Troubled Windows?

Started by Ricochet, March 12, 2006, 11:27:39 PM

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Well I also have a problem to tell you, whenever I'm here as guest I can see the Download Section but it brought me into a broken link. And then as I log in, i couldn;t find the section anymore. I think you need the forum permission mask for it.

About the storing the file. The Flash File is about 7.5 mb, although there's one time i store it on Ripway and it recieved  a lot of exceeded bandwidth and temporarily disabled my Ripway account for it. So i guess you could work this out Chani...also thanks  ;001


Also I know that the one i store on Putfile may not work soon. Here are more files i stored for future references :) ( I ain't gonna be sorry if this will be a broken link in the future)

have fun....


Humm Ive been meaning to talk to darklord about making swt an uploadable file to the downloads section for some time now (tho he may have done it already in my absence) but I have like 6 differn OS tan flashes including the original troubled windows opening and closing
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there are 6 differe type of OS  tan flashes, i must see .... DL like they said the down section doesn't show when i log in err ur not goin read this i post it in off topic