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Started by NejinOniwa, September 27, 2011, 05:02:22 pm

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I'd suggest Perfect Cherry Blossom, border mode will probably save your life more than once.


@Remilia: Between yours' and Pentium's suggestion, I guess I'll check out Perfect Cherry Blossom.

Aurora Borealis

I'd recommend either PCB or Imperishable Night, though I started with Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.

Recently I cleared Subterranean Animism, one of the hardest Touhou games without using continues! It was on 'easy' mode, air-quotes used because of the -huge- difficulty spike in the last 2 stages, but I did get the good endings. Now I'll try again playing it on normal.


Thanks for the recommendations Aurora.

All I know about Subterranean Animism is that it's the game in which Utsuho shows up / attempts to burn everything.

Aurora Borealis

Of the main games, SA is one of, if not the hardest. However, I find Undefined Fantastic Object to be the hardest.

To note, Mountain of Faith and SA use different game mechanics- your bomb counter and power level are tied together, and in order to use a bomb, you sacrifice 1/4 of your maximum power. That factor alone makes both of those very hard, yet I have less trouble with those two than UFO, which doesn't have that mechanic, but instead you collect UFOs while dodging barrages of bullets. I struggle with that part. :(


So, I finally played some Touhou; more precisely, Perfect Cherry Blossom.

I actually fared better than I expected playing on Normal difficulty; when I often can't make it past the first level on "tamer" games of a similar style, like 1942. I made it half-way through the 3rd stage of the game, although I did have to use some continues along the way to keep going (Mostly during boss fights, I'll admit).

Also, I love the soundtrack


This I feel is worthy of a double-post to catch the attention of our demon overlord:

There are two games based on Steins;Gate coming out for PS3 in about a month

I stumbled onto that, and figured Nejin would like to know :3




Wait; it was? I thought it was an anime first :/


Well, double post time; because of something I want to show off:

My library of games on Steam; all of them ready to run save for Team Fortress 2, which I could care less about really. Also, showing off my progress on the original Portal; having all but those last 3 achievements, which I found to be a pain in the ass to get >_<;;



3rd post in a row? Did I take over this topic? ^_^;;

So, Diablo III. So far, all 10 minutes I've been able to play it, thoughts:

- On the positive side, the game is awesome so far; running amazingly well on 2k-tan the Desktop (Maxed out graphics and running smoothly, much like Portal 2 just a year ago)

- On the negative side, the fact that you're required to have a stable internet connection at all times causes problems for me. I've never had as many problems with a game's online feature since Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but at least with that game, online play was merely a bonus feature; not an absolute requirement in order to play the game even in single-player mode. While I understand the point in doing this (This makes hacking the game harder. Not impossible, if there's anything to be learned from MapleStory, but enough to slow them down), it's still frustrating when any little disturbance in my internet connection causes me to be kicked from the servers

Maybe once I have a decent connection at home (Whither that's where I'm living now, or somewhere else, I'm not sure yet), I might consider buying the full version, as I do like it from what I've managed to play so far. Until then, there's still the original Diablo...and Ultima VIII; which feels less like an installment in the Ultima series and more like a buggy prototype of Diablo.

Dr. Kraus

So guess what I just ordered for my PSVita~

Yup, I'll be playing some lovely Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA-F- at the end of next month~


Nice ^_^

So, I have an Xbox 360 again. As I mentioned in Topicless a few days ago, I found Record of Agarest War to not be that great (The controls felt broken to me; nothing worked as it should), but hey; I still have the Banjo-Kazooie series (I love those games. Just finished off Click Clock Wood on the first one this morning, after leaving it hanging from yesterday because of frustrations).

If anybody wants to add me on Xbox Live, my gamertag is PentiumMMXV2. I don't have XBL Gold anymore, but maybe once I have a job and more multiplayer games, I'll get another subscription




So, I bought myself New Super Mario Bros. 2 just recently, and figured I'd share my thoughts for anybody out there on OSC who owns or is considering purchasing a 3DS.

Ignoring the semi-decent soundtrack consisting of remixes of older Mario level themes (Mostly from the previous two NSMB games, from what I can tell), the gameplay is what you'd expect from a Mario game. It's fun, and expands on the previous installment with the return of the Raccoon Tail from Super Mario Bros. 3 (Since the Tanooki Suit from the same game was in Super Mario 3D Land), but if I have one complaint, it's the marketing gimmick of collecting coins.

This game puts a heavy emphasis on collecting coins; giving you new powerups that exist for the sole purpose of aiding you in filling Mario's wallet. However, the coins serve no purpose; you can't use them to play minigames to get powerups, like in Super Mario Land 2, nor do they affect what ending you receive, like in the first Wario Land game. The game mentions on the back of the box "Can you get one million coins?", like there's some great reward awaiting you for doing this, but the reward for accomplishing that feat is just an alternate title screen with towers of coins and a golden Mario statue; nothing else changes. For something so heavily promoted in the game's marketing, I expected a lot more than just "Yay! *applause*" as a reward.

Regardless of that, it's worth checking out if you love classic Mario gameplay :3

I admit, I might eventually reach one million coins for the hell of it, but it's not a high priority. More, something fun to do on the side; like how I once obtained the fabled rank of Champion Super Seeker in the original MS-DOS version of Treasure Mountain, about 10 years back (Sadly, my save file was lost before I could go as far as to max out my treasure room; with roughly 7 empty spots on my shelf remaining. That took dedication...and lots of free time).