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Started by Chocofreak13, July 04, 2011, 12:18:14 am

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July 19, 2013, 02:40:50 am #1140 Last Edit: July 19, 2013, 11:01:44 am by PentiumMMX
"My sweet ass commands you to give me money!"
- Me

"Fucking ghost-ass ghosts"
- Me again

"We are Sex Bob-Omb and we're going to use these drums as weapons!"
- Me, channeling my inner Kim Pine

"If this was any more American, it'd taste like pancakes"
- The Cinema Snob


are pancakes really american? i'd think they originated in canada, either the product of johnny cakes or crepes.



IDK LOL -w-;

"my people are doing me proud"
- Kari

"It seems it's raining men. Good thing I have an umbrella"
- Me


@Kari: According to Wikipedia, pancakes originate in Ancient Greece. : o

"Basically mah waifu is a terrifying pervert.  Avoid her."


should i be worried for future babysitting opportunities....? .__.

also, interesting. :0

@pent: they did, they really did. -w-


I wouldn't worry if i were you. ^^;

"I'm like the David Lynch of pony RPs"
-Stew on avant garde pony RPing.


better than being the Stephen Lynch of pony RPing.


"I want to make a generic BSG knock-off series. It'd be called 'Battlestar Generica'"



"i'm goin' to bed, roger, i'm tired."
*cracks pill in face*
"well, that'll keep you wired for a few hours *laughs*
"*blinks* WHAT IS THAT?!"
"for you, it's a study aid. i use it to go dancing. -w- "
-Steve and Roger, American Dad

"You almost can't believe your good fortune.  Finally you meet a creature willing to talk instead of just launching into violent rape. "
-Corruption of Champions

"Or you could vomit all over my back!"
"That would be an instant disqualification"
-Random Girl and Misterique, Oglaf

"You can learn something while you fap"
- Pent

"After I get off"


"Is hand-vagina coordination a thing?"
-Stew on .... I don't even know anymore

-Me on justifying radical Portal interpretations

"I HAVEN'T DEVOTED THIS MUCH MENTAL-IMAGING POWER TO MACHINE-ON-HUMAN LOVIN' SINCE .... uh ... reading about that incident with the PDP-10 and the Stanford student"
-Me on lesbian computers


i rike braed


@Bella: An incident with a PDP-10? I'm now curious >w>;;


"Detta skall vara till minne av männen, så länge människor leva." (This shall be to the memory of the men, as long as man is alive.)

Last part of the runestone inscription down by the train station in my hometown. It very much symbolizes how runestones were thought of in contemporary times, and is all in all pretty damn epic. Also impressive are the littering of f u þ o r k : h n i a s : t b m l R (the complete Younger Futhark rune alphabet) runestones everywhere - they really wanted to make sure people could read the damn things.


Quote from: PentiumMMX on July 23, 2013, 09:54:32 am
@Bella: An incident with a PDP-10? I'm now curious >w>;;

I'm gonna post the answer in /Top(ic)less because it's inappropriate for this section of the forum.


"How would one do it when they have a large quantity of naughty bits?"
- Me

"I hit a basketball with a baseball bat. Screw the rules; I have blue hair!"
- Me, as Ramona Flowers