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Started by NejinOniwa, September 27, 2011, 05:02:22 pm

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I'm currently playing Divine Divinity and liking it very much. ^^ I had never given it a go before and now feel I've missed a gem in the style of games I enjoy.


does anyone here still play analogue games?


Like, board games \ card games \ etc.? Not really; since I almost never have anyone to play with :\


the only game i play frequently anymore is Hanafuda/Koi Koi, which is more analogue game than anything, despite me playing it on my phone. :\
which reminds me, are you EVER going to get that app? xD;;


Eventually; whenever I remember to plug in my iPod Touch whenever I actually bring 2k to grandma's office ^^;;

On a different note, I'm using a different Game Boy emulator for an experiment; one that allows for game link on the same PC. The experiment? See what happens if I get a link battle going between two Pokemon games: English Crystal and Vietnamese Crystal. I heard it'll likely screw up the files on both, but I'm curious what happens before then. I'll post results later; once I get far enough to actually do it


We play board games frequently. Every time someone comes to visit, we play something. ^^


i'd like to play more of them but we never have enough people. i wonder if i could play against myself. :\


That's what I used to do as a kid; play against my plushies :\

Or, maybe you and I can attempt to play a board game via Skype and a webcam :3


Some board games allow solo play (Res Publica Romana, Arkham Horror come to mind) or come with solo expansion (Archipelago), but I'm very much put off by the idea of setting up a board game to play alone. It's kind of depressing. :(


@pent: we should, like the ms paint checkers we had planned. -w-

@pit: i have my plushies to play against. it's not depressing. ^^


Quote from: Chocofreak13 on May 03, 2013, 03:17:15 pm
i'd like to play more of them but we never have enough people. i wonder if i could play against myself. :\

That's essentially the thing that keeps me from playing more board games. I agree with Pent though, maybe we could try to set up a board game night on Skype? We'd have to all agree on a title (a game that we all own or can acquire reasonably easily), schedule and work out the gameplay (it could get hairy keeping track of everyone's moves / placement on the board) but it's not an impossible feat.

One of these days ... I'm going to rise above my listless but-I'm-a-Mac-user-and-I-have-a-short-attention-span-so-I-can't-game funk and buy Portal 2 on Steam. -.-


Do it. Then, we can do co-op :3


Bella, you don't have an excuse anymore. Paradox titles now even work on Linux.

Also, League works on Mac now, but that's another story.


Time to start Digital: A Love Story


@Stew- Never heard of that game before.

I hope your ready!