AAC 2011/ con schedule 2012

Started by Chocofreak13, August 29, 2011, 02:42:45 PM

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this is more directed at bella and pizza, though i'm not sure if he accesses anymore. :\
i'm hoping to save enough to at least go to AAC for one day, so if we can meet up that'd be splendid. ^^

so that this topic doesn't fizzle after 1-2 posts, i'll also mention that i'm likely going to AB next year (at this point it'd be stupid not to). might shoot for conneticon, but given my track record on that one, that's a BIG maybe.
and AAC next year, too, since it's so cheap and close. :3
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I'd love to go to either, but current financial/travel projections aren't looking good for the next couple of summers.... unless I get a job up that way.  Then fuck it, I'm goin'


just so you know, a summer job here would only grant access to ConnetiCon, which is in July. AB is typically in April, while AAC is typically in October. :\

that said, the more the merrier. ^^
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If everything falls into place by next summer, I may join you guys. Keep your fingers crossed!


good luck! but this time, everyone's getting a hotel room! xD
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