Troubled Windows?

Started by Ricochet, March 12, 2006, 11:27:39 PM

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Does anyone know where I can find the original flash version of Troubled Windows? The only place I could find produced a 404 error when I clicked on it.



go to 'General Gaming' area then to 'a game i'm looking for' and there sure be a link called hamoblo it has a lot of flash things there, i think one is the Troubled windows thing ....


That's where I got the 404 :x

go to flash the u see Trouble Windows
lol found another link ... i'm the best lol ... king of the world .... for finding things ..... ;) lol

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u will need codec don't know where to get them lol

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u could try here:
and maybe here

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here r the things .... eer  ... don't ask anymore of me
and the other links not tht gd the ones i post 12 min go ... i'm goin to basketball now very late

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oh plz post in other places .... welcome and stay



Finally I found a place where I could upload and store big files such as 7.5 MB (for free! yey!)

Here's the original flash version I uploaded. If you have firefox, it's easier to download this stuff in your computer. It's like File>Save Page As>and there you go....

So here's for all of you;

Removed due to broken link

You can click a lot in there and a lot of random stuff comes out[/b]


Quote from: "Alfamille"So here's for all of you;

You can click a lot in there and a lot of random stuff comes out

The flash doesn't load all the way. The loading bar abruptly stops after 10 bars and doesn't go any higher.



Well dont play the "play" option in the right click menu. Just wait it to load. It's really not that fast on loading because like I said it's a big flash file...

;010 just give it a shot and you'll see


Ricochet is this the only place ur goin to post in ... and Alfamille ur link don't work for me it just get to ten bar and stops when i downloadin it


Ok...well I have to check it next time. I'll make sure it works fine...sorry everyone... ;066


Alfamille plz fix this as soon as possible, u wouldn't like me with out my average os tan intake ... i start going around apple mac owner house and ringing the door bell and running off, or graffiti apple computers and laptops as the sooo clear or spear the Rumor abt mac. be quick or u'll c the drak side lol


This has nothing to do with I'm just  using K-kun for future merchandise :P

and yeah...i'll fix it...


mac will be the down fall of the world .... ring Alfamille door bell and run off
i get ur mac later lol

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Ricochet what do u think of mac, r they pure evil or *cough, cough* good lol

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i fix it, I FIX IT LOL


FYI; Mac at work, Windows at home  ;018

Me and rdhtwns have tested this before and now it works properly


Thank you all. :D Sorry for being such a bother. ^_^;


If you need to store a file related to site just tell me i'll put it in the download section...