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March 02, 2015, 10:47:17 pm #1245 Last Edit: March 02, 2015, 10:50:39 pm by PentiumMMX
Indeed. For handheld classic gaming, it's much simpler to get a PSP and softmod it to run emulators; which you still have PSP compatibility, so you'll be able to play EarthBound, Phantasy Star IV, and Disgaea from the same system : D

...and now, part 2 of Penti Tries MegaDrive:

5: Spider-Man: Web of Fire (32X)

Released as the last 32X game, Spider-Man: Web of Fire is more than worthy of being the sawn song of the ill-fated 32X add-on. It's leaps and bounds beyond its predecessor (Spider-Man: The Animated Series, a game I honestly can't stand...although maybe I'll give it another shot), with solid gameplay, impressive graphics, and a badass soundtrack. Sadly, only two flaws; it seems to suffer from a lot of slowdown (IDK if it's just my emulator of choice, but the first boss, as shown in the above screenshot, caused the game to slow to a crawl), and also the fact it's the last 32X game ever released, which means it's expensive as fuck. It's good, but it's not worth paying $300+ for.

6: Landstalker

This was a game a coworker of mine, whom grew up on the Genesis and has a love of RPGs, suggested to me. Playing it, I can see why; it's basically an isometric Zelda, with all the puzzle solving one would expect. Aside from the control scheme being a little odd, it's pretty good from what I've played so far; in fact, I actually just bought this one today when I found it fairly cheap, after trying it out last night.

7: Earthworm Jim

I remember as a kid, first discovering the Genesis, I very much despised this game...and I never really could explain why; I just had this irrational hatred of this game from the moment I first played it. Revisiting it ages later, I will admit it's ok; it's not a bad game, but it still doesn't really click with me. It has a sort of "been there done that" vibe to it, like due to the fact that when I was introduced to it back in '02, I was also introduced to Vectorman at the same time; a game that at its core is similar, but was a more polished, enjoyable package.

8: Vectorman 2

Speaking of Vectorman, let's take a look at its sequel. The original game, as I've established before, is a classic that is well worth owning, and is fairly cheap at that. The sequel, though, wasn't quite as good, and the amount of care seems obvious from the front cover; as the "2" feels like it was lazily tacked on (Granted, this came out in 1996; the Saturn was already out by this point, so most of Sega's effort was focused on it). The music isn't that great, the voice clips sound worse, the controls seem a bit more slippery, and the first few levels are very darkly lit (Which, on the TV I used to have, made this game impossible to play. Even now, it's still hard to see, as it's so dark that enemies blend into the darkness unless you're constantly shooting). I heard it get better toward the end, but I doubt I'd ever have the patience to sit through it that long. As it stands, the only reason I own a physical copy of this game is that it was cheaper to buy the first game with this included than it was to get the first game by itself.

Dr. Kraus

Got a wiiU a couple days ago. shits rad.


Nice, man. I need to hook mine back up once I have room for it -w-;
(I want to play more Shovel Knight)


@kraus: nice, bro. -w-

@pent: in order:

oh lawd spidey game. i'll take your word for it that it's decent. xD
in the event i ever came into a Sega, i'd look for Landstalkers. it looks cool. :0
Earthworm Jim sounds familiar, but i can't place it. of course, i can't hear it and not think Worms World Party, and idk why. xD; (i haven't played that one, either. -w-;; )
Vectorman looks interesting....but not interesting enough to play. MAYBE to watch. :\


March 05, 2015, 11:01:55 pm #1249 Last Edit: March 06, 2015, 12:02:27 am by PentiumMMX
I'll let you try it out post-move, after I have my Genesis collection relocated :3
(Also, I'm only vaguely familiar with Worms -w-; )

...and now, part 3

9: Virtua Fighter (32X)

In its time, Virtua Fighter was a revolution in fighting games; it was not only the first 3D fighting game, but also had fairly simple yet intuitive controls (Just using 3 buttons: kick, punch, and block) and focused on delivering a more realistic martial arts experience than contemporary fighting games of the era (No shooting fireballs out of your hands or ripping your foe's spine out here). In all honesty, even though it's very visibly dated, it's still a pretty good game; the controls are simple, yet the gameplay is actually quite deep and technical once you get into it and start learning various techniques. This is one I'll definately pick up.

10: Snatcher (Sega CD)

Easily the holy grail of the Sega CD library, Snatcher is a port of a cyberpunk adventure game originally released in 1988 for the MSX2, created by none other than Hideo Kojima himself; whom is also responsible for the Metal Gear franchise. Gameplay wise, it's similar to detective games like the Phoenix Wright series, with the addition of the occasional action sequence, where you have to draw your gun and defend yourself from enemies (Which, you can use the Justifier light gun, if you'd prefer it over fumbling around with the controller). This is a game I can picture myself putting some time into; I'm interested in where the story is going to go. The only reason I likely will never buy a copy of this game is because of how expensive it is; a short print run combined with being a Hideo Kojima game and the only English version of the game means that you're looking at paying upwards of $300 for a copy...but, for those who just want to experience it without going broke, you can always download it, burn it to a disc, and pop it into your Sega CD; given its only form of copy protection was "it's a CD-based console from '92".

11: Tempo (32X)

Often overlooked, likely due to the game's hideous US cover art, not helped in the least by being on the 32X, Tempo is honestly a pretty good game; it kinda reminds me of the first Rayman, in both the music theme and the difficulty. Also, this is one of those games that will make you feel like you're on drugs; with the strange environments, music, and pretty colors. If I stumble onto a copy, I'm buying it (Granted, I have a strange love of the 32X add-on; it's generally hated by most people for being "unnecessary" due to the Saturn coming out just a few months after, but in my opinion it had potential, but poor timing and Sega's poor management killed it. Still has some cool games, though).

12: VR Troopers

Based off of the TV series of the same name, which was one of many Power Rangers clones of the era, the VR Troopers game plays like a more advanced, more difficult version of the Power Rangers fighting game from a year prior (Which, in a way, mirrors how VR Troopers was often seen as the more "hardcore" alternative to Power Rangers; as it was actually more violent). Honestly, it's quite good; it's no Street Fighter, but for what it is, it's a solid fighting game that not many people seem to know about. I think I'll add this one to my list of games to pick up eventually, given it's not terribly expensive...and also I still kinda want to see the actual TV series this was for, given that I'm a sucker for anything sentai (Hell, I have the Power Rangers Zeo theme on my iPod and own a bootleg box set of the live action Sailor Moon >w>; )

13: Gunstar Heroes

Created by Treasure, whom also gave us such classics as Mischief Makers and Stretch Panic, Gunstar Heroes is a run & gun similar to games like Contra or Metal Slug, that throws a ton of enemies at you. It does have a cool feature in letting you mix the weapon upgrades to have different weapons (Like mixing the flamethrower and rapid-fire upgrades to shoot fireballs). It's quite good, but I can't picture myself paying $60+ for it; I might end up downloading it on PS3, though.

Next time, there will be a theme; whither I decide to go through with "Disney games" or "Games with really long, bizarre titles" next, you'll have to wait and see :3


looking forward to it!

-why is the love child of Johnny Bravo and Cloud fighting himself? (all jokes aside, it looks pretty cool. ^^ )
-remind me to play Snatcher when you come here. it looks damn fiiiiiiine. :0
-there's a copy of Tempo at the local used game store if you want me to try to pick it up for you. :0
-weirdly enough, the background art of VR Troopers reminds me of Chrono Trigger. :\
-Treasure~! it looks cool to play, but a bit dated and hard to pull off (like those arcade games that toss like, 12 enemies at you at once and expect you to pull of a combo badass enough for you to come out alive). :0


March 06, 2015, 11:05:01 pm #1251 Last Edit: March 07, 2015, 01:57:44 pm by PentiumMMX
Indeed on Gunstar Heroes; they throw a lot of enemies at you, making it one of those games where you really want to rope in a friend to do co-op with -w-

...and now, part 4 of Penti Tries MegaDrive. This time, we have a theme: Games With Really Long, Bizarre Titles

14: Awesome Possum Kicks Dr. Machino's Butt

First up, a relic of the "mascot with attitude" era. While it was started by Sonic, there is one important thing to bring up: he didn't talk while you're playing the game. Awesome Possum is a game that gives us a protanoist that doesn't seem to understand how to shut up; as he's almost constantly talking while you're playing, spouting un-funny lines over every little thing. As for the game, it's very "bleh"; just a generic platformer that revolves around stopping evil robots from cutting down rainforests while picking up recycliables. Yes, it's an envionmentalist game. Honestly, it's not worth playing; I'd even say "watch Captain Planet instead".

15: Greendog: The Beached Surfer Dude

Have you ever played a game, but barely remember a thing about it, and ponder if it was merely a dream, only to later find out it was real? That's how I felt when I discovered Greendog isn't just the product of a strange dream from over 10 years ago. The story's about this stereotypical surfer dude, that ends up losing his surfboard and ending up with an ancient Aztec necklace stuck to him, and the only way to remove it is to find the hidden treasure. Playing it, it's easy to see why I didn't remember much of it, beyond the weird title; it's easily the most forgettable, bland platform game I've ever played, with sluggish controls and dull level designs. I will give it kudos in the fact Greendog doesn't talk all the damn time, like a certain possum that is most certaintly not awesome, so it's not as annoying; it's just boring.

16: Izzy's Quest for the Olympic Rings

I remember seeing the SNES version of this at Game-X-Change...and my reaction was "Wut". Playing it is a similar experience, actually; I'm left wondering "what the actual fuck am I playing?", as this is honestly one of the weirdest games I've come across. Released to coenside with the 1996 Summer Olympics, this game was part of a promotion for the games, using a mascot that many people described as "The Sperm in Sneakers", according to Wikipedia. The game itself plays like an average platform game with decent controls, so it's not terrible, but the sheer WTF factor of it all makes it stand out a bit more in the crowd. It's not really worth picking up, though, unless you end up with a copy because it came in a lot of games you bought online.

17: Mick & Mack as the Global Gladiators

You may not be able to tell from the title, but this is a McDonald's game; making it that much weirder. It's a sequel to the cult NES game, M.C. Kids (A game that isn't that bad), but rather than keeping to the gameplay style of the first, which mirrored Super Mario Bros. 2, this one goes the route of being more along the lines of Earthworm Jim; which the team who made this would later go on to make...and after playing this, I can honestly say I'd actually rather play that game than this one. The controls are very slippery, especially if your character starts running (Which happens if you walk in a certain direction long enough, and unlike Sonic, it's not a smooth build-up of speed but a jarring shift from "walk" to "run"), and the music is annoying. As far as the license it's apparently a game for, aside from collecting McDonald's arches, and our protagonists being guided in their quest to save the environment from the slime monsters by none other than Ronald McDonald, this has nothing to do with McDonald's; you could have told me "it's a game for Tim Horton's" and it'd be just as believable. I'd say skip this one; your money is better spent on a delicious mocha frappe.

18: Normy's Beach Babe-O-Rama

I'd be lying if, from the title alone, I didn't go into this expecting a cheap knock-off of Leisure Suit Larry, and was kinda let down when I found it wasn't. This game's story, for the curious, is about this guy named Normy going on a quest to rescue the "beach goddesses", whom were abducted by aliens; this quest of his apparently means time travel for some reason, as the first level as Normy going back to prehistoric times. The game itself is really not that great; I think the biggest flaw is that you don't have any way to defend yourself from enemies right at the start, nor a way to get past them easily if you don't find yourself a weapon, as trying to jump over them is tricky due to their size. It is worth noting that, as I fumbled around, trying to figure out what to do, I somehow ended up with a spring-loaded boxing glove, as seen in the above screenshot; which helped greatly in dealing with the enemies, although I lost it when I died, and had no clue how to get it back therafter; which made continuing the game near impossible. If they just let you have the boxing glove or some other form of defense right at the start, I'd be willing to let it slide as merely a mediocre platform game, but having no form of defense when it's difficult to avoid enemies as it is makes it unbearable.

Next time, I think I'll go for the theme of Disney Games; which, some of those are quite good (I'll drop one hint and say one of them was so good that once I picked it up, I had a hard time putting it down to try out other games)


>be yung
>daddy buys me megadrive with 20 games and all the cables for like $30
>go to mom's house house and set it up
>play gunstar heroes with brother for hours
>best game ever :^)



d'awww, that's adorable. lil' leaf and family. ^^

@pent: you'd think with funky names the games would be funky, too. i guess they were, in the bad way. :[


@Kari: Indeed :[
@Leaf: Nice ^^

...and now, Part 5; the Disney Games edition

19: Aladdin

In contrast to the Super NES game, which is a more acrobatic platformer (With Al doing flips and such, in a way that kinda reminds me of Prince of Persia. Game Grumps did a full playthrough of it during the JonTron era, for the curious), the Genesis Aladdin game is a more action-oriented platform game (Al fights enemies using a sword and apples, as he makes his way through each level). This game's actually better than I initially expected; with a good soundtrack, very nice graphics that are beautifully animated, and gameplay that is fun and provides a nice challenge (In fact, when I picked this one up, I had a hard time putting it down so I could try out other games). It's definately one worth picking up.

20: The Jungle Book

Along with Pinocchio and Toy Story, this was one of the first Disney games for Genesis I played, and I admit it wasn't too bad, but I never could beat the first level. Revisiting this game, after discovering Vinesauce, I find my thoughts drifting to the Famicom "Lion King" bootleg of this game, which featured a twerking bipedal Simba, as seen in this compilation (Footage of the game begins at 2:28). Back on the subject of the original game, it's not too bad; each level has you collecting 10 gems hidden throughout it, in order to continue to the next area. It's simple, the controls are quite nice, and it's actually quite fun once I got past the first level (Second level has a boss fight, which actually proved somewhat difficult and has me interested in what the rest of the game is like). I'd say it's worth picking up if you find it for for less than $5.

21: TaleSpin

While I was at Game-X-Change, when I found that copy of Landstalker, I also saw this game and considered picking it up; given that I liked the NES version, but decided to pass on it since I wasn't sure if it'd be the same game or not. After playing a bit, I'm glad I didn't; instead of bring a side-scrolling shmup like the NES version (Think like Gradius, R-Type, or Deathsmiles), the Genesis version is a rather average platform game in which you have to scour the stage to find the 10 cargo crates and get to the end, in a manner remininsce of the Jungle Book game, amusingly enough, although not as well polished (It's worth noting this game came out 2 years before the Jungle Book game). It's not bad, but I'd say go for the Jungle Book game instead, or the NES version of TaleSpin.

22: Pinocchio

This was among the first games I tried on the Genesis, way back in 2002...and I remember not really liking it, as I found it rather boring in contrast to the Toy Story game (Which is one that's well worth checking out IMO). Revisitng it years later, I'd say is decent, but not really worth going out of your way for; it's leaps and bounds beyond trash like Awesome Possum, but not really interesting enough to make me want to continue playing it...although that second level, where I got to play as Jiminy Cricket, fending off moths with my umbrella, was actually quite fun.

Next time, just a general post. Nearly to the end of what I downloaded :3


looking forward to it, bro! also dat pinocchio is freaking me out. o__o;


Has anyone played Dragon Ball Xenoverse? It so fun that I can't stop playing it!


I haven't played it yet, but I wouldn't mind trying it out :3

...and now, part 6 of Penti Tries MegaDrive; resuming after a break that mostly consisted of Steven Universe -w-;

23: Virtua Fighter 2 Genesis

This is one of the black sheep of the Virtua Fighter series. Released in 1997, a point long after the 32X was dead and the Genesis itself was pretty much abandoned, this was a 2D remake of a 3D fighting game...and in all honesty, I'd have to say this one's not bad. I mean, it's not as technically impressive as the first game, or any other version of the second game, but for what it is and when it came out, it's surprisingly competent, but gets a lot of flack from diehard fans of the series.

24: Yu Yu Hakusho: Makyou Toitsusen

Here we have another game from Treasure, and this time it's a 2D fighting game based on a classic anime series, that sadly is only avaliable in Japan. Granted, it's not like you'll need to understand Japanese to play it; it's just straight-up 2D fighting, and is quite enjoyable, and has pretty good sound quality as well (I may not know Japanese, but the voice samples sound like they're much higher quality than Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition). Also, if you own the Sega Multitap, you can play in 2-on-2 matches with your friends, which IMO is mind-blowing for this era. If you're a fan of the series and own a Genesis or MegaDrive, this is well worth importing.

25: Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

I nearly had a copy of this for free, at about the point the value on it spiked due to the death of Michael Jackson...but sadly, the coworker of my bro-in-law, whom was going to give it to me, lost it before he could pass it along. In all honesty, that's a shame; this game's actually kinda fun, while also being one of the most absurd games I've ever played. You play as the King of Pop himself, as you go around, fighting off various enemies while rescuing children...which also restores your "magic meter" (Make of that what you will), which you can use for a special technique that makes all on-screen enemies drop what they're doing and join you in dancing, which causes them to fall over dead afterward. Also, you can moonwalk in the game; which apparently has a point in the later levels, but early on it serves no purpose other than "it looks cool". I think the development team of this game were doing drugs when they came up with this; it's just too out there for a sober person to come up with. It's a game I wouldn't mind owning...but it's far too expensive now; I wouldn't want to pay more than maybe $5 for it, but the average going rate seems to be $40+, which is far too steep.

26: Pulseman

We have something of interest here; a game from Pokémon developer, Game Freak. Honestly, I fail to see why this never received a US release outside of the Sega Channel service; it kinda reminds me of Mega Man X in some way, with a soundtrack that gives off a slight Pokémon vibe but with a Sega flare. It is easily availiable on Wii Virtual Console, if you don't feel like trying to import it, so with that said, I'd suggest checking it out.


Being a fan of Virtua Fighter is like saying 'I'm too cool for the other thousand nearly identical fighting games out there.'  At least it is to someone who finds fighting games really boring.


i really only play fighting games if there's some other gimmick involved. for example, i now want to import a copy of that Yu Yu fighter despite not being able to read kanji or owning any Sega consoles whatsoever.

Steve got me 2 new games for Steam for my birthday.

Game Dev Tycoon