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Mmm. It might have been a pretty good game if I put more effort into trying to get into it :\

...and now, various clips from Rayearth on Saturn; most of which proves that Working Designs was one of the greatest companies of its era -w-


Dr. Kraus

Quote from: Chocofreak13 on September 22, 2015, 11:55:15 am
awwww man, you played Sakura Wars!? i've always wanted to try it, wasn't only one english-language one made (and for the Playstation to boot)? were you playing a Japanese import?

Yea, I have the Japanese import of the first game for the Saturn which I got for $6 at the retro shop up the street from me.
Its a fun play but I always start playing late at night where I'll turn it off before I reach a save point.


I know the feeling. Reminds me of one of my friends; he's never played FF7 beyond the first 30 minutes of it, simply because, and I quote, "every single time I sit down to start playing it, something comes up and I have to leave the house before I can get to the first save point".

So, I recently did a playthrough of Mega Man 5, for the first time in roughly 5 years (I played through the original 6 Mega Man games way back in summer 2010). I managed to do most of it on memory, although I had some trouble with the first stage of Dr. Wily's fortress; the section with the moving ceiling proved to be tricky, as I burned up so many lives on it. Regardless, I still enjoy this one; IMO it's my favorite of the classic series (Granted, the entire classic series was good...except for 8; that one can die in a fire, if only for the frustrating skateboard stages).


Mega Man's Pro Skater 8?


played a bit of mmbn3 before my japanese lesson


@Kari: Pretty much; picture riding on a skateboard, while dodging a barrage of enemies, all while an annoying robot voice has to announce loudly that you need to JUMP JUMP or SLIDE SLIDE

@Leaf: I think I still have a copy of that floating around my room


I found this IndieGoGo made by the same people who made Skull Girls.
Seems like a fun time: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/indivisible-an-rpg-by-lab-zero-and-505-games#/


Interesting :3

So, recently I setup my Super NES, plugged in the Super Game Boy, and began to play Mega Man V (Not to be confused with the similarly-titled NES game, Mega Man 5...even if the title screens to both of them use Roman numerals). Basically, the Game Boy Mega Man games form their own series, titled "Rockman World" in Japan, with no bearing on the story of the console titles.

The first 3 were lite on story, and for the most part, played like their console counterparts; reusing many of the bosses from the NES games. The last 2, however, are where they really started to experiment and try some new things out; IV kept the basic theme of the earlier 3 by having you fight recycled bosses from previous NES titles while introducing new elements (Item Replicator, an actual story, and the mildly irritating feature of your Mega Buster having kickback when you fire a charged shot in mid-air), while V disregarded the trend and had you fight all-new bosses, and marks probably the only time in the classic series where, while you do fight Wily, he is not the final boss.

One of the things that makes V stand out among the franchise is a new weapon called the Mega Arm, which replaces the Mega Buster; when you charge up a shot (Which you no longer lose charge when hit), you fire off your fist, which comes back to you like a boomerang. It's harder to get used to than the traditional charged shot, due to its smaller projectile, and the fact that you're left defenseless until your hand comes back to you, but once you adjust to it, it's not so bad, with it getting better once you build up enough P-Chips for Dr. Light to build the 2 upgrades for it (Once I got the upgrade that allowed it to grab items from across the screen and pull them back to me, I found myself really liking it).

If there's one thing I could fault it on, is that it feels a bit more difficult than your normal Mega Man game; mostly due to the smaller screen. For comparison, your average NES Mega Man vs. the Game Boy games: Mega Man himself is roughly the same size between the two, but given the screen is smaller, the levels are designed around this; giving you far less room to move around...which is still better than the scrolling used in the Game Gear Mega Man, which was a terrible game in and of itself -w-;

Still, in spite of my frustration at points, Mega Man V is pretty impressive; sadly, the Mega Arm never appeared in any other games (Well, the Super Adapter in Mega Man 7 functions similarly, but it's a side weapon vs. your primary weapon), and this game sold poorly in its original release (Likely due to the misunderstanding that this was just Mega Man 5 for NES repackaged, and MM5 was one of the least popular installments of the series), leaving it relatively unknown outside of diehard Mega Man fans.


that's sad. :<

i'm giving seeeerious consideration to buying Undertale. and Steve has been nudging the Rune Factory series my way.


The sadder part was it almost got a reissue on Game Boy Advance, with the rest of the Game Boy Mega Man games; a handheld counterpart to the console Mega Man Anniversary Collection. I wanted it, but it was quietly cancelled; with many rumors circulating as to why. At the very least, the games are on 3DS Virtual Console now, giving them more exposure


did they ever give a reason? probably not. >>;


Apparently the officially accepted reason is that, because of the laundry list of problems their contractor ran into when developing this compilation, by the time it was ready for release, the DS was starting to take off and the GBA was at the tail end of its lifespan, so Capcom pulled the plug on it and issued refunds for the people that preordered it. It's a shame; they had the games fully colorized, strongly resembling their NES counterparts.

To be honest, it's one cancelled game I'd love to see resurface one day; given how many other prototypes have crawled out of hiding over the years, it's not impossible, and based off of the preview Game Informer gave it a few months before it was cancelled, it appeared to be near-complete.


if only someone would leak a bootleg. :\



So, just beat Mega Man V. Truth be told, it's harder than II, and unlike Dr. Wily's Revenge (The first Game Boy Mega Man game), which was hard due to bad design, this one's a more fair challenge...for the most part; I still feel some bits are hard if only by nature of the smaller screen of the Game Boy in contrast to NES, giving you less wiggle room. I'd genuinely rank this one as pretty good; being pretty close to the NES games in terms of quality, although it does feel a bit short.

Maybe if I ever feel like it, I might attempt to play through the rest of the pre-Battle Network stuff (I heard IV is similar to V in presentation, and the two Xtreme games was honestly pretty badass from what I can recall)