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Started by NejinOniwa, September 27, 2011, 05:02:22 pm

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just bought nekopara vol 0 on steam
wonder what the fuss is about?


So, I got to this part of PS2:


Also, you can see what I was talking about with the annoying pipes obstructing my vision. Yeah...I can't wait for that fan translation of the PlayStation 2 post of Phantasy Star II to be completed, since I'm sure they fixed that (Also, yes; that would be PS2 on PS2)


post pics when it happens. xD


I did look up footage of the PS2 version of PS2, and sadly, it keeps the pipes, but given your walk speed is greatly increased, and due to a much brighter color scheme, the pipes aren't near as annoying.

Also, the port of PS1 keeps the first-person dungeon navigation, which, while sometimes kinda annoying to navigate unless you look up a map online or do it the old-fashioned way and map it out yourself with graph paper, I always thought was pretty cool :3


that's good to know. good luck man. :0

trying to get Pokemon Shuffle on my iphone now that it's an iOS game, but it won't function properly, and it's too new for there to be any kind of support. fml. >>;


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That sucks :\

TBH, I think my younger self was a better judge of a game's quality than I initially thought; as I've finally decided to give up on trying to finish the original version of Phantasy Star II, at least until the English patch for the PlayStation 2 version is released eventually. I suppose it didn't help that I just lost an hour of progress because of a random encounter with the most powerful enemy in the area, when my party was at their weakest, I was out of healing items, and of course the "run" command doesn't do shit when I actually need it.

So, if I decide to do another RPG, I might just finally turn my attention to finishing The Stick of Truth; I'm going to take an extended break from the original PS games before I attempt to do PS3.

EDIT: Also, can I just say after spending an hour in a game with a character walking like his shoes are covered in molasses, playing the first Sonic the Hedgehog is therapeutic?


i feel no shame in losing the last 10 rounds of Pokemon Shuffle i've played (DS) because it's the level that most people have ragequit on, so at least i'm not alone.

fuck you, Mega Mawile. i'm patient enough to wait you out.


Pokémon Go got anounced yesterday, I have to say I have high hopes for it.
Dragons Dogmas is finally coming to PC and promises 1080p so get hype.
I found a game called Tyrian that looks like one of the best shoot em ups I've ever seen.
MGSV FP makes me want to get into Metal Gear.


Pokemon Go sounds interesting, but given my phone's terrible battery life as it is with me doing Skype, I think doing the Polkamon would kill it completely -w-;

So, I obtained the 8-bit Mario Amiibo this morning. Details in the spoiler tag:
[spoiler=(Not so) Great Amiibo Raid III: Generations of Doom (as copied from my post on r/Amiibo)]Unlike last time, where I went to a larger city nearby and went to every store in the area, this time I just went to my local Gamestop. Knowing they open at 9AM, I got up around 8 and drank some orange juice while I woke up, before heading out around 8:40, as I anticipated a line.

I arrived, and lo and behold, not only was I first in line, but I was the only person in line. Not sure if it's due to me being in a small town, but I was able to casually stroll in and buy the 8-bit Mario Amiibo (I wanted to also get ZSS, but I only had enough money on me to get one right now). Thus, compared to my last raid back in May, this one was very relaxed.[/spoiler]


you likely need a data plan for GO!, so it's not super-hot on my radar. it looks interesting, but we saw the trailer for it earlier today, and it actually made me LESS enthused because of how fucking fake it was. no one's going to be jumping up and down, pointing off into the distance as their Gyarados attacks some random stranger's Snorlax. they were also ripping off Digimon with that timer at the end of it; unintentional or otherwise, they did. i'm also now thinking it may have the potential for cyber bullying. :\

TL;DR: interesting concept, likely can't play it. trailer sucks. they ripped off Digimon at points. cyber bullying magnet?

also i am giving up on strategy with Mega Mawile and just going to keep fighting her till i win. it'll happen eventually, even if my team has to make it to like, level 10 each (highest in the entire group now are 4). :\


They always overhype everything in the ads. For example, the Wii tells you in the manual to "not do big dramatic movements to avoid possible injury", but what do you see in the ads? People flailing around like they're actually playing tennis >>;


root and install Cyanogenmod, your battery life will increase ten-fold


Quote from: Leaf on September 11, 2015, 11:58:24 am
root and install Cyanogenmod, your battery life will increase ten-fold

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Quote from: PipPitkin on September 11, 2015, 11:58:51 am
Fedora-Tan approves of this message.

its saved my ass on so many occasions ;u:


jailbreaking has to wait until TaiG updates. as for Pangu, well, for some reason it was having trouble.

@pent: glad to hear this run was low-stress. if you want the other one later, maybe you can get it online. :0