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if only someone would leak a bootleg. :\



So, just beat Mega Man V. Truth be told, it's harder than II, and unlike Dr. Wily's Revenge (The first Game Boy Mega Man game), which was hard due to bad design, this one's a more fair challenge...for the most part; I still feel some bits are hard if only by nature of the smaller screen of the Game Boy in contrast to NES, giving you less wiggle room. I'd genuinely rank this one as pretty good; being pretty close to the NES games in terms of quality, although it does feel a bit short.

Maybe if I ever feel like it, I might attempt to play through the rest of the pre-Battle Network stuff (I heard IV is similar to V in presentation, and the two Xtreme games was honestly pretty badass from what I can recall)


Do people genuinely think Megaman 2 is hard?
IMO its the easiest game in the series


It indeed is the easiest, Leaf. It's notably the only one I've finished. ^^;;; Other ones I've needed Fedora-Tan's help completing.


@Leaf: I was referring to the Game Boy Mega Man II, which is probably the easiest Mega Man game I've ever played -w-;
As for the NES Mega Man 2, I'd say it's not terribly difficult if you know what you're doing, but can be troublesome for newcomers.


it's very possible that V was programmed with the Super Game Boy in mind. :0


It was, yes; note the SGB seal on the box :3

I played it on one, too, although I beat one level on my GBASP


Rayearth on Saturn. 3 words:
Goddamn Fire Bats

Yeah. I picked back up after being distracted by Mega Man for a while, and...the very next dungeon is a burning mansion where I need to rescue a kid that's trapped inside, and of course the building is a labyrinth minus David Bowie. Well, after struggling, I managed to figure out where I was going wrong...I didn't realize I could jump over those small fires that blocked my path >>;

The boss was a bit annoying at first, when I didn't really know what their pattern was or anything, but after I died, I went back and was able to figure it out. Now, I take a break, after giving myself a headache trying to figure out how to complete that dungeon, just because I didn't realize I could jump over those small fires.


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So I started playing Skyrim.
Vanilla I hear was a pile of doodoo so I have currently been installing many mods that improve the graphics textures and models.
As an exploration game so far it has been pretty fun, a bit repetitive, but fun never the less.
I will say this though I think its pretty cool how this huge community has come together to make an okay game ever better.
I don't really understand how it's a triple A game or anything but I will say that I have a fun time playing it.





*running around playing tag and hide and seek in the street with kids*

I don't know if I'm mature enough.



So, I borrowed bro-in-law's copy of Star Ocean: The Second Story, for PS1; since I remember him making a big deal out of it and I wanted to see what it was like. I haven't played too much, but it feels promising...and the translation is not that great (Nothing hilarious like FF7 or FF4, but feeling a bit wooden). If I like it, I might just track down the PSP remaster sometime in the future; which has an improved translation ^^;


didn't they release the original on PSP, too?

i think Nintendo is giving a big-ol' FU to its' shuffle fans....not only is it freemium, but the newer levels are INSANELY either they did this in response to the fans saying it was too easy, or they were doing this to force you to spend coins/jewels....leading to more people spending money.

and Steve the cynic said "i doubt nintendo had anything to do with this" when i was in the middle of writing it (stupid tupid reading over my damn shoulder butt out for once >>; ) and i almost got too frustrated to even write about this. >>;;;


Yeah; the original was for the Super Famicom, but didn't see an official English release until they brought the first 2 games to PSP a few years ago.

Also, that's why I'm weary of most freemium games; a lot of them will try and either push you into spending money or roping your friends into playing. TBH, you should check out the South Park episode, "Freemium Isn't Free"; it's a hilarious look at the world of freemium games xD

...and now, we prepare for a new series. You may remember my Penti Tries MegaDrive series from earlier into the year, and how I did have plans to keep it going. However, due to a combination of losing my notes and running out of games I felt worthy enough to talk about, it's best to consider it over. However, in its place, comes Penti Tries Super Famicom; the same basic idea, except with a focus on Super NES, and most importantly, rather than trying to keep it going forever, I instead have a set number of games I'm going to look at.

I have around 30 games in total, including some ROM hacks, but I may not talk about all of them if I can't find anything really worth saying about certain ones. Anyway, let us begin...

#1: Super Kario World (Super Mario World hack)

Our first game is...Super Kario World; a curiously-named ROM hack of Super Mario World, that made me think of one of my friends. As for the game's Super Mario World, except harder; like most ROM hacks (Not to the painful extent of the infamous "Kaizo Mario World", but it feels like they took a few cues from that one's design). I did get a laugh over the intro, as pictured above, but otherwise, this is basically just another difficult Mario hack that you've seen people do on YouTube before. One part that is incredibly frustrating is in the secret ghost house I stumbled onto; there's a part where Mario disappears, which makes trying to figure out what's going on needlessly difficult.

#2: Ninja Gaiden Trilogy

Ninja Gaiden Trilogy is, as one might guess from the title, a port of the NES Ninja Gaiden games to the SNEs, with slightly updated graphics (That remind me of Mega Man for Game Gear) and an added password save feature. If you ever played the original NES games, you know what to expect here; the same gameplay is found here, and it's just as brutal as ever, although the save feature does help take an edge off, since you can write it down and come back to the game later. The only real downside is the music doesn't have the same feel as the NES version; the original had some very memorable and badass tunes, while the port replaces most of it with generic tunes that fall flat. Also, it's hard to even suggest buying this when it sells for upward of $100; if you really want to experience the brutal difficulty of Ninja Gaiden, just buy the first one on NES, which is thankfully fairly common.

#3: Super Back to the Future Part II (Japan)

Super Back to the Future Part II has quite a reputation as far as a licensed game goes; even before the Angry Video Game Nerd said it was the best game based on the franchise, it had a cult following on one classic gaming site I used to go to, for being a good Japan-only game. Playing it myself, while it's not the most well-polished game I've ever played, it's honestly a pretty fun platform game; it feels vaguely like Sonic the Hedgehog. The only real faults I have with it are that the controls seem a little unresponsive at times (Although, I've noticed the exact same problem on other games, so it might just be my laptop straining under the weight of this emulator) and the lack of variety in the music; that 16-bit rendition of the Back to the Future theme is pretty good, but it does wear a bit thin when they use it so often for level music (It's not quite as bad when they use a remixed version of it; similar to how the music you hear in the levels to Yoshi's Story are all remixes of the main theme that match the tone of the level). Also, given this game's push into the limelight, thanks to people like AVGN speaking highly of it, it's become one of the more expensive imports to obtain; although I do like it, I wouldn't spend more than maybe $10 on it, while the going price of it these days tends to hover around $75 at the absolute cheapest.


dat anime McFly tho. xD

looking forward to the rest. and if i was gonna design a Mario world, you KNOW i'd make it higher quality than that, lol.