done during breakfast.

Or another possibility we could do is it turning out that 2K accidentally gave XP the wrong notecards, and didn't know it until she went downstairs, so she scolds 2K for that during breakfast. :P

**notes: XP is unsure of herself with this at first because she, like nearly everyone else are used to 2K coordinating this, which 2K usually does with 95 and NT. XP is also unsure because although she wants to show her usefulness, she still has to live up to some of the highest expectations among the Windows Family, even after Nanami's debut, and even with the upcoming Windows 8-tan.

A monologue about this might be done at some point, but the better option, if possible is to have XP's interactions with some of the helpful characters discuss these issues.

"2k-tan hands XP-tan some notecards with a list of tasks that need to be done."

w2k "The best way to get these tasks done is to get others to help you with them."
wnt "It's also very important that the household stays quiet during rehearsal."
xpp "That's going to be a challenge... How do 2k-chan and NT-chan get everyone to work together... Maybe I should ask?"
xpp "2k-chan--"

w2k "Good luck!"
xpp "Dammit. I should have actually asked that instead of thinking it to myself!"


I think I should stop by here more often.  I've played/read so many visual novels, I could help you guys out.
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You WOULD be a very helpful person IMO, since you probably have the most VN experience of any person at OSC.

I should stop in here more often too, but I don't feel that I can help with the gameplay or plot ... I probably won't be able to help out until Aurora's ready to work on the graphics.


I lurk this topic, since I feel between Aurora, Kari, and Kriz, they have the story pretty well covered; I never can think of anything to bring up

However, if we decide we want to do voice acting, I'd be willing to record dialog for some characters :3


Quote from: PentiumMMX on March 22, 2012, 11:17:33 AMHowever, if we decide we want to do voice acting, I'd be willing to record dialog for some characters :3

Same here! If Aurora ever needs somebody to voice various annoying female, child, Bostonian or Minnesotan characters, I'm her go-to woman. >>;


Well, what can I do to help?
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-standing by for orders-
(think i'll add to the dialogue in the morning)
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Viking voiceovers are available as well.


I'll help you with making the spites, to the best of my ability.

Aurora Borealis

Okay! I'm working on the finishing touches for the first template, trying to adjust their sizes relative to the game screen.

Option A: I have it planned so that there will usually be two characters on the screen, on the left side being the protagonist or one of her allies, and on the right side being another character, but I'm kinda stuck when it comes to portraying the height differences between characters. Some of those differences are extreme, and two characters with a large height difference are expected to show up a lot in the Tiger scenario. x_x Should I attempt to account for those differences for accuracy's sake? If I do, it'd be better to increase the game screen resolution to allow a larger range of differences, say, 1024x768.
     -If we do this, I'll redo the calculations for the mini-cutscenes. That won't be a problem.

Option B: What I originally intended was just to have a character or two on screen, while the protagonist's headshot is seen inside the left part of the dialogue box, but I don't yet know how to program that.


Pretty sure I won't be playing it on my G3 iBook, so 1024x768 isn't a big deal.


No issues here, because I have a beast of a desktop and a laptop that can pack a decent punch :3


Nope, the smallest scfreen I have is 1024x768, so it's all good here.

Aurora, would you be interested in critique from someone who has played a lot of VNs?  Perhaps you could email me stuff you want looked at and I can offer advice based on my experiences and so forth.
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Aurora Borealis

@Red: Sure, but I prefer to just post stuff here.