We have all been pony-flipped

Started by NejinOniwa, October 12, 2011, 11:40:01 AM

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The /osc/ers are stuck in a house.
They are genderflipped.
Furthermore, weird things have been happening with people's memories.
And with the house itself.
You thought the thread was dead, and things were calming down.
Well, you were wrong.
Because if there's one law of Forum Games and Role-Playing...
It's that it ALWAYS.


A wrongly pressed button leads to weird things happening with the heliums in the air. "Well, this is not what it was supposed to-"

Bright lights shine on and on and on and on and on. And when they stop and everyone have regained their senses...

Okay. So the original was pretty damn fun in the beginning, I've gotta admit. Later on when things started dying down because the novelty wore off and things didn't work out, however, i thought it felt forced and/or a bit too much text-only secondlife kinda thing to be nice. So we will be gearing up a bit for this version of things.

FIRST: First post includes brief description. Brief, since all we need to know is your cutiemark, horn/wing status and colors and whatnot.
SECOND: I'll be recapping things dramatically now and then, which'll be a bit of chapter closing and moving on kinda thing.
THIRD: There will be friendships. There will be magics. There will be adventures. And most of all - THERE WILL. BE. SHENANIGANS. This rule is up to EVERYONE to enforce.
FOURTH: No running in the hallways, no eating yellow snow, no hits under the belt and NO FIDDLING WITH THE SETTINGS ON THE MONITOR.

First post will be a bit walloftexty, but don't take it seriously. Just need the setting-up and all.

Infobox out.


I feel like I should be more upset about being a mare.  Or surprised.  Or something.  Instead, I'm just kind of pissed that now I have to figure out how to do things with hooves.


Nejin woke up. The damn lights had completely blinded him, and he was pretty sure something else had gone wrong in the process.
His eyes were still weirding out, but he noticed that the nerve ends that previously - since all these weird things started happening - had ended in the oddities of female parts, were gone. He was - this he was fairly certain of - male again. Probably.
After a brief second of feeling relieved that he might've finally solved this entire mess, he came to a conclusion - this was not the case. At all.
He was able to conclude this because he was fairly certain that his original form included fingers, toes, skin and all the rest of the normally annoying human form he was used to. This, and the fact that his current body had neither of those.
With a fair bit of pain to his still-recovering eyes, he looked at where his hand had used to be.

It was a hoof.
A lightish-gray hoof.
By the bloody stars...

Daring a look at his sides - he had an inkling of what would come next - he saw they were covered in a swirling mess of red-and-grey fur - and a pastel image of the Milky Way (or just a generic spiral galaxy, who could tell at that resolution) - was pasted across it.

At least my hair is still blonde, he thought in an attempt to comfort himself.
And I have a horn. Horns are always good. A small smile spread across his now-equine face, as he turned around to look for the others.


Chalk dusts himself off, enraged at Nejina for pulling a stunt like this. He proceeds to headbutt her off a conveniently-placed cliff. >:[

looking himself over, he notices that he seems to have turned into a tall white horse with a black mane. his cutie mark appears to be obscured.

Chalk proceeds to don a red cape and headband, deciding to at least look nice for the duration of this unforseen punishment.
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-trots over to cliff and looks over edge-

'es a unicorn now.... I can't imagine that'll keep'm down too long.

-examines self; realizes she is now a dark blue pony with a long, messy, black mane, and for some reason dark red welding goggles.  Her cutie mark is a ten sided die-

Well.  How about that.


*walks in front of bedroom mirror, realizes that sh- no, HE, is a pony now.*

The being a pony part I can handle, but being a stallion? That's gonna take getting used to. At least I'm fairly dainty looking for a male...

*continues to stare at self in mirror; he admires his long, wild dark brown mane and tail, green eyes, and coat of shiny, tannish fur. On his flank he finds a strange marking - it's a 8-point compass rose. He feels an odd pressure on his back, just below where he senses his shoulders to be; pulling his mane aside with his teeth, he realizes he also has wings*

Damn! I not only turned into a horse, but a flying one? This is insane!

*trots off, looking for his friends*


After coming to grips with the levitation spell somewhere midfall, PoNejin handily floats up, frowns at Chalk and lands a bit off, addressing the general populace. "So wait. I'm the only one who got switched back? I mean, gender-wise."

The house had disappeared into nothingness, but with all other weird things going on that wasn't much of a surprise to him. What DID surprise him, however, was the overly pastel look of absolutely everything around them. Something is wrong here. More than usual, that is.


So it seems to me. -flips up tinted lenses, leans closer to Chalk-

Ayup.  I'm still a girl, or rather now a mare, while Kari and Bells seem to be stallions.  Um, hooray for.... whatever the hell kind of science you did?


"I would blame the helium, but that'd be much like blaming earthquakes on frogs..."

Looking around, he put his hoof to his mouth reflexively - before the muffling sensation told him it was a bad idea to do that gesture with his current body. "So. Do any of you have a single idea of where we are?"


....we're ponies, dude, I'd say it's a decent bet we're somewhere in Equestria.  Somewhere.

-flips tinted lenses back down-


Penti-chan wakes up lying on the ground, finding everybody had turned into ponies...except for her, for some reason; she was still a human girl.

"Um...Nejin" she asked "Why am I the only one who didn't become a pony? Does this mean I'm this universe's equivalent to Megan, from the original MLP?"


Chalk continues to sulk, wondering what he did in a past life to deserve this.

Frusterated at being so melodramatic and pissy, Chalk looks through his bag (Chalk obtained bag!) and pulls out a book to read.
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