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Started by NejinOniwa, September 27, 2011, 05:02:22 pm

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me and pent have gotten the idea to make a Team Fortress 2 movie. TF2: Heavy's Magical Adventure.

this needs to happen.


Indeed -w-

So, I recently tore through Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure on the Sega Genesis. It was surprisingly hard toward the end


*still needs to get back to la tale ;^; *

at last weekend's party, we played:

Cards Against Humanity
The Princess Bride: Prepare to Die
Thousand Arms

CaH: an instant classic that is a major hit among my friends, since it's apples to apples without us having to make it dirty (cause it already is!!!! : DDDDD).

TPB - PtD: my sister borrowed this from her work to playtest it (it's been out for a few years now, but still). it's an interesting concept: you take a person card ("Hello, my name is Slim Shady") and everyone else lays down line cards ("You wrote my Memoirs, Prepare to Die"), while you judge. (there are other ways to play, but we did the straight-up version since it was new.)
it sounds great in concept, but in execution it fell a bit flat (sadly), mostly due to the person cards being such a wide range that we had to google a lot of them. a lot of the line cards fell a touch flat too ("You got my Job"), until we started thinking of all of them as horrible innuendo ("You Stirred my Milkshake", "You Moved my Cheese"). overall, i think the group gave it a 2.5-3/5, mostly because it felt a bit unfinished. if they reduced the number of people and/or polished up the line cards a bit more, it might work better. still, it was fun, and if it ever dips in price (current price: $25), we may buy it. an interesting fact about it is that it was partially funded by the gaming store that my sister works for. :3

Thousand Arms: Fun and hilarious as usual. We dated Palma, Marion, and Metalia, all of which were (mostly) enjoyable. i also saw some sides of Palma and Metalia that i haven't seen before, and got some screencaps, which was both amusing and interesting. it also resulted in gems like this:


I need to get back to Thousand Arms

So, I played some Mega Man 2, on the Anniversary Collection for PS2. At first I thought I was just rusty when the game felt harder than I remembered, then I discovered the version on the Anniversary Collection is based off of the Japanese version; which is harder than the international version. Slowly making my way through it; wanting to see if I can handle Expert Asian Difficulty on a game that's already somewhat difficult -w-;;

Also, I checked out Rayman Origins for the 360 while at work. Going to try it out tomorrow afternoon and see if its any good :3



i never understood Rayman, so explain it when you try it. :0

(also, yes, yes you DO need to get back to it. but that quote freaked us all out. ;v; )


I find Heat Man rather easy...


So, I tried out Rayman Origins this afternoon, and damn is it fun. It feels old-school, but still new at the same time; not feeling like the original Rayman on PS1. It's one I'd suggest checking out


I'm having cravings for an old-school RPG of some kind lately. You know, like FF3 or NWN or such, with customization galore...

Pls halp ;_;


Disappointing TF2 matches followed by one good one.


I'm not going to be able to play TF2 until I get over my Halloween-events-being-over induced sadness...

Today I found out my brother and I want to check out several of the same games/game series. Hooray familial good taste in games?


Quote"Take this! I am sure it will prove useful in your quest."
King Sasune gives you a magical folding canoe!

I fucking lost it, man.


Have I mentioned I loathe Quick Man's stage in Mega Man 2? Nope? Well, now you know


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That's my favourite level in all of Mega Man games. :/


I admit the idea is cool, but escaping from the instant death lasers in the 2nd part is very frustrating, especially since my Time Stopper runs out before I reach the bottom :\


Quote from: NejinOniwa on November 13, 2013, 01:40:44 am
I fucking lost it, man.

are you playing Zelda Infinity: The Quest for the Princess or something?