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Started by NejinOniwa, September 27, 2011, 05:02:22 pm

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Dr. Kraus

I threw Valkyrie Profile Disk 1 into my PS3 mk.3 (You know, the slim version top loader) thinking that it would just tell me what it does for ps2 games ("Not Supported").

Then I tried throwing it into my ps4 just for shits and giggles but nothing happened :(
Guess I'll just have to hope and pray for some backwards compatibility for ps1&2 games on ps4 (who am I kidding, why would they be so nice and do that??)


Indeed it does. I remember arguing with someone at Gamestop about it; they kept telling me "you can't do it; they removed all backward compatibility", but I was like "explain how I'm playing Rhapsody, when it's not available as a download and I'm inserting my CD into the system".

Penti Tries Super Famicom will return shortly; I got sidetracked by a desire to play through Paper Mario again, which I'm close to the end of ^^;


@Pent: i got the first volume of Miracle Girls, lol. xD
@Kraus: .....sudden surge of respect for the console. sure hope Steve's has backward-support. :0

thoughts on recent Nintenews or Fallout 4?


@Fallout 4: As I mentioned in Topicless, I'd love to play it...but I'm stuck on a desktop that, at best, could only run Fallout 2, and lack the money to rebuild 2k or buy a PS4 :\

@Nintendo: To break it down on thoughts on things I found noteworthy:

- Cloud in Smash Bros.
While I feel Terra or Cecil would have been a better fit for Smash Bros., Cloud still looks like he's going to be a fun character. Given their promise of making an Amiibo for every downloadable character (The one for Mewtwo came out this week), I plan to buy the one for Cloud.
...also, as a coworker and I pondered, I wonder if they had to pay licensing to Sony, since in the trophy description, they'd have to acknowledge the original FF7 in the bit saying where this character originated from, which means they'd have to put the PlayStation logo next to the game's name. We'll see how that goes -w-;

- Pokemon RBY on 3DS
They have my interest, and they have me hoping that Crystal sees a release eventually. Also, I kinda hope maybe they include a way for me to import my mons from RBY into my file on X.

- Dragon Quest VII and VIII on 3DS
Finally, I have a slightly cheaper alternative to getting the original PS1 version of VII. As for VIII, I might just get it on PS2, since that version is still fairly cheap last I saw.

- Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
I am extremely weary of this game. The pictures do not look good (The art styles of the Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario franchises do not blend together well at all), and the card battle system just sounds like the sticker system from Sticker Star under a different name. If they issue a free demo, I'll give it a shot, but I have no intentions on buying it at full retail price unless the demo truly wows me; I made that mistake with Sticker Star a few years ago :\


i get the feeling that, while money may have changed hands, Sony may have been happy for the extra publicity, since they're releasing the remake soon. also, Steve shares your sentiment about Terra being better, or Sabin. (next people from FF i vote in: Vincent, Tifa, Sabin, Kefka.)


Sabin would be cool, since that motherfucker can suplex a train >:3
Also, I still hope for Geno to be in, and given that Cloud is in, that could potentially be a sign *w*

So, as mentioned in a previous post, Penti Tries Super Famicom went on a temporary hold as I felt a need to play through Paper Mario again; going for 100% completion (Level 27, Ultra-ranked all party members, and have all 160 Star Pieces and all 80 Badges). Now, with that game out of the way, and that I can rub it in the face of my coworker (Ignoring the fact I have a few more Enemy First Strikes than I'd care to admit to; mostly due to being caught off-guard right out of one battle), I can return to Penti Tries Super Famicom at last:

#7: Ninjawarriors

Ninjawarriors (Although known as The Ninjawarriors on the title screen, and listed as Ninja Warriors on GameFAQs) is a pretty badass beat-em-up, where you play as an android ninja (There being 3 different ones to choose from) and are sent on a mission to overthrow an evil dictator. The gameplay is, to be honest, what I expected the Shinobi games (As touched upon in my earlier Penti Tries MegaDrive series) to feel like...and also, it's pretty difficult; you get one life, and if you die, you have to start the level over again from the beginning. It's not too bad, but given how it seems to cost around $110, and even the Japanese import runs around the same price, it's not one I'll likely ever pick up unless it fell into my lap at some point.

#8: SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron

As much as I loved the TV show this was based on, the game for SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron suffers from the typical downfalls of licensed games, even if it could have been promising. The game allows you to play as either of the SWAT Kats (Razor and T-Bone), and tackle the levels in any order you want. However, Mega Man 7, this isn't; it's poorly assembled, sadly, as my gun's bullets barely travel a foot in front of me before they vanish, which makes dealing with the enemies a pain unless I get into point-blank range. Apparently, your gun will level up as you progress through the game, but I just couldn't get into it enough to want to play it that far.

#9: Legend of Pervert (Zelda: A Link to the Past ROM hack)

Back in the early days of ROM hacking, before there were tools to allow one to easily build their own levels and tweak character stats, the most common things you would see were the "mature" ROM hacks; where they add a bunch of foul language and sex jokes for no real reason other than "teh lulz", ultimately feeling like it was written by a 12-year-old. Legend of Pervert is just A Link to the Past with a script that's trying too hard to be funny (Your sword is called a dildo, Zelda is a prostitute, everyone is foul mouthed, etc.), and the dialog is so poorly formatted in some spots that you can't even read what is being said (Like, I got the Boomerang, and the description appeared to say something about "now you can steal Zelda's panties", but it was so garbled with words overlapping each other that you couldn't understand what was being said beyond "You Got A Boomerang"). Had they formatted the text better, this would be worth playing through if only to see how absurd its brand of "maturely immature humor" can get, but as it stands, this hack is best ignored.

Next time, the post will have a theme relevant to Kari's interests, with a look at games based on anime series :3



Ninja Warriors looks legitimately cool and reminds me of a PS1 game i have, Fighting Force. it's 2-player, so when you come here we can team up. :3

bought Don't Starve on a whim (it was $3.75 this weekend), about damn time. also seeeeriously tempted to buy Fallout 4, but i can't run it atm. ;v;

Dr. Kraus

8.5/10 Fallout 4 (PS4)
Been playing through Fallout 4 which I have to say is actually better than I expected!
/Settlement building is kinda cool but it really can take some time until you get everything built up to a self sustainable level.
++Hours worth of gameplay without even diving into the mainstory quests until you really feel you need to in order to progress.
-The whole karma system doesn't exist in the form that we are familiar with, you pretty much can start choosing sides only in the main quests but you can go around killing settlers earning a rep for doing so.
/The weapons system has completely changed with how you engage targets and VATS doesn't just freeze time like it used to and only slows it down.
+The voiced character doesn't really kill it like I thought it would but there are parts where I wish it wasn't there
++Crafting is great with all the options you have for Power Armour, Weapons, and Basic Armour
+The companions are pretty good and each have their own little quirks which you get to see as you travel with them more. I haven't gotten into any of the romance yet.

6/10 Call of Duty: Bloops 3 (PS4 & XBone)
-Is alright, the single player is only 4 hours worth if your playing on normal difficulty.
+Zombies mode is going to need some work when it comes down to the servers being really wonky on both PS4 & XBone but the main map and the throwback map are great fun when you can get a game going.
-Multiplayer is what you would expect from COD multiplayer, its the main focus of the game and is the only really polished part upon release :<
--They tried really really hard to get a nostalgia feel when it comes to the zombies mode that really kills it because you can only play the throwback map if you have the season pass (add $50).
++More maps for both Zombies and Multiplayer are on the way which will keep the game fresh for a while.

7.5/10 Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart (PSVITA)
++A new take on the Neptunia series with Noire taking the spotlight, really nice change of pace for story telling and world building. You also self insert as a young man who is helping Noire.
+New battle system with a Final Fantasy Tactics feel, in other words its a turn base RPG fought on a isometric grid layout.
+Do you need your fair share of waifus? Don't worry this game with quench your thirst without any problems when it comes to waifu production! Over time you will build up a large group of girls to fight along side you to take over Gamarket!
-Can get repetitive with the battles and the whole story really is riding on the rails.
-Not all of the translations are properly done, but with this being the second game localized by !Idea Factory since dropping NISA I give them some room.
-No physical game manual, something i like having with my RPG's and I at least got a small one with Hyperdemention Neptunia Re:Birth1 (PSVITA)
++Limited Edition came with a really nice (but small) hardback art book and a medium sized wall scroll!

8.5/10 Uncharted Collection (PS4)
++If you have never played any of the Uncharted series or just want to get back and play again, this remastered version does an amazing job!
++Story is top notch coming out of Naughty Dog Studios (Also did Last of Us) with characters that are believable and eccentric.
-Controls and the camera can get pretty wonky at points and really takes away from the flow of the game at times.
--Parts in Uncharted 1&2 still have glitches and issues that should have been fixed when remastering them, some sloppy work on that part.
+Multiplayer is pretty much just like the Last of Us multiplayer but it works well and is enjoyable.

10/10 Steins;Gate (PS3)
+++Amazing OST, I listen to the official orchestrated album all the time
+++Amazing translation by PQube, better than most out there for an official release
++Physical game manual, though it is only a couple of pages
+++Limited edition comes with a full art book, real metal umpa, and real lab member badges

10/10 VA-11 HALL-A Cyberpunk Bartender Action Waifu Simulator (PC)
+++This is an amazing game but I'm so biased that my rating of it is very pseud.
Overall, go play the prologue demo that is available!

To Be Played/Finished:
TBF Dragon Quest Heros (PS4) -The reason I bought my PS4 lol, still surprised I haven't finished it yet -.-
TBP Pier Solar and the great architects (Dreamcast) -This is a game made in 2010 for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and was just ported over to the Dreamcast.
TBF Ace Combat 6 (XB360) -Not as good as the 3 games before it from the PS2 era so I lost interest and only play it every once and a while.
TBF Ni No Kuni: Wrath of The White Mage -Really good RPG but I just put it down once and haven't picked it back up...
TBF Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of The Dusk Sea (PS3)-This is a master piece in the Atelier series for me, the music is amazing and the visuals fantastic and DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE OP.
Haven't finished this for the same reason I haven't finished most of the RPGs I own, I'll take a break from them and not come back until an eternity has past.
Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment (PS4) -It was going alright but I wasn't really getting into a good enough grove and stopped playing after an hour or so. Will probably go back and play it at some point just because I bought it on the PSN Store.

10/10 Valkyrie Profile (PS1/X)
+++Amazing work by Enix on story telling and using Norse mythology in a very interesting way.
+++Amazing world building around the characters
++Great job on pixel art of the highest quality I've seen after some time
++Great battle system following the tried and true RPG methods
+++Amazing OST that really flows well with the game, truly award winning

8/10 Kirby's Adventure (Famicom)
+++Amazing visuals for the time that really pushed the Famicom to its hardware limits
++Great OST, gets a little repetitive at times but still carries charm
++Great learning system of teaching the player through the environment
-A little obvious that more game mechanics wanted to be added but weren't able to be due to hardware constraints
+Game cart is pink to match Kirby, that is pretty RAD

8/10 Sakura Wars (Sega Saturn)
+++Eye catching visuals that really draw in a refined feel to the game
++Battle mechanics work very well around the dating sim aspect of the game, more love == more power!
++OST is straight out of late 80's early 90's anime and creates the right feelings of relaxation and tension when needed
---Is only available in Japanese with no fan patches available!
---Almost impossible to find within the United States, almost always an import title! I got lucky to find it for really cheap in my local retro store!

10/10 Phantasy Star 3 (Sega Genesis)
+++Amazing OST for its time powered on BLAST PROCESSING
+++Amazing story and world building
++Sprite graphics are really well done
-Button layout is tricky to understand and remember at first
+++Still really cheap compared to Phantasy Star IV

7/10 Street Fighter 2 Super Championship Edition (Sega Genesis)
+++Its the "best" Street Fighter there ever was, the classic, the big one, THE ONE EVERYONE KNOWS (Though I still really really like Alpha 3)
++Great sound on that BLAST PROCESSING
+Pretty good graphics
---Button layout and fighting with the standard controller is awful
--Picture quality (for whatever reason) is really shit most of the time


@Fallout 4: If you have enough people per settlement (if not, just do this at your bigger ones), build a Scavenging Station and assign someone to it. once per day they'll gather resources (somehow) and put them in the workshop for that settlement. they never leave the area, so it's a mystery as to how they're finding these components, but you DO have a chance of getting harder to find materials, like copper and circuitry. :0

also, it was rumoured on Gamefaqs that if you start assigning supply lines between settlements (i think you need the "Local Leader" perk?), the settlements start sharing resources. but someone commented back that that's not how it works, so for now it's just rumoured. (it seems to be slightly the case with Steve's playthrough, though. :0 )


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@Kraus: Nice on Kirby's Adventure. That was always one of my favorite NES\Famicom games :3

...since this is going to end up being longer than I anticipated, here we go with Part 1 of the Anime Games post for Penti Tries Super Famicom:

#9: Magic Knight Rayearth (Japan)

Magic Knight Rayearth shouldn't need any introduction, really; given that we're all familiar with the anime, manga, and Sega Saturn game. However, while the Saturn game was an action RPG from the team at Sega that created a little game called Phantasy Star IV, the Super Famicom one is a turn-based RPG from...Tomy; a company that I'm more familiar with for their Pokemon toys than their video game development. The game itself is your average JRPG that loosely follows the plot of the anime (They took, with some decent graphics and digitized audio samples from the anime for when your characters are attacking. As a random bit, the perspective in the battles makes me think of Super Mario RPG, which came out a year later. It's not bad of a game, but like most Japan-only RPGs, you'll want to find a fan translation of it, given how text-heavy it is (Which, the fan translation I found is more accurate to the anime and manga than the Working Designs translation for the Saturn game; as Princess Emerald is actually spelled "Emeraude", among a few other things; like there not being enough condoms to last for 50 years).

#10.1: Ranma 1\2: Chounai Gekitou Hen (Japan)

Released in the US as Street Combat, an Americanized version made solely to capitalize on the runaway success of Street Fighter II, Ranma 1\2: Chounai Gekitou Hen is a fighting game based off, you guessed it, InuYasha. Nah; it's based on Ranma 1\2, and it's an interesting game; the controls are not what I was expecting, as you have dedicated jump and block buttons, instead of using the setup popularized by Street Fighter II; which, once I adjusted to it, proved to be a pretty effective control scheme. This is one I'd suggest importing; it's a solid game with nice graphics and music.

#10.2: Street Combat

For the sake of comparison, I decided to play the Americanized version of the above game, to more accurately judge it. At its core, it's still the same Ranma 1\2 game I enjoyed, but the music and graphics took a huge hit, as it sacrificed the charm in favor of bland music and very generic, forgettable character designs that feel like they were sloppily painted over the original sprites; making it feel almost like a bootleg. Honestly, just import the original version of this game.

#11: Ranma 1\2: Hard Battle

A few months after the embarrassment that was Street Combat, came Ranma 1\2: Hard Battle; which was something of a miracle, as it came over here in its original form; likely tied to the English dub of the series that had just begun around that time. One change this time around is that the single player allows you to play as any character you want to, versus only being able to play as Ranma; resulting in a more satisfying single-player mode. Honestly, this is one I could see myself buying, and from research, it's not that expensive of a game (It seems to hover around $10), so I may end up picking it up if someone gives me an eBay gift card for Christmas.

#12: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R (Japan)

Now, for something I think Kari will very much approve of; a really good Sailor Moon game. Based off the second season of the anime, Sailor Moon R is a side-scrolling beat-em-up in vein of Double Dragon and other such games; as such, it doesn't really require that deep of a knowledge of Japanese if you're already familiar with the story. Not only does the game offer a co-op mode (Who doesn't want to team up with their friends and wreck shit as Sailor Scouts?), but it also has a Vs. mode; for when you just really want to duke it out. It's not the deepest game, but it's honestly pretty fun, and seeing Lita Makato suplex her foe was rather satisfying, being a Sailor Jupiter fan. Sadly, this never got a US release, since Sailor Moon wasn't well known when this came out, and when it became popular, they decided that the fans wanted this shovelware instead of the much more fun games that stayed Japan-only...but, to be fair, the SNES was at the end of its lifespan when Sailor Moon became popular over here, and also, one can easily import this game.

Next time, we look at...more JRPGs based on anime series (Seriously, I ended up with a lot of RPGs), as well as a fighting game based on a popular series involving giant robots in space...and maybe Jojo, if I really want to add yet another RPG to my plate.


add yet another.

also, the large part of the SM games were side-scrollers. think about it; you don't have nearly as deep a plot as Rayearth till about season 3, and by then the PS1 was starting its lifespan. :\


SONIC THE HEDGEHOG is a very poorly designed game.



oh, the Grumps did a short playthrough of that! it looks amazeballs. :0

got Don't Starve (on sale for $3!!), the Reign of Giants DLC and now the new Shipwrecked DLC. GETWRECKED has only been out for about 2-3 days now, and it's quite confusing---plus they REEEEALLY need to nerf the poison mechanic! otherwise, it's fun, and presents an interesting new layer of challenge--though if i can't improve enough to get past just making a Science Machine and a fire pit, i may shelve it due to boredom. :\

also bought Bully: Scholarship Edition and Roller Coaster Tycoon Deluxe the other day. Steam sales rock! :D