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Started by NejinOniwa, September 27, 2011, 05:02:22 pm

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if only this country wasn't obsessed with copyright infringement we could hire the real talent. -w-;

it makes me laugh that my dad assumes that when i'm on the computer all day, i'm playing computer games, since i play less than anyone i know who DOES play games. xD;


True, although Sega did commission one hacker to port Sonic CD to the PS3 and 360; the end result being easily the best version of that game (One I can actually stand to play; as they gave it some much-needed polish and made it feel more like how I imagined it'd play when I first heard of it)


Quote from: PentiumMMX on February 12, 2014, 12:00:36 pm
Indeed. Granted, people in the Sonic hacking scene are very talented; often putting Sonic Team to shame -w-

You know what's sad?

They made Sonic Jam for the Sega Saturn, and that had lots of extras. Guess Sanic Cheem is just getting lazy.



@Stew: LOL

@Leaf: Nintendo as well. To celebrate Mario's 25th anniversary, they put a Super NES collection on a Wii disc with the only special features being a music CD and a very lazily put together art book, sold at a premium price :\


@stew: *brofist*

@pent: that's what happens when people get complacent. beware the temptation of quotas; when there is a set number to fulfill, there isn't a desire to shine anymore.


Indeed. Although, strangely enough the Kirby's Dream Collection was a more nicely assembled collection; barring the minor irk of Super Game Boy enhancements being absent on Kirby's Dream Land 2, you get the first 6 games in the series bundled together, with a challenge mode (Featuring a new set of challenges for those who beat all of the ones on Kirby's Return To Dream Land).


is it me, or does Kirby always seem to get higher treatment in that regard than other Nin' games? Zelda too, but to a lesser extent.


Quote from: Chocofreak13 on February 12, 2014, 10:55:58 pm
is it me, or does Kirby always seem to get higher treatment in that regard than other Nin' games? Zelda too, but to a lesser extent.

It's because nintendo only releases a kirby game every century or so now. :\ /hyperbole

Seriously though, Kirby's game collections, and to extent, new titles, likely get better treatment to make up for lack of games.
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Indeed. Granted, Metroid is barely a blip on the radar in Japan; their largest fanbase is in the west (Same with StarFox, as well)


I'm the biggest Metroid fan ever and my best friend irl is the biggest Starfox fan ever.

After 2007, we just wondered why Nintendo hates us.


At least you're not a Shenmue fan. Intended to be a trilogy, the final installment was cancelled due to poor sales of the 2nd game; leaving the series with an unresolved cliffhanger ending since 2001 :\


don't ask nintendo to be ruled by logic or by reason. like any big corporation, they hate their fans at heart.


@Pent- Speaking of Shenmue, there's actually a person who is so devastated about the third game's cancelation, he's replicating certain events of the game in real live. I'm not even pulling this out of my butt. Look it up on YouTube.

@Krizonar- I'm still a Star Fox fan at heart, since that's the series that got me into gaming at a young age.

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