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Started by NejinOniwa, September 27, 2011, 05:02:22 pm

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Also, whenever I hear about Deathclaws, I think about the mod that turns them into Macho Man Randy Savage xD


FO4 sounds so awesome. I will forever remember mother deathclaw from the first Fallout, she killed me like hundred times before I managed to take her down. >.<

Quote from: Penti-chan on January 13, 2016, 02:02:01 pm
@Remilia: I didn't know you played Pokemon. I've recently gotten back to playing Pokemon X, after leaving it hanging for about a year ^^;

I've been playing Pokemon since... 1998, I guess? I was sort of inactive player for few years, I finished Black version a year ago (omg lol what) and then bought Black 2, X and Omega Ruby. I still have some catching up to do. ^^'


Ahh. My history with the Pokemon games is kinda complicated; I'm just getting back in, after getting sidetracked by other games. I do need to get back to Black and finish it, so I can transfer my 'mons from Platinum and SoulSilver to X...although I need to subscribe to Pokemon Box to make it happen -w-;


I'm done with Pokémon I've invested too much time into it to ever go back. My life gets to absorbed with it.

Dragon's Dogma comes out on PC in 9 or so hours, I can't sleep, I can't eat, my body only wants to do one thing and that is play Dragon's Dogma.


@Lego: Can't say I've ever truly felt like that; usually I put a lot of time into one game, until I either beat it or get sidetracked by something else -w-;

So, recently I decided to pick up Wario Land 3 on 3DS Virtual Console; having played it via an emulator in my pre-teen years, but never finishing it...and as I play it, I'm reminded of the frustrations of yesteryear with this game, and also just how much better Wario Land 2 was. Like, you really don't spend much time in each level; there are 4 treasures per level this time, but you always go in, collect one, and usually have to wait until you either earn a new power-up or collect a treasure that makes a thing happen (Like making some beanstalks grow in an earlier level, so you can climb up to a platform you couldn't reach before), allowing you to go back in for the remaining 3 treasures. Also, some of the boss fights are very frustrating (The one where you play football with an angry-looking hare that looks like something out of Ninja Turtles, with a tortoise as the goalie, being one that is still just as agonizing to beat now as it was back then), the music isn't as good as its predecessor, and I did learn that it is the only instalment of the Wario Land series to not have alternate endings based on how many treasures you obtained (A staple of the series since day 1; encouraging you to get 100% completion, so Wario can have his own planet created, or other such things).

I have every intent on trying to beat it, though; I made it all the way to the final boss as a kid, but never beat him, so I suppose, you could say I have a score to settle with this game.


Quote from: Remilia on January 14, 2016, 05:35:21 am
FO4 sounds so awesome. I will forever remember mother deathclaw from the first Fallout, she killed me like hundred times before I managed to take her down. >.<

It's fantastic so far! One of the rare cases when something lives up to the hype (mostly). :)

I'm like 40-50 hours in and ran into a MAJOR PLOT THICKENING (can't say anything else without revealing spoilers), mrw:

Seriously though, I audibly gasped when it happened.


>TFW reading up on Pokemon X, and you figure out one of the cities in-game is loosely based on where Pit is living


*loses sanity to Pokemon Shuffle*

unlocking new characters in Don't Starve is freakin' sweet. they're all #GETWRECKED exclusive, but both kick ass for different reasons. :0


January 23, 2016, 05:39:56 pm #1523 Last Edit: January 26, 2016, 12:19:27 am by Penti-chan
Nice :3

So, I just took down another Gym in Polkamon X. The Fairy-type Gym may very well be the only time I can think of where I've seen a toilet in the entire history of the franchise, as well as a bathtub...also, said Gym has teleportation pads like Sabrina's Gym back in Red\Blue, and it feels like a dollhouse (Also making me think of Sabrina, at least in the anime; where she shrunk down Misty and Brock to the size of dolls and trapped them in a dollhouse). Now, I continue onward to wherever I'm going next ^^;

EDIT: As a bit of interest, I took pics of my Trainer Cards from each game I still have, and decided to group them together:

- Edward\Wario (Blue): I consider Wario to be his alias, if only because I obtained all 151 under that name.
- Crystal: Her original journey in Crystal was lost when the battery finally died, but her adventure in Platinum file still exists. Ignore that she appears to look like Dawn; that's just a technical limitation -w-;
- Nichi (Emerald): I seriously need to return to Hoenn and finish this; I last played back when I was still working at the hospital ^^;
- Pentium (SoulSilver): His journey to defeat Team Rocket has been shared with some of you (read: Kari and Bella), via a rather silly story I wrote years ago.
- Eggie (Black): Her name, and her quote, are references to DeliciousCinnamon's Let's Play of Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal :P
- Fuuka "Fuu-tan" (X): She's progressed quite a bit in terms of the Pokedex since I took this image (Which was a few days before I tackled the Fairy gym I mentioned above.

- The combined total of money between all above characters is 404,606. Between all 6 of them, it's still not enough to buy the bicycle without the voucher in Cerulean City ^^;



I want to try it...and apparently, people want Danny DeVtto to voice him in the English version xD


holy shit pokemon is on google play



it's funny, the game prior to that in the franchise was just adapted for the western market by taking the only Anmitsu-hime game and redoing the sprites and text. :0

bought Tabletop Sim. :0


@Ye Olde Swagfag: Great right as my Android phone breaks and congratulations you have done what I could only dream of accomplishing, you are the master of paper rock.

@Pent: If Danny DeVito voices that Pikachu, I can die knowing the world was better off for it.