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Started by NejinOniwa, September 27, 2011, 05:02:22 pm

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I feel like this is too much internet.


Lil' Spruce Deuce and the Bacon n' Eggs Special. :0


Dr. Kraus

My Japanese Sega Saturn and Super Famicom came in the mail today after 3 months of traveling on a boat.
Now I just have to get some AV cables for the Saturn...



@Kraus: Here's what I use. Not too expensive, and good quality to it

Dr. Kraus

Quote from: Penti-chan on September 15, 2015, 10:19:30 pm
@Kraus: Here's what I use. Not too expensive, and good quality to it

I'll probably start picking up SCART cables soon enough for everything though because S-Video is good but not as good as straight RGB goodness


True; I'd love to eventually go RGB, but on my TV, I'd also need a SCART to HDMI adapter or something of that sort
(At least, an HDMI mod for the N64 is in the works. Once they have it finalized and begin offering upgrade services, I might do it to mine)


last game i played was megaman battle network 3: blue

was in bed and couldn't get to sleep, so i whipped out my good old friend and a flashlight :^)
felt nostalgic



i beat Mega Mawile a few days ago after using the online strategy of using a moves +5 and a disruption delay. given that checking in daily only gives you 500 coins, and combined those items cost about 2400, it takes a few days to save up that much. thankfully, i entered a few codes and got some freebies, but otherwise it's becoming a slight pain in the ass since i've been past more than one mega level and now a non-mega needs it since it's such a bitch puzzle.... >>;;;


So, I decided to try and beat Magic Knight Rayearth. Just defeated a giant spider boss at the end of this dungeon -w-


niiiice. -w-

if the kids go for it, Steve's going to be featuring all of us in a Pathfinder game he'll be running for the goblin NPCs.


Nice xD
(Goblins are cool -w-)

Dr. Kraus

Played some Sakura Wars, plays amazingly well for how old it is. Really a gem for the Saturn, glad I picked it up.
Need to get a memory expansion for Vampire Savior to play but I already know that its a great fighting classic that is overlooked most of the time.
AirAdventure is the shitiest game I've ever booted up, like its just... so fucking bad on every level.
Tokimeki Memorial is a classic and plays just like the Playstation version so no complains there.

Got a shit ton of Famicom and SuFami games that I still need to test and play through, I'll give updates when I start them.


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Cool. I only own one Super Famicom game (Rockman X3), and might eventually pick up some others that the Japanese version is cheaper than the English version (Super Mario Kart, for example), and doesn't have the issue of the language barrier (Every RPG ever).

On a different note, has anyone ever played a game, but eventually found themselves losing interest in playing it because of knowing how the story ends, combined with various other factors? Like, take Persona 3 for example...details in the spoiler:

[spoiler=Persona 3]I've had my file going for close to 5 years now, and although I'm basically at the end of the game, I just can't bring myself to sit down and finish it. I'm at the point where all the major bosses, save for the final boss, are defeated, the original antagonist is dead, and the only major story thing coming up is a bit where you're given an option between killing this one character that is basically P3's equivalent to Kaworu Nagisa from Evangelion (Which, I rolled my eyes at his introduction; he's a mysterious transfer student introduced in the final act of the story. As someone that watched Eva, it's painfully obvious what's about to happen), or letting him live.

If you kill him right then and there, you get the bad ending; where everyone except Aigis (The robot girl) lose their memories and return to living normal lives, blissfully unaware that they're all going to die in a couple of months because now there's nobody to save the world. Although one could argue this as an extended Game Over sequence for making a very bad decision, it's treated by the game as an alternate ending; with a credits roll and allowing you to do a New Game+ with your file.

However, if you don't kill him, the story continues on for an additional 2 in-game months before the true final battle...where, at the end of it all, your character sacrifices himself in order to prevent the Third Impact and save the world. This one's considered the True Ending, and is the one that's considered canon. This is the ending I accidentally spoiled, and really, I'm at a point in the game where there's nothing left but that to happen. I mean, I could still do social links and grind in Tartarus to pass the time, but I have a good 2 in-game months to push through before the final boss, with nothing to do but those two things, as I heard many fans point out that the story effectively stops until just before the final boss fight.

Don't get me wrong; I did enjoy Persona 3, but knowing how it ends, and the predictable nature of the Kaworu clone, really kills any interest in trying to finish it. Which, had they just stuck to Quicksand Jesus Takaya as the main antagonist on through to the end, they probably would have better held my interest, or if they had even stuck to Ikuski, your group's leader, being the true mastermind behind it all.[/spoiler]


awwww man, you played Sakura Wars!? i've always wanted to try it, wasn't only one english-language one made (and for the Playstation to boot)? were you playing a Japanese import?