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Pardon the double post, but after taking a break for a few weeks, I'm finally back to Penti Tries MegaDrive; picking up from where we last left off.

27: Phelios

I'll be honest, the reason I tried this was due to misreading the title as Phelous. The game itself is a vertical shmup (Think more like 1942 or Touhou) based loosely on Green mythology, and is decent, but it doesn't stand out enough for me to want to track it down.

28: Sub-Terrania

For years, all I knew of this game was its presence in a lot of Genesis games on eBay meant it was going to go for amounts of money far beyond the reach of a broke middle school student...and that I passed on getting a copy of it at a garage sale fairly cheap, on grounds of "not Sonic = not interested" (As, back in those days, my main concern with collecting for any Sega system was was finding the Sonic games I didn't have). The game itself is interesting, in that it seems to be a free-roaming shooter...but the controls kill it for me; it's hard for me to get a clear shot on an enemy when I have to keep moving, as letting off the accelerator causes me to descend, and hitting the rocks below will kill you before you can even figure out how to get back up. Not really worth it, although the soundtrack is badass.

29: Toejam & Earl

After playing a demo of the 3rd and final game in the series, and not really caring much for it, I still kinda wanted to check out the previous games in the series; given fans hated the 3rd installment. However, I tried the first one, and honestly couldn't get into it; it seems interesting, but it's a bit too slow-paced. The game is basically a giant scavenger hunt; with you exploring the world, trying to find the pieces of your broken spaceship, so you can repair it and return home. I can see why people like it, but I find it kinda slow, and a bit cryptic (It feels like one of those games that you really need the instructions in order to play). However, it does have a funky soundtrack, so there's that.

30: Sonic Eraser (MegaNet)

Behold; the only Genesis Sonic game I've never played...likely due to it never leaving Japan, and also being exclusive to the long-defunct Sega MegaNet service (Japan's equivelant to the US' Sega Channel, and comparable to modern services like Xbox Live or PlayStation Network). Much like the Phantasy Star II visual novels released on MegaNet, this game was nearly lost to time due to being exclusive to an obscure service that barely lasted a year, but by a miracle, managed to survive and is easily avaliable online. As for the game itself...it's a rather generic puzzle game; feeling sort of like Columns, with the only connection to Sonic being that Sonic appears in it (You could just as easily replace Sonic with any other video game character of the era, like Mario, and it wouldn't make a difference). Also, the music is terrible; it's like a 5-second loop of the same grating tune over and over (Which is what my sister claims all Sonic games sound like >>; ). Given this game has never had an official cartridge release, if you want to check it out, you can find it avaliable for download if you search around; it's decent enough to warrant that much, but I couldn't imagine paying for a cartridge of it.


did they even MAKE cartridges of it? :\

two words. Animoo Crossing. been playing less than a week and i've already amassed a large collection of furniture and payed for 6 home upgrades with a 7th on the way. the key to financial success is to go to the island at 3am and stock up on fish and bugs until you have no more space for stuff.


No official cartridge, due to being from a download service, but after it resurfaced, fans have taken to producing their own cartridges of it; much like indie games like Pier Solar or elaborate fan-made hacks like Sonic Megamix.

Also, I recently started playing Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth, for the PS Vita. I'm honestly amazed at how well crafted this is; it took what I thought was a decent RPG, if rough around the edges, and made into something that I'd say is genuinely good, while keeping the quirky charm of the series :3


cool to note. :3

i've only been here a week and my house is bigger than the town post office
it's bigger than Steve's (Mayor Red's) .__.;



Nice -w-

So, I started playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf. You can blame Kari -w-;
(I am the mayor of Mac Anu)


I approve of that town name. now we just need to figure out a way for me to send you furniture and to visit each others' towns.


I'm just past the "Kicking Dad's Ass" chapter of my NuzlockeBaneposting Omega Ruby playthrough. So far, no casualties on my side. I have been crashing every battle with no survivors quite proficiently. My main team consists of:
THEFIRERISES, lv42 Blaziken (m) (manages to be both Fire/Fighting and a fire-fighter due to lack of water types)
In Charge, lv39 Electrode (successfully used to bully Flannery when she claimed she was in charge)
BringFriends, lv41 Altaria (m) (healtank with Roost and Natural Cure as well as a professional petty thief, thanks dexnav revealing items on wild pokes)
Masterplan, lv41 Roselia (m) (wants a shiny stone really bad; also stronk as fuck)
Wreckage, lv38 Linoone (f) (officially the best support ever, being both a professional HM slave with Strength/Surf/Cut/Rock Smash AND Pickup for free items everywhere - also not too shabby in fights somehow)

Honorable mentions go to No Survivors (30 Swellow) , Doctor Pavel (30 Mightyena, first poke caught) and Masketta Man (Dustox 31), who have been phased out (but remain in case someone on my party dies). Current training missions are Who are you? (Mawile at 27), This Plane (Skarmory at 36 and sort of in the team), TheMercenary (Tentacruel at 31) and Flightplan (Pelipper at 31, secondary HM slave in case something happens to Wreckage).

Currently extremely happy that my team is so damned overleveled, because otherwise I would've had people die to things they have no business dying to.


kickin' dads and takin' items, i like it, mashtur.

Rhythm Tengoku Gold Bitches~


Help please can't stop playing Dragon's Dogma


@Kari: Nice :3
@Lego: I've seen that game before, but don't know much about it. What's it like?

So, as I mentioned over in Topicless, I finally obtained an Amiibo of Lucina. The story in the spoiler tag
[spoiler=Amiibo Quest II: The Adventure of Link]It all began earlier this month, with the whole Gamestop preorder fiasco on April 2. I knew I wanted Lucina, having missed out on Marth months prior, and honestly expected Ness to be the first to sell out. However, Lucina was one of the first to sell out, but I managed to snag Ness amidst the chaos (I'm still a little paranoid over never receiving a confirmation e-mail, but if what I read on the Amiibo Reddit is anything to go by, I should be fine).

Thus began my quest. I missed out on Walmart preorders, as they went up while I was asleep, and was sold out by the time I got up, Target had only taken preorders for store exclusive Jigglypuff, Amazon was taking their time (Their UK division had already taken preorders, and was completely booked), PlayAsia seemed promising but I was hesitant to strike, and everyone else was sold out. Thus, I felt my only option was to pay $40+ to some scalper on eBay, or hope I manage to get lucky enough to find one on the shelf on launch day (Unlikely; given I've never seen Marth, Villager, etc. in person).

In a random eBay search yesterday, after work, I found a listing for a Lucina; an auction ending in less than a day, and sitting at $20. I watch it closely, and place my first bid right before I went to bed. Little did I know that this would turn into the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny; as the price would continue to rise as I continued to fight back. I intended to stop at $35, and if it went over that, to let it go...but in a moment of feeling like Laharl, I place my final maximum bid of $40; "if those bastards want it, they'll have to pay what I nearly did just a few days ago", I thought as I watched the timer run down, all while listening to In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.

Eventually, the timer hit 0, as the song wrapped up. There was a delay on loading the page, having me nervous over the outcome, but lo and behold, I won at $37. Kinda expensive for something that should cost me $15 after sales tax, but given how Amiibo have been, and how rare it is to see anything other than the most mainstream of mainstream characters, like Mario, Link, Pikachu, etc. in-person, I feel justified -w-

Now, if only I can find Villager for a reasonable price...but, I suppose with the forthcoming Great Amiibo Raid, if I walk away with Expand Dong Donkey Kong, I'll be satisfied[/spoiler]


@pent: Steve Ok'd the Dream Suite as the next Public Works Project in this copy of AC:NL, which is used to visit other peoples' towns. with that, i may be able to visit yours and mess with it.


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Dragon's Dogma is an open world RPG that has an amazing plot that you actually have a lot of say in. While I'm mostly new to the genre I find it's hybrid classes (ex. Magic Archer, Mystic Knight) and large amount of unique skills very fun to mess around with.

There is also a pawn system that adds a NPC that follows you and can be best described as an Amiibo, they learn how to behave from you and will work to cover your weaknesses in battle.

If you get it get the Dark Arisen version it contains all the DLC and a whole other island for newgame plus and newgame plusplus.


I can't figure out how to make my router Port Forward shit or I'd run a little Minecraft server for my bro and I, maybe some other friends.

Thanks, Belkin.

Pent: Glad you got her!  Though more then double the price is pretty steep....


@Stew: True that, but given how I've never seen the other two Fire Emblem Amiibo in person, I feel justified -w-;